Heroes Breakfast One Pg Info Sheet by Jr3sbD66


									          HEROES BREAKFAST INFO
WHAT:       A Fundraiser for Operation Stand Down Nashville, Inc.

WHERE: Lowes Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel

WHEN:       Monday, October 31, 2011

            7:30 am for special activities with the Speaker – LTC (R) Steve Russell
                    This includes Breakfast and activities after Breakfast


            9:00 am for Breakfast and to hear LTC Russell speak

NOTE:       LTC Russell wrote, “We Got Him”, a memoir of the hunt and capture of
Saddam Hussein. LTC Russell was the Battalion Commander of the troops in Tikrit,
Iraq, in the area of Saddam Hussein’s capture.

         Ticket Prices:    7:30 am      $100.00           9:00 am      $50.00

Tickets are available on our website:     www.osdnashville.org

        “Since 1993, helping the community reestablish ties with its veterans.”

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