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					     PDF file is playing a crucial role in our
 office,study life. We need to deal with these
documents very often. In school, we write our
paper and hand in PDF format to professor .
 In office, we archive files in PDF format. All
  these suggest that, PDF is quite a popular
      format to share our idea with others.

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 These mainly due to the stability of PDF, the practical and powerful features
Unlike Word format, it is not easy to edit for owners can add password to
proteceted the pdf from editing,copying,printing But excellent feature can
become weak point because there is still some reason for you to edit these
password protect PDF file, you do have the right but the password is lost But
as we all know, Adobe Acrobat wil cost us a lot
 How to edit password protect PDF file is the main idea of these article
Method 1 Use PDF converter It has been my experience First you should
find a good PDF converter not online conversion , I won't use this as
privacy Frankly speaking, Advanced PDF Converter is good for you in this
 Then download the tool and install it Runing it and select the PDF file If
neccessary, you can specify the location of the file When everything is
reading, convert the PDF file to Word format and then you can edit it
 When finish, convert the word file to PDF again pdf to jpg online In brie, you
can convert PDF to Word format and then edit it when finish convert to PDF
Advanced PDF Converter is the only product which is able to convert
Password-protected PDF files to word documents successfully Besides, with
these tool you can convert PDF to Word or Word to PDF, So is very
 Method 2 Use PDF Password Remover This is the direct way for you Just
remove the pdf securty The difficulty is that there is not easy for you to find a
powerful tool Not any one can help you remove the unknow pdf password
 First let me know more about PDF Password Generally speaking, there are
two kinds of password provided by Acrobat PDF standard security "user
password " and "owner password " "User password" is also called "open
password ", It is used for protecting the PDF files from opening by others
 Only people who enter the password can open the protected PDF files
"Owner password " is the password that set to protect the PDF files from
changing by others, protect the PDF files from printing, editing or selecting text
and graphics Only you have the password you can edit the PDF file Luckly
Advanced PDF Password Remover is just a tool for you
 Download and install it Then run it and select the file which you want to
remove the password And just a few seconds you can have right to edit these
file But remember this tool can only help you remove the owner password
which protect the pdf from editing,copying,printing
 And of course you do have the right to do that With these two methods post
above, I think you can edit your password protected easily and successfully
Hope you can enjoy it
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Description: How to edit password protect PDF file is the main idea of these article