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The Health Triangle - Download as PowerPoint by vICa5Ok


By Taylor Bell
1. competitive or opposing action of
   incompatibles : antagonistic state or action
   (as of divergent ideas, interests, or persons)
2. the opposition of persons or forces
          HUMAN Conflict

Have you ever felt this way towards someone else
before? Because if you have you have felt conflict!!!
     Conflict how does it start ???
Interpersonal conflict occurs when two people
have incompatible needs, goals, or approaches in
their relationship. Communication breakdown is
often the main source of interpersonal conflict.
However, very real differences occur between people
that cannot be resolved by any amount of improved
    Common sources of human
• Money

• Power

• Communication

• Values and Beliefs
             Types of conflict

Economic conflict- involves
competing motives to attain
resources. Each party wants
to get the most that it can,
and the behavior and
emotions of each party are
directed toward gain.
                   Types of conflict
• “Personality conflict” refers to very
  strong differences in motives,
  values or styles in dealing with
  people that are not resolvable. For
  example, if both parties in a
  relationship have a high need for
  power and both want to be
  dominant in the relationship, there
  is no way for both to be satisfied,
  and a power struggle is created.
  Unresolved power conflict usually
  recycles and builds to the point of
  relationship breakdown and
             Types of conflict
Value conflict- involves
incompatibility in ways
of life, ideologies – the
preferences, principles
and practices that people
believe in. Each side
asserts the rightness and
superiority of its way of
              Types of conflict
 Power conflict- occurs when each party wishes to
maintain or maximize the amount of influence that
he exerts in the relationship and the social setting. It
is impossible for one party to be stronger without the
other being weaker, at least in terms of direct
influence over each other. Thus, a power struggle
ensues which usually ends in a
victory and defeat, or in a “stand-
off” with a continuing state of
             Human conflict and
             the health triangle
• There are 3 major
  areas of the health
  triangle: physical,
  mental and social.
• Mental: conflict
  causes sadness,
 Social: Low self esteem,
  lose friends.
• Physical: lack of sleep,
  abuse, overweight
• What are some
  types of conflict in
  this scene?
• How do they
  resolve their

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