MEDIATOR PROFILE

This mediator profile has been created by “SINE LIMITE” project and its
objective is to help trainers and technician people to develop general mediation


General Objective:

   -   To empower professional figures to be able to promote and manage
       processes of social integration and construct methods of integration
       around dynamics of belonging and differentiation.

Secondary Objectives:

   -   To understand how the conflicts start in scope of human integration and
       be able to analyse them.
   -   To be able to distinguish the concept of mediation, conciliation and
   -   To distinguish the activities and proceeding of mediation.
   -   To appropriate techniques of social mediation.
   -   To initiate the practice of social mediation.
   -   To invigorate the evolution process.
   -   To get knowledge of European legal frames of mediation.
   -   To give a concept to mediation as tool that allows us to change the
       conflicts by the own agents concerned in it.


   -   Anthropologic concept of human being.
   -   Conflict analysis
   -   Different methodologies/techniques to deal with disputes.
   -   Mediation, conciliation and arbitration: conceptual frame.
   -   Building the person as social and cultural being in continuous interaction
       with the others.
   -   Practical and theoretical knowledge of human behaviour.
   -   The conflict: definition, nature, theories, scope, phases, culture of conflict
-   Handling of conflicts and methodological tools. Definitions, similarities
    and differences among the concepts of: negotiation, conciliation and
-   Option for the peace and conciliation.
-   Mediation: establishing concepts, objectives, types of mediations, steps,
-   The work team and conflict management
-   System of intervention for the changes.
-   Different areas where the conflicts arise:
        o Employment fostering and Equal opportunities.
        o The social handicaps.
        o Gender equality
        o Diversification, families and conflicts.
        o Social and community participation
        o Multiculturalism and interculturalism.
        o Educational scope: teachers, students, parents and school
-   Qualitative methodology of searching: Cases study.
-   Documentary sources of the legal frame
-   Legal lines in European countries.
-   Evaluation processes.
-   Evaluation of the intervention.


-   Any sphere where conflicts appear and can be dealt trough mediation,
    taking into account the mediation it self is not the only way to overcome

                       COURSE METHODOLOGY

-   We focus in active pedagogy based in fully participation of all the people
    involved in the re-construction of the knowledge, where the study cases
    and participative investigation are the key factors of this apprenticeship.

                  WHO IS THIS COURSE DIRECTED?

-   Professional workers of social contexts where the human being and its
    living space are the subject of intervention: teachers, pedagogues, social
    workers, sociologists and psychologists…
-   People interested in mediation.

A team of trainers with the experience in the following fields:

-   Mediation techniques.
-   Human relationship.
-   Human science.
-   Law.
-   Logic.

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