Flat Stanley reading comprehension

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Flat Stanley Reading Comprehension
Chapter 1 – The Big Bulletin Board

1. On page 6, the word marvel means a. guess. b. laugh. c. wonder. d. practice. 2. Based on the passage, you can infer that Stanley’s illness was a. rare. b. serious. c. common. d. contagious. 3. What would be another good title for this chapter? a. “Stanley Gets Flattened” b. “Arthur Learns a Polite Lesson” c. “A Visit to the Doctor’s Office” d. “A Normal Day at the Lambchops” 4. Stanley was awakened by a. his brother’s shouting. b. the alarm clock ringing. c. the falling bulletin board. d. his parents lifting the bulletin board. .


Flat Stanley Reading Comprehension
Chapter 2 – Being Flat

5. Based on Stanley’s rescue of the ring you could most likely conclude he is a. silly. b. obedient. c. dangerous. d. resourceful. 6. When the policeman said they had been hasty, the underlined word hasty means a. rude. b. silly. c. angry. d. hurried.

7. Stanley’s parents were not sure Stanley could visit his friend in California because a. it took too long to travel. b. it was too dangerous to travel. c. it was too expensive to travel. d. it was too far always to travel. 8. Based on his adventures in this chapter, you could conclude that Stanley is a. shy. b. funny. c. thoughtful. d. adventurous


Flat Stanley Reading Comprehension
Chapter 3 – Stanley the Kite

9. Why did the author most likely choose the chapter title “Stanley the Kite”? a. The kite was named Stanley. b. Kites were flying in the story. c. To show he could be rolled up d. To describe Stanley’s adventures 10. The word jostled used on page 23 probably means a. hurried. b. pushed. c. attached. d. humored.

11. Which worry below did Mr. Lambchop NOT have about Sunday afternoon activities? a. Losing track of Stanley and Arthur b. Crossing busy streets with speeding taxis c. Being late to the museum or roller-skating d. Moving through crowds of hurrying people 12. Which of the following was NOT a reason Arthur was annoyed with Stanley? a. Stanley yelled at him to be quiet. b. Arthur had to walk while Stanley did not. c. Arthur got wet while Stanley remained dry. d. Mr. Lampchop said how smart Stanley was.

13. Why do you think Arthur asked his parents to put the volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica on top of him? a. So he could read them b. So they would flatten him c. So Stanley couldn’t get them d. So his parents would be happy 14. Stanley used his arms to a. let out the string. b. wrap around the tree. c. signal to people below. d. guide himself in the air.


Flat Stanley Reading Comprehension
Chapter 4 – The Museum Thieves

15. How did Stanley first learn about the museum thieves? a. Mr. Dart told him in the elevator. b. He overheard Mr. Dart tell his wife. c. When he went with Mr. Dart to the museum. d. Mr. Lambchop read about it in the morning newspaper. 16. What part of the adventure did Stanley like the least? a. Wearing the disguise. b. Having to take a long nap c. Balancing on little spikes. d. Pretending to smile at sheep. 17. Which of the following did NOT lead to the capture of the thieves? a. Mr. Dart’s joke b. Stanley’s shouts. c. The arrival of the police. d. The closing of the trap door. 18. Based on the chapter, it seems that the Chief of Police was a. clever. b. funny. c. grateful. d. frightened.


Flat Stanley Reading Comprehension
Chapter 5 – Arthur’s Good Idea

19. The author most likely wrote this story to a. inform. b. describe. c. persuade. d. entertain. 20. The most important lesson of this story is a. watch out for falling objects. b. brothers make the best friends. c. it’s sometimes difficult to be different. d. there are more important things than money.

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