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					Collaboration with NGOs
              List of Interventions
What we are Doing?                                     What should we continue to Do or Stop?

1.      Identification of Railway stations             Should be continue.
     a) How many trains are moving every day on
        platform and how much time they stay on
     b) The cities were availability of resources of
        children are more. Eg. Food, Jobs and
        other attraction.
     c) Junction station and major cities
2. Baseline survey                                     Should be continue.
a) Taking permission form railway authorities          b) Informal meeting with assurance of
b) Identification of local NGO’s and informal          collaboration should not be continue.
meeting with assurances at collaboration
c) Contacting and taking intimations from child
welfare committee for referring the children
3. Identification of NGOs
a) Identify the local NGOs which are working           Identify the local NGOs which are working with
with street children. (Not Compulsory)                 street children. (Compulsory)
What we are Doing?                                 What should we continue to Do or Stop?

3. Identification of NGOs                          Should be continue.
    a) Conducting Informal meetings.
    b) Taking their staff for exposure visit

4. Conducting formal meeting and making of MOU     Should be continue.
Contains of MOU:
   a) Time duration
   b) Collaboration plan
   c) Role and responsibilities of both the NGOs
   d) Fund contribution
 5. Start the work                                 Should not be continue.
a)      Make networking in the name of             a)    Make networking in the name of
        collaborating NGOs                               collaborating NGOs
b)      Circulating reports in the name of         b)    Circulating reports in the name of
        collaborating NGOs                               collaborating NGOs
What we are Doing?                        What should we continue to Do or
5. Start the work                         Should be continue.
c) Conducting monthly/ weekly meetings
d) Conducting trainings
e) Using both the formats of reporting.   e) Using both the formats of
                                          reporting should not be continue.

6. Review meeting:                        Should be continue.

7. Evaluation of Collaboration of work    Should be continue.
What new work should be do and why??
New work                                             Why??

We should work independently on station at least     We can understand the other NGOs background.
3-6 months                                           We can make networking independently.
Identification of NGOs
a) In the identification of NGOs should have         a)    For funding purpose.
complete legal formalities like 80G, 12 A and FCRA
certificates                                         a)    To do work with more concentration and
b) NGOs should work with children issue.                   help more children
c) Collaborating NGO should have good culture
like communication, reporting system etc.            c) Smooth and professional relationship.
d) NGO’s should have shelter                         d) Easy to help more children

a)     Head of the NGO should involve in once in     a)    To increase interest of head of NGOs.
       monthly meeting.                              b)    Good communication.
b)     Preparation of accounts vouchers on both      c)    Clarity for funding agency.
       NGOs name.                                    d)    More accountability.
c)     Approval of bills by both NGOs authorities.   e)    For future plan and smooth relationship.
d)     Handovering procedure should be               f)    Team build-up.
e)     Staff names should be mention with their
                    New work                                           Why??

Work Start
a)    Reporting should done by both NGOs              a)    If they are not interested to
      name.                                                 continue the collaboration then
                                                            Sathi can work independently.
b)     Make common formats for reporting and          b)    Clarity in reports and
       documentation.                                       documentation. And avoid
                                                            repetition of documentation.

Review Meetings:                                      a)    To take equal responsibility.
a) To make joint proposal for fund raising.           b)    If they raise the fund then Sathi
                                                            can withdraw the work

Staff training                                        We can do expansion in collaboration
Training structure for collaborating staff                  work
availability of train staff for doing collaborating
work. Eg. Having knowledge of multiple
language, bachelors, good qualification.

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