ezifeatures stands by Yjrigw7E


									Ezi D.I.Y Features
      Shapes and sizes to suite your budget ......on concept for ALL applications.

      Perfect for sandwich boards, display stands, menu display, direct boards, Information presentation...+

      Use steel tube , wooden dowels, coated steel with PVC....all assembled with durable steel connectors.

      Strong and durable for outdoor, yet well finished for internal display

      System can be fixed or on wheels

General details and FAQ :

      Reusable for other applications
      Rust protected – Galvanised or PVC coated Steel
      Ezi to add to, no complications
      Light and Ezi to move around ur yard
      Can buy “bits” as you grow your idea
      No special tools needed, just an AllenKey !
      Reputable manufacturing company
      Product tested over last 15 years in industry
      10001 accessories and ideas to choose from....

   Can make other products like:

                  Jungle Gyms – all ages and shapes
                  Benches and Tables
                  Hydroponic stands
                  Bird Avery
                  Car Port
                  Worm Farm Framework
                  Shelving for your garage or store
                  Braai , with all the frills
                  Sports equipment : Polo ,Soccer, Hockey, Volley Ball nets
                  Carts and trolleys
                   Green Houses, Tool sheds, Stores.
                   Outdoor furniture
                    Retail shop stands, displays, signs
                    Workstations for home and office applications
                   Low cost outdoor accommodation

       Supply options: Kit, Component or Complete assembly
       Manufactured & Supplied from 0826515461. www.ezidiy.co.za

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