Bartender's Handbook by xiaopangnv


									              IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS

Hawkesbury Hospital……………………….613-632-1111
Alexandria Hospital..............................……613-525-2222
Fire department of Vankleek Hill……….…..………….911
Director in charge of bar. Pitt Paquette ... 613-678- 2678
Treasurer …….…………………..…..……..613-678-5799

For cash register problems, phone the treasurer or Norm

Property Problems …..Jamie Cunning . .. 613-678-3125
Ice Problems ….….Ross Rodger …….…..613-678-2703

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    paper top to bottom and print slides 2,4 and 6

    To ensure that the printing cannot be seen through the paper use
    at least 30 lbs paper stock

  Please contact the Director in charge of the Bar to propose
     modifications to this handbook, or to report errors or
                           omissions.                                      Printed Summer 2010
                                                                          Switches by the door to the ice-shed
                                                                          1.      The three switches at the bottom of
                                                                                  the grouping turn the lights on in the
                                                                          2.      The dimmer switch controls the “Pool”
                                                                                  lights in the viewing area.


Introduction, General ………………….……. Page 2
                                                                               Other switches
Duties of the Team Captains ………….…… Page 3
                                                   1.   There is a switch by the stockroom for the track lights
Key Identification …………………….……… Page 3                  above.

Duties of the Bartenders …………………… Page 4           2.   In the kitchen, near the entrance to the bar is a switch for
                                                        the main kitchen lights.
Changing a beer barrell ……………...…….. Page 5
                                                   3.   In the kitchen by the counter is a light to control the lights in
Replacing bottles in the stand …….……..... Page 5        the buffet area.
                                                   4.   Switches in the bar area control the lights in the cooler and
………………………………..…………..…… Page 6                           the bar area. There is also a dimmer switch to control the
Using the Cash Registers ……….....……… Page 7             ceiling lights of the main area.

The keys of the Cash Registers ………...… Page 8
Light switches of the upstairs…………… Page 9 - 10                            New Air conditioner

Useful Phone Numbers …………………Back Cover                     The remote control for the new air conditioner is
                                                          mounted on the same wall next to the fire exit door.

                                                    Most other switches, upstairs and downstairs are readily
                                                    associated to the lights they control.

                           1                                                        10
  Most of the light switches at the club are easy to find except for
                                                                                              Vankleek Hill Curling Club
  one or two. To facilitate your tour, the following is a description of
  what switches control what lights.
                                                                           Bartenders and Team Captain’s Handbook

                                                                           So, you’ve finally joined the Vankleek Hill curling club and just weeks
                       Light Switches                                      into the season you are told that “YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU NOW!”
                                                                           And here you are behind the bar and maybe you don’t even drink. So
                                                                           what are you supposed to do and how are you supposed to do it and
                              1       2       3   4                        how does this entire set up work anyway???

                                                                           Relax, this little booklet will explain it all and tell you everything you
                                                                           need to know about your tour of duty. All of us are expected to pull our
                                                                           weight, guys at the bar (usually) and gals in the kitchen. This helps to
                         Switches by main door                             keep our costs down. If you have any questions not answered in this
                                                                           book, ask your team captain or the Director in charge of the bar. If you
1. Lights in lobby and hall to main room; 2-way switch with 2 below.       have suggestions concerning this handbook, advise the Director in
2. Lights for outside sign                                                 charge of the Bar.

3. Regular on-off switch for outside lights by the door                    General
4. Timer switch for outside lights by the door. To use, turn
clockwise for half or three quarter turn. Should give 4-5 minutes of       At the start of the year, once the membership numbers are known, the
light.                                                                     director in charge of Bartenders will form bar teams of 6-8 members
                                                                           headed by a team captain. He will also prepare a master schedule
                                                                           that indicates the weeks that each team is on duty and if he has the
                             1    2       3   4   5                        information available, which private rental events have to be covered
                                                                           during that week. The schedule will be kept updated on the Website.
                                                                           All in all, each team will have to cover 2 or 3 stretches at various time
                                                                           of the year.
                    Switches by the bathroom wall
                                                                           The team captain will contact each of his bartenders and negotiate the
1. ?                                                                       date and times that each must cover. At times, there may be more
2. Lobby and Hall light; 2-way switch with 1 above                         than one bartender on duty; as well, some bartenders may decide to
                                                                           split shifts.
3. All fixtures on wall in main room; rheostat controlled
4. Square ceiling lights near chair storage area                           It is the responsibility of each bartender to be present for his
                                                                           agreed tour of duty; each one must advise either the team
5. “Pool” lamp near clock and track lights near bulletin board             captain or the director in charge of the bar if he is unable to
area                                                                       cover his shift; in such a case, the bartender must find a suitable
                                              9                                                                2
                                                                                       Cash register keys
   A week prior to your team’s tour of duties, ascertain
   the availability of your team members and establish a             If ever the plastic covers for the register keys
   schedule of duties.                                               should be lost, the following is a diagram of those
   With the director in charge of the Bartenders or the
   previous team’s captain, arrange to pickup the keys               The bottom 16 keys only are used plus the
   and make them available to the first bartender on
                                                                     Total/No Sale key

   Establish where the keys will be kept and how each
   bartender on your team will pick them up and return
   them or pass them on to the next bartender on duty.

   Arrange with the next team captain for the transfer of       SPECLTY COOLERS LIQUEUR          JUICES
                                                                DRINKS  CAESARS
                                                                4             8        12       16
   Inform all your team members of the policy on tips.
                                                                MIXED         PREM.    BRANDY        SOFT
                                                                DRINK         LIQUOR                 DRINK
   If you can, visit your team members while they are on                               11       15
                                                                3             7
                                                                    GLASS     WINE 1   WINE 2
                                                                    O’ WINE   BOTTLE   BOTTLE
                                                                2                 6    10       14
                                                                    SMALL     REG.     LARGE     JUG’O       TOTAL /
Keys will be passed on by the previous team captain or by the       DRAFT     BEER     DRAFT     DRAFT
      Director in charge of the bar. They include keys
                                                                                                             NO SALE
                                                                1             5        9        13
                      To the main door
                       To the bar area
                     To the cooler room
                 To the doors to the ice box
                      To the cash box
                      To the safety box

 The key to the cash register must be left in the register.

                                 3                                                                    8
                                                                                            DUTIES OF THE BARTENDER.
                   USING THE CASH REGISTER
                                                                        Get the keys to the bar from the previous bartender on duty or from
                      At the start of a session                         the Team Captain. (List of keys below), Find out from either what you
                                                                        are supposed to do with the keys after your tour of duty.
Turn the cash register key to REG
Press Total/No Sale key to open the cash register drawer Place the      Open the club for curlers, usually 30-40 minutes before the first
cash in the register compartments                                       scheduled game
Close the drawer.
                                                                        Turn on the lights on the main floor, the ice shed and in the change
                         During a session                               rooms below. A list of the switches and the lights that they control is
                                                                        found further in this pamphlet.
When receiving an order, press the corresponding key for the
amount required. e.g. for two beers, press key 5 twice; for a small     Check the supply of beer liquor soft drinks and juices in the ice box
draft and a bag of chips, press key 1 once and key 14 once.             trays and replenish if necessary. Extras are kept in the cooler.

Once the order is finished, press the green Total/No Sale key, and      Chips, chocolates and peanuts will be re-supplied by someone else.
the amount due will be shown on both registers (client side and bar     Get the cash box from the safe-box kept in the cooler. Place money in
side)                                                                   the cash register and turn the key to REG

                     At the end of the session                          Once the evening is over and all have left the club, place the cash (*)
                                                                        in the cash box and it in the safety box in the cooler and lock them
Remove the cash and place it in the cash box                            both. Turn the cash register key to ‘OFF’ but leave the key in. . Turn
Turn the Cash register key to ‘OFF’ but leave the key in.               off all the lights and lock the club up. There is a time delay switch
                                                                        which will allow you to turn off everything and still have lights for you
At any time, press the Total/No Sale key to open the cash drawer.       to go to your car.

Our prices include all taxes and you may have to “round out” totals     Turn the keys over to the next bartender or deposit the keys where
when several items are compiled together. So if the bill is $15.99 or   instructed.
$15.98, inform the member that the total due is $16.00, and if the
total is $16.01 or $16.02, inform the member that the total due is      (*) Tips received by bartenders should be left with the cash. They
$16.00.                                                                 will be included as “overage” in our accounting books. This is
                                                                        based on the principle that we all share in the benefits (and
                                                                        costs) associated with our belonging to the VKHCC; the kitchen
If the symbol L appears in the illuminated display on the left in       crew works as hard as the bar tendering crew but are not likely
the Cash register window, please let you Captain or the                 to receive tips; it does seem fair then to return the tip money to
Treasurer know as batteries need to be replaced soon.                   the club. However, should the bartenders or the kitchen staff
                                                                        require a drink during or after their shift, (beer, liquor, soft drink)
                                                                        the money to pay for it can be taken out of the tips.

                                     7                                                                        4
                        KEG Replacement
1. Move the handle on the hoses to face you.                                          Empty beer bottles
                                                                      At the end of the evening or of a shift, empty beer
2. Pull the handle towards you; it will move upwards and release
                                                                     bottles should be placed in beer cases. Empty beer
the keg.
                                                                     cases can be found in the closet near the upstairs
3. Turn the handle one half turn to release it from the keg.                              washroom.
4. Remove the old keg, move the new one into position and
                                                                      A separate case is required for Moosehead beer
remove seal.
5. Push handle down into the new keg and turn one half turn to
create a seal.
6. Pull handle out and down to lock.
7. Run tap on the bar side into an empty pitcher to eliminate any
foam and/or old beer.

                       Bottle Replacement
 1.    Make sure the shot dispenser is empty of liquor; empty
       into a glass if necessary
 2.    While holding the bottle and shot dispenser with one
       hand, pull the small pin behind the bottle with the other.
       The bottle should release from the rack
 3.    Turn the bottle right side up and remove the shot
       dispenser. Unscrew the lid from a new bottle and press
       the shot dispenser in the new bottle.
 4.    Turn bottle upside down and be sure to hold the shot
       dispenser in the new bottle
 5.    Use the new bottle to push up on the holder on the rack
       and move the bottle back into position. Make sure the lip
       is aligned with the small pin.
 6.    Push the lip into place and the shot dispenser should
       “click” in place. Make sure it is secure and pour your next

                                 5                                                             6

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