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									                   Insomniac Responds to False Claims in Lawsuit
LOS ANGELES, September 8, 2011 – In response to a lawsuit initiated by the family of Sasha
Rodriguez, Insomniac’s attorney, Gary Jay Kaufman issued the following statement:

“Claims made by lawyers to the media, or even in pleadings, are allegations and are not the same
as evidence or fact. We will review the assertions made in the pleadings and respond in the
appropriate forum - the courts. The case is completely without merit, and we look forward to
defending the matter in court, where we are confident that Insomniac will prevail.

At first blush, this complaint is riddled with inaccuracies. For example, the plaintiffs incorrectly
state that Insomniac promoted a 2007 event called “Monster Massive.” “Monster Massive” is a
long-standing event promoted and produced for years by another Los Angeles promoter and not
by Insomniac. While Monster Massive may have experienced security issues, Insomniac is not
associated with that event, despite the inaccurate allegations of the plaintiffs.

Insomniac takes every reasonable precaution to ensure that our fans enjoy our events in a safe
and secure environment. This includes working with public safety officials, law enforcement
and a thorough pat down searches at the point of entry. However, Insomniac cannot control the
actions of the individuals who choose to break the law and purchase and ingest illegal substances
at or prior to their events.

While Ms. Rodriguez’s death is an unspeakable tragedy, the complaint fully admits that she
knowingly ingested an illegal drug that she might have consumed prior to the event. As will
become clear when all the facts are known, she made personal choices that we cannot control.

After all the facts have been made public, we are confident that Insomniac’s actions will be
found to have been both within the law and appropriate while acting in a responsible manner.”

Contact: Gary Jay Kaufman (310) 286-2202


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