FG Self Declaration Letter 2012 by HvlyGaI


									Dear Nominee

Thank you for agreeing to become a foundation governor.

The Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service, together with Bishop Séamus Cunningham and the Department for
Education, require all foundation governors to complete a Self Declaration Form. Once your appointment is
complete the local authority may contact you, on behalf of the Diocese, for further clearance. The information
contained in this form will be held securely and in complete confidence by the Diocesan Spirituality, Formation
and Education Service.

Once this form is complete please return it to the school to complete the required identity check. You will be
required to present one original document from each section in the following list to the headteacher or priest
with pastoral responsibility;
SECTION A:          Birth Certificate / Passport / Photo Card Driver’s Licence
SECTION B:          Utility Bill / Bank Statement
If you have changed your name since birth please also present one of the following:
Marriage Certificate / Deed Poll Certificate

All original documents will be handed back to you; the Diocese does not need to witness the documents.

The school will then complete the process and will return all the necessary forms on your behalf. On completion
of your appointment you will receive a letter of confirmation.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Spirituality, Formation & Education Service.

With thanks for your support to Catholic education.

Yours faithfully,

Joe Hughes

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