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          Please complete the details below and return this form to JC Events with payment to the above address

                                     NIGHT MARKET
                                               Peace Gardens, Sheffield

                                    Stallholders application form
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                                                            (if applicable)

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Postcode:                                                   Mobile:

Description of goods/services:
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            th                                  nd
          5 Sept                             22      Sept

             th                                th                                th
          27 Sept                            10 Oct                            14 Nov

Cost £48 per event 9am-9pm. Book 5th September and get Purple Thursday on 27th September for £28
Bring your own gazebo (see Gazebo guidelines document).

                 DATE REQUIRED                              SIZE OF GAZEBO?                         TOTAL COST





    1. Payments will not be banked until the application has been approved.
    2. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or postal order to JC Events. Please do not
        post any cash.
    3. A confirmation letter will be sent on receipt of application and receipt sent once
        booking has been confirmed.
    4. Cancellations and refunds cannot be made once booking has been confirmed.
    5. Stall holders must have their own relevant insurance in place in terms of public
        and product liability.
    6. JC Events does not provide you with Public Liability Insurance.
    7. Opening/trading hours. Please ensure your stall is ready to trade 15 minutes
        before trading commences and cleared away within one hour after trading ceases.
        Traders must not pack up prior to close of trading at 9pm. It is imperative that
        these times are strictly adhered to due to the Health and Safety regulations.
        Failure to comply will jeopardise future bookings.
    8. Information regarding unloading at the site will be given prior to the event.
    9. Traders must report to the Organiser on arrival for allocation of space.
    10. Goods sold must be a true representation of examples presented to JC events. Any
        variations must be submitted for approval prior to the event.
    11. A trading area will be provided as stated in your booking confirmation. Clothes rails
        or additional cabinets may be allowed in place of a stall, at our discretion. Please
        provide description, sizes and pictures with your application, as we will not be able
        to accommodate new display structures on the day of the event.
    12. A high quality representation of goods must be maintained at all times. JC Events
        reserves the right to ask any trader to leave the area if it deems the standard of
        presentation is below what is expected. In addition, the goods being sold must be
        of consistent high quality.
    13. All products must be clearly labelled and priced.
    14. Traders must display company name (if you have one) and any additional
        information such as your returns policy.
    15. If you have any specific requirements, please discuss this prior to the event.
    16. Please contact JC Events to discuss any electricity requirements. All your electrical
        equipment must comply with current legislation and have a valid Portable
        Appliance Test Certificate. All equipment will be checked and JC Events reserve the
        right to withdraw any equipment, which is found to be, or appears to be, defective
        or unsafe. We cannot guarantee access to power supplies, unless prearranged.
    17. All litter from your trading area must be removed before leaving the site and all
        items that have been borrowed must also be returned before leaving the site.
        Please ensure your stall is clean and tidy at all times.
    18. All health and safety regulations must be strictly adhered to. Any trader refusing to
        comply with Health and Safety regulations will be asked to leave.

With prior arrangement it is possible to share a stall with another trader at no
extra cost. Once your booking has been confirmed, any changes to the
product listing must be agreed with event’s organisers.
Please send your completed application form with your cheque for the full
balance made payable to ‘JC Events’ 2 weeks prior to the event. Thank you.

Please read carefully the terms and conditions before signing. Your signature below will
indicate that you have read and understood the terms and conditions, you are willing to
comply with them and you fully understand that JC Events do not provide you with Public
Liability Insurance.

Signed:…………………………………………………………… Date:……………………………………………..

For Further details contact James Peterson

Mobile: 07716 430 101

E-mail: info@jcmarketevents.co.uk

Website: www.jcmarketevents.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JC.MarketEvents

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