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									                                      Press Release

                            POP For ProPlay
                 High Quality Low Cost Video Processor
                   from Comm-Tec and Purchase AV

Point of purchase, point of sale and point of information are just some of the
applications suitable for the new Comm-Tec ProPlay video player. Ideal for showing
presentations, advertising reels and public service announcements, the ProPlay is
also suitable for use in exhibitions, trade shows, theme parks and tourist attractions.

The new ProPlay HD is a professional, yet cost-effective, solution for applications
where high quality HD (High Definition) videos are to be utilised. In addition, the
ProPlay HD can also handle audio and pictures on-demand with clips being stored
on the compact flashcard, so playback is virtually instantaneous.

Being compact, measuring only 270 x 30 x 135 mm and weighing only 0.7 kg, the
Comm-Tec ProPlay HD allows storage and playback of MPEG 2-4 VOB or WMV–
HD encoded clips, plus JPEG pictures and MP3 audio files.

Control of the unit can be as per the playlist, via RS-232, TCP/IP external contacts,
serial RS-232 commands, IR remote and IP communication. The ProPlay HD can
also loop continuously when powered up.

Using the contact closure inputs, the Comm-Tec ProPlay HD can be triggered by
push buttons relays or motion sensors, meaning that a dedicated control system is
not needed in many applications. Outputs include composite, Y/C, RGEHB, HD-
YUV and HDMI plus stereo output in RCA or HDMI format. The unit also allows for
FTP download.

For full details of the Comm-Tec ProPlay HD video play or other video and signal
processing systems in the Comm-Tec range, please call Purchase AV on 01908
550039 or email Alternatively, please see their website at

          For further press information please contact Martyn Billing of Calibre Marketing
       Tel/Fax: 01323 469320 Mobile: 07721 058409 Email:

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