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					SACE Stage 1
                                                 CONTENT                    (All one semester duration)

                   This course is designed for students who want to use their creativity to design and manufacture a
                   functional artefact. While we will predominantly use wood, this is just the beginning and many
                   other materials and processes can be investigated. Students will develop their personal safety skills,
                   along with many workshop focused skills. Student will complete a folio and a finished project, and
                   in doing so will cover other curriculum areas such as: numeracy, literacy and a selection of
  10 credits
                   capabilities with a focus on Work, Communication and Personal Development.

   HEALTH          Students investigate the dual role of physical activity and nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
                   Weekly visits to different sporting venues allow students to experience what the community has to
  10 credits       offer in terms of sporting opportunities and work in this field. Students will be able to negotiate the
                   activities undertaken. There is a compulsory 5 week block of aquatics followed by a power-point
                   presentation. Assessments of learning individually and in groups use a range of modes that cater
                   for students’ abilities and learning styles. Each student will maintain a healthy eating diary, be
                   involved in a group analysis of the benefits of each physical activity, research a major issue of
                   concern such as smoking, alcohol abuse or illicit drug taking and investigate a nutrition related

                   A compulsory Stage 1 subject and an increasingly essential skill in the workplace, we will focus on
                   functional numeracy skills through practical activity. Learning will occur through small projects
                   involving work, home and community skills. This may include gardening, cooking, painting, running
                   an event, working in the community and other areas of student interest. Basic skills of time
  10 credits
                   management, money handling, and measurement will be addressed. The course offers an
                   opportunity to develop skills that will be applicable to other courses at Prospect Centre.

  LEARNING:        Exploring Adelaide – Environment and Social Institutions. Environmental, social and cultural issues
ACCESSING THE      are integrated into a community based program. Students visit many interesting and relevant
    LOCAL          places within the wider metropolitan area each week. Using various modes of public transport
 COMMUNITY         develops student travel skills and confidence. Assessment tasks include keeping a weekly journal,
                   research group activity and information gathering. An introductory course for students
   10 credits      commencing at Prospect Centre.

 INTEGRATED        Students will increase their awareness of the ‘world of work’ and student knowledge will be
  LEARNING:        increased through a range of career related activities within the local community. Students will
 WORK SKILLS       research a particular job interest. Volunteer work with Conservation Volunteers will give students
PREPARATION        environmental experience. Supporting needy groups in society with fund raising activities
                   enhances team building and decision making skills. Each student will prepare a current resume,
  10 credits       practise personal presentation and undertake a ‘mock job interview’.


CHILD STUDIES      Students examine parenting and the period of childhood from conception to 8 ys and issues
                   related to growth, health, nutrition, and child safety, wellbeing and care. Students will also
  10 Credits       participate in a First Aid course and gain a Basic First Aid Certificate. Students will visit childcare
                   centres and examine training and careers in the childcare industry. Work experience is an

SACE STAGE                                                     CONTENT
  1 and 2                      (one semester duration with an option to complete 2 semesters if needed)

                     This course will be offered at both stages 1 and 2 giving students the opportunity to gain 10 to 20
                     SACE credits. Students MUST be prepared to work a minimum of 25 hours in open, supported or
                     voluntary employment. The course focuses on practical skills and numeracy, literacy, and
 10 - 20 credits
                     employability skills. The focus will be around a Barista course in semester one giving the students
                     capabilities that will aid in finding work in the hospitality industry. In semester two the course is
                     based at Phoenix Furniture at Gepps Cross. These courses aim to prepare students for the work
                     place, while giving them basic skills and confidence to work independently.

   INTEGRATED        This course is designed specifically for students in their final year at school and aims to provide
    LEARNING:        intensive preparation for transition to post school options. Students undertake this course at either
SENIOR LEAVERS       the Stage 1 or Stage 2 level as it is appropriate to individual students. Knowledge about personal
 TRANSITION TO       strengths, preferred jobs, training options and workplace expectations are developed through
  EMPLOYMENT         course activities, work experience placements and paid work where appropriate. Students have
                     opportunities to develop skills in areas of job search, application, resume/portfolio development
 10 – 20 credits     and job interviews. Students will be linked to an appropriate employment agency to provide
                     ongoing support once they have left school. The course lasts one semester with an option to
  Senior level       complete Stage 2 or a second Stage 1course in semester two.

   RESEARCH          This is a stage 2 compulsory subject, directed to year 12 students who want to pass their SACE. The
    PROJECT          focus is to investigate and research an area of interest, either independently or within a group.
                     Although this can be in any area, the focus of this course will be predominantly Design and Make,
   10 credits        so keeping the project hands-on and allowing students to use their creativity. Students will
                     produce a portfolio of work, a finished product and an externally assessed evaluation. Student will
                     gain many skills while progressing through this course enabling them to make analytical decisions
  Senior Level       and communicating their ideas and thoughts.

      VET                             TRAINING PACKAGES – Vocational Education and Training (VET)
                                                       (all one year courses)
                     Units covered: Prepare for Work, Support Nursery Work, Maintain the Workplace, Operate Basic
                     Machinery and Equipment, Support Turf Work, Support Gardening Work.
                     The group size is small and individual attention is given to encourage each student’s
                     understanding and confidence. The practical work is creative and varied. Students will work at
                     Prospect Primary School assisting with grounds work and at Prospect Centre developing the back
                     yard garden area as well as weeding, pruning and mowing. Throughout the year excursions will be
 (and 10 SACE
                     undertaken to various sites including Mawson Lakes, Safe Work SA and Urrbrae Wetlands. OHSW,
                     safe work practices, communication skills and knowledge of workplace forms will be taught. All
                     students are expected to complete a Work Experience placement during the year.

                     Units covered: Hospitality Industry Knowledge, Health, Safety and Security Procedures, Workplace
                     hygiene Procedures, Work in a Socially Diverse Environment, Work with Colleagues and Customers.
(part certificate)
   Core Units        Participants will develop some of the practical skills and associated knowledge required in a
    Kitchen          commercial kitchen. This program offers excellent facilities including a commercial kitchen and is
  Operations.        based at Kensington Centre. As well as developing industry-specific skills and knowledge, students
                     will learn to work as part of a team, use initiative and become self directed, identify and solve
 (and 10 SACE        problems, and make decisions and accept responsibility for those decisions.
    credits)         Each student will participate in a Work Experience placement.

 CERTIFICATE 1       For students who have successfully completed one year at Prospect Centre, this course is run
AND II IN RETAIL     jointly with Daws Road Centre and is based in the city. The course offers intensive preparation for
                     the retail industry and requires a firm commitment from students to complete the full year. Retail
 (and 20 SACE
                     facilities in the city will provide learning opportunities and the students will engage in work


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