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What do Mentors Do by 93E082


									    What does a Confirmation Mentor do??
A mentor for the Confirmation Class at Hopewell United Methodist Church has
the opportunity to facilitate the formation of a committed life-long Christian and
church member. Outlined below is a list of mentor expectations:

    Monthly Meetings: Spend a minimum of two hours per month with your
     confirmand. You can spend this time in any way you wish – worshipping
     together, talking, eating, doing recreational activities together, or working
     together on a project you both enjoy.

    Service Project: Plan and complete a service project together that takes a
     minimum of 4 hours. The service project depends on the interests and
     abilities of the youth and his/her mentor. Suggestions include: a day at
     Good Works, stocking shelves at the Coatesville food cupboard, visiting a
     shut-in or residents at Simpson Meadows, helping around the church with
     maintenance or upkeep, working on Passion Play preparations, working on
     the Angel tree or the college student tree, working at the Easter Festival,
     helping in the church nursery or Sunday school, etc.

    WRITE A LETTER to your confirmand and to be given at the Confirmation
     Service on Satrurday, April 23, 2011. The letter should affirm YOUR
     confirmand as a uniquely gifted child of God (share special qualities and
     personal stories from your interaction with your confirmand) and
     congratulate his/her decision to join Hopewell United Methodist Church.

    Participate in the Confirmation service on Saturday evening, April 23, 2011
     at 5:25 PM.

    Pray, Pray, Pray!!! Pray for and with your confirmand on a regular basis.

Remember, the most important factor in being a mentor is forming a relationship
with your confirmand. We hope you will consider making this a long-term
relationship that will last far beyond this Confirmation class season.

If you have any questions please contact Jon Marcus at

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