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					Louisville Education& Employment Partnership
Dropout Prevention Overview

  Reasons for Leaving School *           Dropouts’ Recommendations               Report Recommendations                     JCPS Resources                 How LEEP Addresses These
Classes not interesting -- school is   Improve curricula to make it more     Provide alternative and theme-        Alternative schools                  Pre-employment/post-secondary
boring                                 engaging and relevant – Enhance       based schools                         Virtual School                       curriculum addresses connections
Source: Dropouts                       the connection between school and                                           School to Career Program             between school and work
                                       work                                                                        LEEP                                 LEEP Experiences
Uninspired teaching – unmotivated      Improve instruction and access to     Provide an array of supplemental      LEEP                                 Career Planner serves as a
students                               supports for struggling students      services or intensive assistance      Title V – Home School Coordinators   knowledge base for students who
Was failing in school – needed more    Better teachers                       strategies                            FRYSC                                require added assistance
help                                   Added help after school or            Smaller schools                       Trimester implementation             Career Planner is also a liaison with
Source: Dropouts                       Saturday/summer schools                                                     JCPS planned smaller classes         teachers
                                       Smaller classes                                                             Free Title I NCLB tutoring

No adult personally interested in      Ensure strong adult-student           Provide students with a Personal      LEEP                                 Career Planners are Personal
them                                   relationships within the school       Advocate or mentor to personalize     Title V – Home School Coordinators   Advocates and can offer or arrange
Source: Dropouts                                                             the educational experience            FRYSC                                one-on-one services for students
                                                                                                                   Every 1 Reads

Real life interference with school                                           Enhance coordination with             LEEP                                 One aspect of LEEP’s mission is to
Source: Dropouts                                                             community-based and government        FRYSC                                establish strong community ties that
                                                                             support agencies                      Neighborhood Places                  can benefit students

Missed too many days – poor            Parents should make students go to    Develop daily attendance tracking     School Attendance Committees         Career Planners track and report
attendance                             school                                system.                               LEEP                                 each student’s attendance
Source: Dropouts                       Supervise class attendance in the                                           Title V – Home School Coordinators   LEEP staff serve on attendance
                                       schools                                                                                                          committees in the schools and
Spent time with people not                                                                                         LEEP                                 Introduces students to others in the
interested in school                                                                                                                                    partnership and to people who have
Source: Dropouts                                                                                                                                        succeeded in high school and
                                                                                                                                                        Mentoring programs
Had too much freedom/Not enough        Build a school climate that fosters   Consider raising dropout age to 18    JCPS historical support of this      Career Planners reinforce rules and
rules                                  academics                                                                   initiative                           appropriate behavior with all
Source: Dropouts                       Insure and emphasize safety                                                 LEEP                                 partnership students

Parents engaged too late               Improve communications between        Develop IGPs for every student.       JCPS requires ILPs for each          Career Planners are in direct touch
Source: Dropouts                       parents and schools                   Follow-up with parents on             student                              with parents or guardians to
                                                                             attendance issues.                    Title V – Home School Coordinators   address any issues that arise with
                                                                                                                   LEEP                                 LEEP students

At risk students are not identified                                          Develop a system that identifies      Research and Development             LEEP has established clear
Source: The Silent Epidemic                                                  students who are less likely to       Department                           eligibility for students and identifies
                                                                             succeed                               LEEP                                 those who need services the most
                                                                             Develop accurate system for
                                                                             tracking dropouts and dropout rates
                                                                             on state and national levels

* A recent survey of 2007-2008 LEEP dropouts revealed that their reasons for dropping out mirrored those of the students surveyed in the Silent

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