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									                           E- Training
                                  ) 5 Days (
Who should Attend :
      E-Training Centers and Companies.
      E-Trainers & Training Officers.

Course Objectives : By The end of this Course the Participant Will be
Able to Know :
      The requirements of E-Training And the tools needed to Apply it.
      The methods of E-training & the Advantages/DisAdvantages of

Course Contents
      Getting started with web-based Training
      Software & hardware configuration guidelines
      Approaches to web-based Training
      Audio Conferencing ,Video Conferencing, White Board, Remote
      PowerPoint Presentation
      Application Sharing, Remote Application Control , Local File Sharing,
      Web Tour
      Question & Answer ,Instant Messaging ,Record and Streaming ,MS
      Outlook Integration
      MS Office Integration
      Pass Firewalls and Proxies , Cross Platforms , Strong Encryption ,
      Multi-level Access Control
      High Bandwidth Efficiency
      High Scalability and Redundanc

 PMEC .. Passion For Excellence         1

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