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                            check all                                  Include a title
                            spelling &                                 (“Annotated
                            punctuation                                Bibliography” is
                                                                       Ok too.
                                            Works Cited
                Primary Sources                                                                   Citation
                                                                                                  (See web
                Commager, Henry Steele. Documents of American History. New York:
                    Meredith Corporation, 1968.

                       Two important documents were used: part of Jefferson’s letter to
   Indent              Livingston, America’s minister to France, with instructions for          Annotation
   everything          negotiating the purchase of New Orleans and Florida; and the treaty      (check
   after 1st line      between France and the United States for the purchase of Louisiana       bibliography
                       Territory. Both these documents were placed on the project.              instructions)

                Historical Maps on File. New York: Facts on File Publication, 1984.

                       An historical map series with maps showing the exploration of the
 1. What type          Mississippi River and North America in 1783, and western lands in
 of reference          1802 and 1803. These maps were used on the project to show the
 is it?
                       growth of the U.S. and who claimed other parts of North America.
                                                    Label and separate primary and
                Secondary Sources                   secondary sources. Bold

                Carruth, Gordon, Editor. American Facts and Dates. New York: Thomas Y.
                      Crowell Co., 1972.

Alphabetical          This is a brief entry on the Louisiana Purchase giving price paid and
order                  acreage purchased. I used this information for my list of statistics.
                                                                                                  2. How did
                                                                                                  you use the
                DeConde, Alexander. A History of American Foreign Policy. New York:
                    Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1963.

                       The author discussed Jefferson’s policies regarding U.S. relationships
                       with Spain, France, and England during 1800-1803. This helped me
                       to understand Jefferson’s third annual message of October 17, 1803. I        3. How did
                                                                                                    the source
                       used a quote from this author in a caption.                                  help you
                                                                                                    your topic?

                    See example of how to do an endnote on the last page of this document

       Never number entries.
       Always alphabetize entries by author’s last name.
       If no author, begin with TITLE.
       Check all punctuation.
       Use proper indentation.
       Don’t put an entry in both primary and secondary. Make a decision and explain in your
       Include annotations addressing questions.
       Include a minimum of 20 sources, More is better.

    For final product, include bibliography and title page (see packet) on the side for exhibits,
    media, websites and performance. You do not have to do a process paper or research
    description for the school competition. All projects will be displayed in January in the


       You should have a variety of sources, such as books. The Internet can be a good place to
        research, however be careful. If the website does not have a reference page or
        bibliography, you cannot use it. Wikipedia is good only for get an overview of your
        topic. Do not put it in your bibliography. You can look at the Wikipedia’s bibliography
        and look at those sources.

       Quotes from historical figures which are found in secondary sources are not considered
        primary sources. The author of the book has processed the quotation, selecting it from the
        original source. Without seeing the original source for yourself, you don't know if the
        quotation is taken out of context, what else was in the source, what the context was, etc.

       Copy all primary sources, such as photos, letters, documents, etc. On the back and on a
        bibliographic card, cite where you found it. Do not cite a secondary source. If you found
        it in a secondary source, look in the book’s bibliography and find where the author found
        the source. Trace it back. Without seeing the original source for yourself, you don't know
        if the quotation is taken out of context, what else was in the source, what the context was,

To do Endnotes for primary sources:

1. Go to the MLA Citation Maker

2. Type in Bibliographic Information

3. Scroll down where you see “Parenthetical Citation”

4. Copy that and insert at the end of quotes, captions of photos or documents, etc. This tells
readers where you got that piece of information.

                                                                  end note or

                             (National Park Service Photograph)
Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke to thousands of Americans
about racial equality at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28,
1963. He stated, “I have a dream that my four little
children will one day live in a nation where they will not
be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of
their character.” (King, Jr.)
                                                                       end note or
Never write, “This is a picture of……”                                  parenthetical

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