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					                      Early Admission Program

Northwestern State University offers an opportunity for high-ability secondary
school students who have completed six semesters of secondary school to enroll
at the University as full-time students. Upon earning twenty-four (24) semester
hours of college credit, the student will be granted a high school diploma.

To be eligible for early admission to Northwestern State University a
student must:
1. Complete six semesters of high school with a B or better average.
2. Have an ACT composite score of at least 25, and
3. Be recommended by his/her high school principal.

To be admitted to the program, eligible students must complete and return an
application for admission to Northwestern and a recommendation for Early
Admission (this form must be completed in triplicate and each copy signed by
both the student and his/her high school principal. All copies of this form and a
six semester high school transcript must be mailed by the principal).

As soon as all the forms, properly completed, and an official report of ACT scores
sent from ACT, have been received, the recommendation forms will be approved
by the University and one copy will be returned to the applicant and one to the
principal. An approved recommendation will constitute notification of acceptance.
All appropriate University fees shall apply.

Applications and inquiries about Early Admission should be addressed to:

                      University Registrar and Admissions
                         Northwestern State University
                            Natchitoches, LA 71497
                           STEP UP Program
Success Through Early Preparation for Undergraduate Programs (STEP UP)
offers an opportunity for high school seniors to earn credits which may be applied
toward a degree upon graduation from high school. This program is available in
the fall and spring semesters through a participating high school or online
through the Louisiana Virtual School. The courses for which a student may
register will be based upon ACT scores and school resources. Students may
pursue up to three courses per

Eligibility criteria include:
1. Attendance in a participating parish or school.
2. Completion of six semesters of high school with a 2.75
or higher cumulative grade point average.
3. ACT composite score of at least 20.
4. Recommendation by his/her school principal.

To apply, students must submit completed applications for admission to
Northwestern with $20 application fee, immunization records, official ACT scores,
official six or seven semester high school transcripts, STEP UP application and
agreement. Special University fees may apply.

Inquiries regarding STEP UP should be directed to:

                           Carl D. Perkins Programs
                          Northwestern State University
                            Natchitoches, LA 71497
             ADVANCE Program for Young Scholars
The ADVANCE Program for Young Scholars (ADVANCE) offers an opportunity
for gifted students to earn credits which may be applied toward a degree should
s/he enroll and register at NSU after graduating from high school. ADVANCE is
offered for three weeks every June at NSU, as an affiliate of
the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP). The student may only
take one course during the session and admittance to the ADVANCE program is
based upon 7th grade ACT or SAT scores. If, as a 7th grader, the student did not
take an ACT or SAT, s/he may apply to ADVANCE under the Alternate
Admission policy. Contact the ADVANCE Program for details.

Eligibility criteria include:
1. Attendance in the ADVANCE Program for Young Scholars
at NSU.
2. Entering ADVANCE through regular or alternate admission.
3. Earning a grade of B or better in an ADVANCE course
that is included in the Articulation Agreement between
NSU and the ADVANCE Program.

Inquiries regarding the ADVANCE Program should be directed to:

                    ADVANCE Program for Young Scholars
                       Northwestern State University
                              P.O. Box 5671
                          Natchitoches, LA 71497
                      318/357-4500 (fax) 318/357-4547

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