Zachary High by HC12100119810


									                                 Zachary High
                          2009 Performance Summary

Zachary High receives an annual School Performance Score (SPS) which shows
how well it is performing. The state goal for all schools in Louisiana is to make an
SPS of 120 by the year 2014. Every school receives two scores, a Baseline SPS
and a Growth SPS. The Baseline SPS is used to determine a school’s
performance star label and growth target. A performance label describes a
school’s level of performance while the growth target identifies how much a
school must grow annually to reach the state goal of 120 on time. The Growth
SPS is compared to the Baseline SPS to determine if a school has achieved its
yearly Growth Target.

Zachary High had a 2008 “Baseline School Performance Score” of 106.6. The
“Baseline School Performance Score” consisted of Zachary High School’s
Graduation data, 9th Grade iLEAP, and 10th/11th Grade GEE scores. Zachary
High School had a Growth Target of 2.1 which means that the school was
expected to grow from 106.6 to at least 108.7 on their 2009 “Growth School
Performance Score.” Zachary High School actually achieved a 2009 “Growth
School Performance Score” of 112.5. This means that Zachary High School
grew 5.9 points! This classifies Zachary High School as a three star (  )
school that exceeded its growth target.

The new 2009 “Baseline School Performance Score” for Zachary High School is
111.1. This score includes Zachary High School’s Graduation data, 9th Grade
iLEAP, and 10th/11th Grade GEE scores for the past 2 years. Zachary High
School has a 2010 Growth Target of 2.0 which means they are expected to grow
from 111.1 at least 113.1 when School Performance Scores are released again
next school year. We are very proud of the academic performance of the
Zachary High School students and we look forward to achieving great scores
next school year.

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