What was the first representative government in the New World? by 9PW3wT


									     What was the first
representative government in
      the New World?
The Virginia House of
   What was the first step
toward self government in the
        New World?
The Mayflower Compact
Why did representative
government grow in the
  English colonies?
The people desired to have a
voice in the government. “No
       taxation without
Which of the following did not
     help representative
 government to be formed in
        the colonies?
   A. House of Burgesses
B. Maryland Act of Toleration
   C. Mayflower Compact
Maryland Act of Toleration
What happened in 1607?
What happened on July 4,
    The Declaration of
Independence was signed.
Why is 1787 an important
 It is the year the U. S.
Constitution was written.
What was the economy of the
New England colonies based
Fishing, lumber, trade,
What was the geography and
climate of the New England
Rocky soil, forests, long cold
 winters and short, humid
What was the economy of the
 Middle Colonies based on?
Growing grain products and
  raising farm animals. A
center for manufacturing and
What was the geography and
   climate of the Middle
Good fertile soil with many
 river valleys. Mild winters
and a long growing season.
What was the economy of the
Southern colonies based on?
    These colonies were
 agricultural and grew rice,
tobacco, sugar cane, indigo,
   and eventually cotton.
What was the climate and
geography of the Southern
Good fertile soil and many
 fresh water rivers. Long
     growing season.
Name a group of Separatists.
The Pilgrims
Why did the Pilgrims come to
America and what colony did
         they start?
 Religious freedom for
Separatists. They started
What were the causes of the
      War of 1812?
The English were attacking
    our ships, stealing our
   cargoes, interfering with
   our rights to sail the seas
  freely, and impressing our
  What land did Thomas
Jefferson purchase for the
U. S. and how much did it
The Louisiana Territory for
       $15 million.
How did the purchase of the
Louisiana Territory help the
          U. S.?
1. It doubled the size of
the U. S.
2. It made the U. S. a
leading world power.
 Put the following in order:
      Shay’s Rebellion
The Articles of Confederation
     Federalist Papers
  Writing the Constitution
 Ratifying the Constitution
The Articles of Confederation
      Shay’s Rebellion
  Writing the Constitution
     Federalist Papers
 Ratifying the Constitution
What land law set up a way
 for territories to become
The Northwest Ordinance of
Who was Abigail Adams?
   Wife of John Adams.
She tried to get more rights
        for women.
 What was the name of the
religious revival during the
       colonial era?
The Great Awakening
 How did religious groups
contribute to American life?
Helped to develop the idea of
religious freedom in America.
   What are the unalienable
rights listed in the Declaration
      of Independence?
the Pursuit of Happiness
 What are the first ten
  amendments to the
Constitution known as?
The Bill of Rights
What types of grievances are
 listed in the Declaration of
     Problems such as:
Quartering soldiers in homes,
     no taxation without
 use of writs of assistance.
  What types of historic
documents influenced the
   development of our
        Magna Carta,
    English Bill of Rights,
    Mayflower Compact,
   Writings of John Locke,
Idea of Separation of Powers
    Writings of Baron de
What is a protective tariff?
A high tax on imports to keep
American manufacturers from
   going out of business.
How would a protective tariff
     hurt the South?
It raised the cost of products
     from other countries.
What word means to divide
powers between the federal
 government and the state
What word means the people
elect their leaders to run the
What type of ideas are found
 in the Federalist Papers?
There should be a strong
  federal government.
What three statements were
 in Washington’s Farewell
1. Remain devoted to the
      2. Avoid forming
  permanent alliances with
    any part of the foreign
  3. Avoid forming political
What economic policy did
England use to keep strict
 control over its colonial
Where was slavery most used
 in North America and why?
Slavery was mostly used in
  the Southern colonies.
Workers were needed in the
   fields to tend crops.
What are some weaknesses
     of the Articles of
 The states had the power –
 not the federal government.
The federal government could
   not tax, had no military
 power, had money that was
 What are some strengths of
the Articles of Confederation?
It created the Treaty of Paris
           of 1783,
the Land Ordinance of 1785,
 the Northwest Ordinance of
What was the last major battle
of the American Revolution?
The Battle of Yorktown
What advantage did the U. S.
have because of the location
 of the Louisiana Purchase?
It gave the U. S. control of
    New Orleans and the
     Mississippi River.
Who wrote “Common
Thomas Paine
What era in history involved
   the Presidencies of
 Washington and Adams?
The New Republic
 What era in history included
the presidencies of Jefferson,
    Madison, and Monroe?
The Jeffersonian Era
   also known as
The Republican Era
Why is the case of Marbury v.
    Madison important?
It was the first time a federal
       law was declared
unconstitutional and it set up
    the principle of judicial

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