Socialisation Into Gender Roles by dffhrtcv3


									Socialisation Into Gender
 1. Understand the term socialisation
2. Understand how boys and girls are
      socialised into different roles
• A process by which we learn to behave
• Learned behaviour appropriate to our
• Two types of socialisation:
• PRIMARY – family and home
• SECONDARY – school
• Gender socialisation – learned behaviour
  appropriate for either male or female
1. How would your parents react if you were a
   boy and you liked to play with dolls?
2. How would your parents react if you were a girl
   who liked to climb trees and get muddy and
3. Explain why some parents might find it difficult
   to understand why their son likes to dress up in
   girls clothes?
4. Explain why some parents might find it difficult
   to accept their daughter becoming a car
        Who socialises children?
•  Parents – they CANALISE children towards toys and
   activities seen as appropriate for their gender
• CANALISATION = (channelling)
• Activity
1. Give an example of toys or activities that channel children
   towards their appropriate gender
• Kitchen – girl
• Trains, Cars – boys
2. How else do we reinforce gender roles?
• What we say – VERBAL APPELLATIONS – can you give an
• Good Girl!, naughty Boy
• Other activities –
• Girls indoor activities
• Boys outdoor activities
• School socialises children into gender
  roles as well.
• School expects children to behave in a
  certain way
• School reinforces gender expectations
  from home
• Gender expectations are learned through
  peer pressure
1. Design a fun poster to illustrate
   “socialisation into gender roles”.
2. Answer the following exam question:
• Explain how boys and girls are socialised
   into different gender roles. (6 marks)
                 Model Response
• Boys and girls are socialised into gender roles by being influenced
  by the examples of their parents, school and their peers.
• Parents influence their children by teaching them how to behave as
  a girl or boy would – for example girls are taught how to be ladylike,
  to like cooking and home making. Boys are taught to like playing
  outdoors, working with their dad in the garden or on the car and they
  are expected to be strong and brave.
• In school teachers continue to influence students in similar ways.
  Some schools might encourage boys to play football whereas girls
  may not have the opportunity to take part in more physical games.
  Girls are expected to behave better than boys and boys can be
  encouraged to be loud and noisy. For girls to behave like this it
  would be seen to be “unladylike”.
• Also peer pressure influences boys and girls to behave in gender
  specific ways. For example if all the girls in a particular group dress
  in a very masculine style then there will be pressure for you to
  conform to that style of dress as well.
1. What is socialisation?
2. What is a gender role? Give an example.
3. List three ways in which boys and girls
   are socialised into specific gender roles.

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