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									                                      Meeting Summary Form

Name of Committee:                                  Drug Policy Board
Meeting Location:                                   Governor’s Press Conference Room
                                                    State Capitol Building
Date:                                               January 18, 2012
Start Time:                                         10:15 a.m.
End Time:                                           10:55 a.m.
Chair:                                              Sheriff Mike Waguespack
Agenda Attached?                                    Yes x No
Previous Meeting Summary Distributed?               Yes x No
Task Force and/or Other Reports Distributed?        Yes x No

Next Meeting Date: February 16, 2012

Members of the Drug Policy Board present at the meeting:
Mr. Anthony Ellis                              Col. Ray Schindler
Ms. Missy Graves                               Dr. Raman Singh
Ms. Freddie Landry                             Sheriff Mike Waguespack
Mr. Malcolm Myer

Designee on behalf of Drug Policy Board Member:
Ms. Dortha Cummins (Col. John LeBlanc)

Drug Policy Board office staff, and honored guests
Mr. Bill Blanchard                               Mr. Chris McCurnin
Ms. Dawn Diez                                    Mr. Ellis Roussel
Ms. Felecia Johnson


Welcome and Introductions
Sheriff Waguespack opened the meeting at 10:15 a.m. Quorum was not met.

Review and Approval of Minutes
Since quorum was not met, the approval of the minutes was tabled until the next meeting.

Old Business
HCR 16
Ms. Graves discussed the current status of HCR 16. A draft version of the budget form was
shown to members in order to receive their input. A similar form from the Children’s Cabinet
was used as a reference. Ms. Graves noted that a section will be added to show if a program
focused on prevention, treatment, or enforcement. Dr. Singh asked how offices can include
employees or programs that may only work part time on prevention, treatment, or enforcement
(e.g., social workers). Ms. Graves noted that she would look into adding a percentage section to

Drug Policy Board Minutes, January 18, 2012                                                 Page 1
the form, but at the very least, a department could explain such issues in the comments section.
Mr. Myers questioned if the Division of Administration already collected some of the
information requested on the form. Ms. Graves replied that she would check with DOA, but
noted that she would not know what numbers to ask for until the agencies returned the forms
detailing what offices and programs dealt with prevention, treatment, and enforcement. Mr.
Myers suggested that agency budget changes, such as midyear cuts, be captured in the final

Ms. Graves informed the board that completed forms will be due on February 3, 2012. Staff will
then compile the report before the next meeting.

A special meeting of the Drug Policy Board was called for February 16, 2012, in order to review
and approve the study. As mandated, the board will also need to offer five or more policy

Appointed members were requested to be in attendance.

New Business
Strategic Prevention Enhancement Grant
Ms. Diez took the board through a PowerPoint presentation on the Capacity
Building/Infrastructure Enhancement mini-plans, which will soon become Louisiana’s 5-year
strategic plan. The mini plans were sent to members prior to the meeting. Although a quorum
was not met, the board gave their approval of the plans, so work to complete the strategic plan
could continue.

Other Business
2012 Meeting Dates
The 2012 meeting dates of the Drug Policy Board are as follows: February 16, April 18 (location
TBD), July 18, and October 17.

Because each member runs a term concurrent with that of the Governor, all members must be
reappointed. That process is currently taking place within the Governor’s Office of Boards and

Sheriff Waguespack adjourned the meeting at 10:55 a.m. Due to a lack of quorum, no motion
was required.

Next meeting will take place on February 16, 2012.

Drug Policy Board Minutes, January 18, 2012                                                  Page 2

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