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									Building Secure Business
   for Industry & Government

 Who We Are

 Our Services

 Our Approach

 Our Customers

 The Benefits

 Why DiaGenesys?
Who We Are

DiaGenesys, Inc. is an 8(a) Certified, Veteran-Owned
SDB, IT Consulting Firm based in Vienna, VA, founded
by an experienced team of cleared, professional
partners, committed to helping organizations meet
their business goals.

Our corporate values deem honesty and integrity just
as important, if not more important than reliable

Our methods are guided by industry best practices and
government standards which ensures availability,
integrity, and confidentiality.
Our Services
Our holistic approach avails comprehensive
solutions designed to increase data integrity,
improve operation proficiency, and to maximize
application workflow.

Our core competencies include:

                  •Security Services

                  •Network Services

                  •Software Services
Security Services
Security Assessment Services:
- Certification & Accreditation
- Regulatory Compliance Services
- Vulnerability Assessments

Security Engineering Services
- Network Security Integrations
- Application Security Integrations
- Software Security Integrations

Security Training Services
- Security Awareness Training
- Incident Response Training
Network Services
Network Operation Services:
- Desktop & Server Support Services
- Systems Admin Support Services
- Network Security Support Services

Network Integration Services
- Systems Requirement Services
- Management Services
- Network Design/Integration Services

Network Engineering Services
- Design/Deployment Services
- Storage/Clustering Services
- Backup/Recovery Services
Software Services
Application Development Services:
- COTS Integration
- Customized Development
- Enterprise Proprietary Solutions

Database Development Services:
- Oracle, MSSQL, Access, Sybase
- Database Design
- Data Mining & Data Warehousing

Web/eCom Development Services:
- Intranet/Extranet Development
- Proprietary Secure Web Application
- Web Site Design
Our Customers
Government: FISMA requires that all federal agencies develop and implement
an agency-wide information security program designed to safeguard IT assets
and data of the respective agency

Commercial SMBs: Sarbanes-Oxley requires corporations to maintain data
integrity with automations to ensure integrity, security and confidentiality.
The Benefits
Protection: Experience data integrity, system
            security, and corporate confidentiality.

  Compliant, Confidential, Robust

                                    Production: Experience continued operations, and
                                    progressive production during growth, acquisitions
                                    and integrations.

                                Integrations & Operations

Proprietary: Experience customized data processing and secure
web applications designed to produce your specific goals.

                   Customized, Secure Processing
Why DiaGenesys?
Value: We exceed
customer request
by going beyond
expected results.

Integrity: We pride ourselves in the trust relationships
established through honor and reliability of service.

Experience: Over 30 years of        We can help you
responsible, reliable, award-       experience the
winning service.

Reputation: References from other clients confirms the
service levels, attention to detail and professional approach.

Commitment: Our commitment to servicing your goals is
priority one. Mission accomplished when our client’s
mission is accomplished.

Professional: Our attitude and personable service is
acclaimed, with quality control leading the way.
Building Secure Business

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