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					Ouachita Parish

Dear Friend,

Family Promise of Ouachita is proud to present their Cardboard Box City 3 fundraising event on Saturday, November 10th to
Sunday, November 11, 2012. Event participants spend the night in cardboard boxes at Lakeshore Baptist Church in Monroe to raise
money and awareness for Family Promise, a support agency in Ouachita Parish. The Family Promise of Ouachita program allows
homeless families to stay together while receiving services to assist them back into homes of their own.

The Ouachita Parish and Monroe City School Boards report that over 1350 homeless children are registered in the public school
systems. A recent report by the National Center on Family Homelessness estimates that Louisiana is home to 204,053 homeless
children. Homeless families with young children now account for 40 percent of the total number of homeless in the United States.

Family Promise is a community wide program that provides transitional shelter and comprehensive assistance for families in Ouachita
Parish and surrounding area in a manner that offers hope, preserves dignity and promotes self-sufficiency. The Family Promise of
Ouachita Interfaith Hospitality Network opened its doors in June of 2009. Since our first year, housing and assistance have been
provided to over 60 families. Out of these we have an 80% success rate with these families finding employment and permanent

Support generated by Cardboard Box City will help Family Promise of Ouachita continue to provide families with the
following essential services:

        A safe place to shelter their family until permanent housing is found
        Transportation assistance
        Individual case management services, Financial Budgeting, Family Counseling
        Telephone and voice mail services
        Utilities for the Family Promise Day Center, which provides the families with a home base including showers and laundry
        Computer and internet resources for job searches and education purposes
        Procurement of essential documents such as birth certificates and state issued IDs

The Family Promise program is community based and is free of charge to families of any composition, race, and religion, who are in
custody of minor children, are at risk or have become homeless.

This event offers an opportunity for you and/or your company to re recognized for supporting this important community program.
Will you please consider the sponsorship opportunities described with this letter? Your support is essential for the operation of this
important community program. We look forward to seeing you at Cardboard Box City!!

                                            Building Communities, Strengthening Lives,

                   Sandra Jones                                              Tim Hammett
                   Director, Family Promise of Ouachita                      Board President, Board of Directors

                                  Family Promise of Ouachita is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization

            Case Management Day Site and Family Center: 100 South 2 Street, West Monroe, LA 71291
                              Program Director: Sandra Jones at (318) 654-4101
       308 Lakeshore Drive
        Monroe, LA 71203

 Cardboard Box City
 City of “Promise”
November 10-11, 2012
Cardboard Box City:                 2012 FAQ

Pledge Drive: Now through November 10, 2012                            Event: 4:00 pm, Saturday, November 10 to 8:00 am Sunday, November 11

Who can participate?

Middle school/high school youth groups, school/community clubs and organizations, civic organizations, families, anyone interested! Children under
the age of 12 must be accompanied by one of their parents.

How do I sign up?

You can either: 1) Mail your donation and complete registration form to Family Promise, P.O. Box 8277, Monroe, LA 71211 or 2) Give your
donation and completed form to your churches Family Promise Coordinator by the date listed above. Registrations will be accepted after October 1
but there is no guarantee of a participation t-shirt after this date.

Where can my group or I get boxes?

We will have a few boxes but a contact sheet will be provided with potential box providers. If you need further assistance, please contact Robert
Williamson at 318-342-1316 or

What can I bring to the event?

Remain mindful of the decisions a homeless person or family has to make, and please limit yourself to the following items: sleeping bag or pad, tarp,
pillow, weather appropriate clothing. You may bring medications and essential toiletries, but please refrain from bringing outside food,
entertainment items or other non-essential items.

The following items are not allowed: alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, beverages in glass bottles, weapons of any kind, personal electronic
devices such as MP3 players, video games, or cell phones. Chaperones and organizers may cell phones.

Is it safe to send my children?

The area being utilized for the Cardboard City will be monitored during the evening by the Family Promise Board of Directors and adult volunteers
from the various churches participating in the event. We will require that your group have a minimum of one adult chaperone (age 21 or older) for
every five participants under the age of 18. Minor participants who drive to the event will turn over their car keys to the event coordinator
until the following morning.

If I am chaperoning a youth group, do I still need to pay for my admission?

We appreciate every donation that we receive. However, if the $ 25.00 minimum donation is an insurmountable barrier preventing an adult from
chaperoning a group of five (5) young people who have raised the needed donations, we can waive the adult’s admission fee on a case by case basis.

Is this a youth event only?

Absolutely not!! We invite people of all ages to participate in Cardboard Box City. We also encourage families to participate as well.

What if it rains?

Just as the homeless do, we will cope with the weather we are given. Unless there is a safety risk to participants, the event will continue, rain or
shine. Well, let us rephrase that, rain or dark!

Do I have to sleep at the location?

While sleeping in a cardboard box city can provide a valuable lesson in empathy, we understand that for health or personal reasons, you may not be
able to. You may still participate as a “Virtual Resident” (raise funds but stay at home). Virtual Residents are warmly welcome for the meal,
evening entertainment, and breakfast the following morning.

How are we going to spend our time while we are there?

The evening entertainment will include a light meals (supper, snacks, & breakfast), music and speakers on homelessness. There will also be periods
of unstructured time for groups to lead their own activities if desired.

How can I raise my $ 25.00?

You have a couple of options: 1) donation of the money from friends, family or church members or 2) organize a fund raising event. If you plan to
attend with a group, you may pool your energy and creativity and put on an event such as a car wash, bake sale, yard work for someone and use the
money raised toward your $ 25.00 or anything your imagination can come up with.
I am moving to

Cardboard Box City 2012
Name: ________________________________                       T-Shirt (adult) size: ________ Guaranteed if registered by October 12

Phone: ________________________________

I will spend the night in a cardboard box at First Presbyterian Church of Monroe to raise money for the support of local homeless
families in Ouachita Parish. I agree to raise and donate a minimum of $25.00 for this event. This money will be turned in with my
registration form.

Cardboard Box City is a fundraiser for Family Promise of Ouachita, a local agency that helps homeless families with children
regain self-sufficiency while remaining intact.

You can sponsor me for any amount that you are willing to contribute. Please make checks payable to Family Promise of Ouachita. If
you provide your address, Family Promise of Ouachita will provide you with written documentation acknowledging your tax-
deductible contribution. Family Promise of Ouachita is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.
Thank you for your support!

 #           Name of Sponsor                                        Address                                    Amount
                                                        Total (minimum $25.00)
Prizes will be provided in the following categories:
     Best Decorated Box (individual)
     Best Group Decorated Boxes
     Individual raising the most money in donations
     Group raising the most money in donations
                                     Cardboard Box City 2012
                                           Family Promise of Ouachita

                   Registration form / Participant Media Permission / Liability Waiver Form**
                                   Cardboard Box City, November 10-11, 2012

Participant Information (entry forms received by October 1 will be guaranteed a Cardboard City t-shirt)

Name: ____________________________________________ Age (at time of event): ________

Gender:    ______ Female               ______ Male     T-Shirt (adult) size: _____ Guaranteed if registered by October 1

Single Participant or Group Participant (circle one)

If part of a group, name the group and group sponsor here: __________________________________________

If registering a group, you may send the group’s money and registration forms in at one time but ALL participants
must have their own registration form.

Parents Name: __________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

City: ___________________________________________________

State: __________________________________________________                        Zip: ___________

Phone: ________________________ or _____________________________ (please list all)

_____ Yes _____ No I hereby give Family Promise of Ouachita and participating agencies permission to use film,
video tape and / or photographs of the above mentioned minor for lawful promotional or informational purposes.

LIABILITY WAIVER: I understand that there are certain risks associated with the above mentioned minor (“the
minor”) participating in the Cardboard Box City hosted by Family Promise of Ouachita at
______________________, and hereby for myself and the minor, and any of our heirs, executors, and
administrators, and in consideration for the minor being permitted to participate in the event, waive and release
any and all rights and claims for damages that may accrue to the minor and for any and all injuries that may be
suffered in connection with the minor’s participation in the event. I also understand that my minor child will be
under the supervision of a chaperone from our church or organization or one of their parents if the child is under
the age of 12 years of age.

Participant/Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________________________

Please Print Name: ______________________________________________________

Date: ________________________

Return this form with your check or money order to: Family Promise of Ouachita
                                                       P.O. Box 8277
                                                       Monroe, LA 71211

          **This form must be turned in when your registration money is turned in.**

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