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									              How Do I know if My Chipped Windshield Can Be Repaired?

                                                          If you have driven for more than a few
                                                         years, you have doubtless been there.
                                                         You are driving along, minding your own
                                                         business, when out of the blue, something
                                                         hits your windshield, causing a ding that
over time turns into a small crack. Without treatment, that crack can spread. So, what's the big
deal? Why replace a perfectly good windshield for such a minor crack?

In some cases, you might not have to. Windshield repair may be a viable option for you if you
catch it early enough. It will depend on large the chip is, its position in the windshield and whether
it is cracking toward the outside, or the inside of the glass.

In cases where the chip does begin to crack beyond repair, it is easy, especially in oklahoma city,
where a hail storm is nearly guaranteed once a year, to wait until tragedy strikes to have your
windshield replaced, but according to experts, this is a bad idea.

First, cracks never get smaller. Over time, the crack will not only get longer, but the edges of the
glass can become uneven with each other, leading to potential failure of the windshield, which can
be very dangerous if it happens at high speed, pushing glass into the car. The longer your repair is
put off, the more likely this scenario may play out due to delamination.

windshields are made up of two main layers. The glass, on the outside, and a laminating film on
the inside that holds the glass together in cases where the glass is shattered. Damaged
windshields, left over time, can begin to delaminate around the damaged area, causing the inside
laminating layer to separate from the glass and weakening the structure.

In cases of collision where the driver is thrown from their seat, statistics prove that a driver who
remains inside the vehicle has a much higher likelihood of surviving the crash. Not only that, but
delamination can weaken the windshield, making it more likely for the driver to be ejected during
the course of an accident.

If you have a cracked, or chipped windshield in the Oklahoma City area, visit
for more information. Schedule an appointment with one of their professional staff to assess your
windshield for repair, or replacement. Sooner is better than later.


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