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The Fishing Party by pltTYh


									The Fishing Party
A.B.N: 76 086 236 465
HEAD OFFICE (Federal, NSW State)
11Watts Close
Ph/fax 0265 560338 0432252789
September 24, 2007

NEWS ITEM for immediate distribution

The Fishing Party gets re-registered in time for supporters to cast an important
vote in the Federal Election.

After a lengthy re-registration process the party is now officially registered and legally entitled to
endorse candidates in each State and Territory for Senate and House of Assembly positions.

In doing so The Fishing Party has today appointed Mr. Shane Boese (Qld spokesman) and Mr. Mitch
Birge as the party’s Queensland state organisers Shane can be contacted on 0409343515

The Fishing Party is an established and recognised minor political party which contested the Senate in
Qld and NSW with group tickets at the 2004 Federal Election along with four Lower House seats in

Robert Smith, the chairman and proposed NSW Senate candidate said “his phones are running hot with
other party enquiries” so the party now calls for interested members or persons who may not yet be
party affiliates of TFP to be endorsed for the party to get its name on the ballot paper in as many
states/territories and electorates as possible. Two Senate candidates in each state are required for a
group ticket under The Fishing Party name. The nomination cost is $1,000 per candidate in the Senate
and $500 for a seat in the Assembly. “It is surprising what a small group of supporters can achieve in
helping any candidate who wants to make a stand about their sport/recreation and it also makes the
major parties wary when votes are likely to be swayed. Marginal seats such as Bonner 0.51%, Moreton
2.83% and Blair 5.69% are likely targets for the Assembly, “Mr. Smith stated.

A reported 25% of the population goes fishing annually contributing over $3 billion to the national
economy so it’s about time that “Fishing” had some political representation along with having a chance
to put a balance to the green anti-fishing agenda being played out in Australian politics. The party has
already proved how important “Fishing” votes are when the state seat of Port Stephens was taken from
the ALP and how the greens were denied Senate positions in both Qld and NSW in the last Fed

Not only would a fishing representative elected be debating and canvassing fishing and recreational
matters but there needs to be party involvement on getting a fair outcome on vital
necessities/infrastructure for the everyday Australian. A healthy environment makes for a healthy
marine resource and a better way of life for all.
Robert and Shane are keen to receive calls from interested persons on a confidential basis to discuss the
process and requirements needed to get on the ballot paper. Robert can be contacted on 0265560338,
0432252789 or by email: or through the party website

Robert Smith

The Fishing Party

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