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              AMPLIFY                                       From Generation to Generation
First Baptist Church, Louisa, KY
AUGUST 2012                  301 West Pike Street             Louisa, KY 41230                    Issue 8, Vol. 18
  Research has shown that one of the necessities for        seminary training. But let us never miss the fact that
a believer to become a mature follower of Jesus is          this Word, this love letter is to common people, people
reading the Bible daily. Satan loves to distract us with    like us.
“good” work, his intention is that we miss the “great”         I am convicted about making the Bible a book about
work that is accomplished by “hiding God’s Word in          discipline and authority. What I need to be doing, is
our hearts”. What I have found is this, the more I          simply, reflecting the Bible is an autobiography from
read God’s Book the more I pray, the more I witness         God Himself. We worship and long to know Him.
and the easier it is to respond to a world that                Here, in the foothills, we are discipled by people,
constantly tries to press me into it’s mold. Why is         not studies and disciples do what they have seen
that? This is not a small thing, what God has done for      done, not what they have been told to do. I am
and is willing to do for those who are His children, and    committing, rededicating my heart and life to put top
what the future holds for all of us is in this Book?        priority on reading this love letter, God left for
  Why not get into the Word? Because of Deliberate          me…how about you? Bro. Ric
Distractions.       In our culture there are many
distractions. Let’s face it, there are screens to look      First Baptist Church Directory
at… TV’s, computers, iPads, Kindles, and those tiny              Church Office 638-4861 Church Fax 638-9398
cell phone screens that allow us to text till our fingers     Trinity Christian Academy                638-0135
bleed. According to the A.C. Nielsen Co., the average         Ric Frazier, Pastor (H)638-1290 (Cell)483-9151
                                                              E-mail towerhill@bellsouth.net
American is in front of a screen 28 hours per week.
                                                              Tim Ellis, Interim Youth           (Cell)483-9152
But most will say, “I just didn’t have time to read my        Michelle Canterbury, Music          606-205-0903
Bible.” Each of us gets to decide what we will do with        E-mail mhcanterbury@yahoo.com
the hours beyond work and sleep. Instead of calling           Carolyn Thompson, Office Manager 483-1113
this “Deliberate Distractions” maybe I should have            CORNERSTONE COUNSELING                   638-3322
termed it, “Predictable Prioritizing.” The truth is,          Ray McKenzie, Deacon Chair               638-3349
whatever we love most we will make a priority                 Debbie Ward, General Treasurer           483-0879
  Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not suggesting           Kay Runyon, Clerk                        638-4123
that watching television or enjoying things other than        Susan Little, WorshipKidstyle            638-4066
studying the Bible is wrong. What I am suggesting is          3-2-1 Men, Leader Mike Ellis             483-3523
                                                              Hands&Feet Ministry, Heather Mills 626-0319
that choosing any distraction, day after day, causes us
                                                              Martin Hay, Trustee Chair                205-0324
to miss the heart of God. And anyone would say,               Bud Boyd, Maintenance                    483-1485
“that’s a poor choice”. Check your spiritual pulse by         Paul Leibee, Missions Director           673-1128
opening God’s Word.                                           Teresa Baldridge, Hospitality            638-3913
  I am married to one of the most amazing people on           Clyde Johns, SS Director                 638-9856
the planet. When we were dating I would do anything           Elsie Mills, Nursery Director            826-1041
to be around her and to know more about her. If she           Judy Evans, Women on Mission             638-9356
had written a book telling me what she thought, what          Chris Wells, Radio/Tech/CD’s             638-4012
kind of person she was, and that revealed to me liked         Unity Chapel, Blaine Mission             652-5551
and disliked, I would’ve read it and reread it. But, she      Ed Austin, Unity Pastor                  638-0647
                                                              Wayne Jones, God’s FoodBank              638-9571
hasn’t written a book, but what I have discovered is
                                                              Church Web Address              www.louisabaptist.com
this, her beauty is revealed as I spend time with her.        Church Audio On-line www.louisabaptistmedia.com
The same and more, to know God, know how He                   Church Web Master, Jeff Shannon          673-1102
loves us, and how He treats those He loves is found in        David Maynard                 roplanterman@yahoo.com
what He has written to us.                                    Rody Maynard                      rodyjayne@yahoo.com
  The wonderful thing about the Bible is, when you
are a seeker of truth, God will reveal what we need
                                                             CHURCH-WIDE FAMILY PICNIC
                                                                  August 19th at Lawrence County Park
through the Holy Spirit. Average people, can and do
                                                                 Dinner @ 5p, and Music & fellowship to follow!!!
“get it”, I appreciate an education, college and
   The Women’s Ministry team will be offering a new Beth
Moore Tele-conference on Saturday, September 15th, right
here at First Baptist Church, please, save the date and
invite your friends. There will be opportunities to pre-
register, in the days to come. You'll be amazed by Beth’s
experiences as a believer and you'll be inspired to magnify                   3-2-1 Men On Mission
and strengthen your own relationship with God. Bring your         Many thanks to the Appalachian Service Project team for
friends and we’ll see you at Living Proof Live – a fun-filled   their dedication and service to the people of Lawrence,
worship experience to enrich your mind, soul, and spirit.       Martin, and Wayne counties. Nearly 500 volunteers from
                                                                Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, North &
     YOUTH MOVING FORWARD                                       South Carolina, and Wisconsin came "to glorify God". I have
John 16:33 "I have told you these things, so that in me         been honored to serve with these wonderful Servants. We
you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble.        have been richly blessed and hope to continue our
But take heart! I have overcome the world."                     association with ASP in the coming years.
   This summer has been super, Amazing Wonders in VBS,            Even though much has been accomplished there is still
Syracuse Mission Trip, Youth Camp-out and much, much            much to do. Watch for opportunities throughout the
more and the fun and growth must continue. How will this        remainder of summer and into fall for service to the needy
be accomplished? But making sure our kids get everything        in our midst, to the "least of these". We have not been
they need as they head back to school.                          asked to serve...we have been commanded to serve, even
   Sometimes going back to school can be difficult,             as He came "to serve".
overwhelming, or just plain scary and that’s just for the         Mark your calendar for the next Kentucky Baptist Disaster
teachers, hey, you know I’m joking, it’s all about the kids.    Relief training... Saturday, September 21, at the Greenup
They may be having problems socially, or be worried             Baptist Association facility in Cannonsburg, Kentucky.
academically. Either way, a little encouragement can go a         Preparation is the key to successful response. Phase I
long way. The following are a few fun ideas for encouraging     training is $40 and Phase II certification is $20. Let's take a
and supporting your student.                                    bus load and "be prepared".
   It can be tough to make it through a school day, and           Willing to serve and Glorify Him in all we do,
sometimes by lunch kids are ready to throw in the towel,
which is why this is such a great encouragement option for      Mike Ellis       & FBC Servant Ministries
kids. So do something they do not get often, or would not
be expecting. A few words like, "I hope your day at school
is wonderful." Or "I was thinking about you and I love you."
Can really help turn a day around for our youth.                              TREASURER’S NOTE
   Here at FBC, we are committed to encouragement. If                        Current Loan Balance: $1,989,140.03
your child needs some returning to school encouragement,                 Weekly Tithes & Offerings Needed: $11,373
start by considering what we offer for kids. Children in           Wow, where has the summer gone? It just seems like
Action, Creative Ministries, Missions Opportunities, Servant    yesterday we were all making summer-time plans. It will be
Opportunities, Christ-centered fellowship and much, much        nice to get back into a routine though. I can’t tell you how
more. In Christ’s care, The FBC Youth Team & Tim Ellis          great it is know our debt is now below $2 million dollars. I
  WMU: FANNIE HECK LADIES DAY CIRCLE                            can breathe a little easier now. The balance you see above
2 The Fannie Heck Circle began the July meeting with a          is before our July 5th Sunday offering so it will be even
reading of Samuel 20:1-17, which teaches us a lesson in         lower next month. I’m so thankful the church voted to put
the value of friendship with the story of David and             all of our 5th Sunday offerings toward our debt retirement, it
Jonathon. Jonathon risked his father’s wrath to save David      helps so much! We have paid over $71,000 in additional
and this friendship and devotion carried when later David       principal on our loan in 22 months. That is a great
for Jonathon’s disabled son, Mephibosheth, after Jonathon       accomplishment & you are to be commended! Just a
died. Rejoice that in all things, we have a wise friend who     friendly reminder that the past three months we have had
“sticks closer than a brother.”                                 to take money out of the General Fund to make up the
  Our prayer focus this month is for Nevada where Eddie         balance of our loan payment that was not designated for
Miller and his wife Kathy serve as church planter. They ask     Debt Retirement. If you don’t regularly give to our debt
pray for financial help for their work in the Sierra Baptist    retirement please consider making it a part of your regular
Convention, as it is very expensive to live in this area.       giving. “When your outgo exceeds your income, your
  The group was led in a discussion about the mission work      upkeep will lead to your downfall.” Brian Kluth
of Chris Clayman in Harlem , New York City. His focus is on     (1955–) Pastor, & Generosity Speaker - Author
the West African Community. There is a large population of
people from West Africa of the Muslim faith. He asks for
                                                                                                  Debbie Ward, Treasurer
prayer to choose paths within God’s plan, to balance his          DO YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO…
work for the Lord with his duties as a husband and father         Has a clear call to Youth Ministry and may be willing to
and opportunities to befriend people in the Harlem/West         The Minister to Students as a co-laborer with our pastor
African community.                                              and staff and other ministry leaders, serving in areas as
time and talents allow. Please contact Lonnie Laney at 638-                    0721. The deadline for resume submissions is August 15.

            AUGUST 2012 First Baptist Church Servant Leaders
   AUG                       NURSERY                                A/V TECHS                  GREETERS             DEACON’S ON CALL
               Allison Arbaugh, Christy Compton, Nikki Kirk         Mike & Dana Ellis         Mike & Mary Adams        Cecil, Joey 638-9375
    5th                Stacy Pollock, Nancy Whitaker                                                Family           Chaffin, Denver 638-0139
                      Lindsey Branham, Lisa Ratcliffe               Danny Delong &           Rick & Dottie Delong     Compton, Joe 638-9566
    12th      Natalie Wellman, Tessa Ellis, Sabrina Parsons          Andrea Cooke                   Family           Cooke, Gordon 673-4751
              Debbie Delong, Cheryl Roe, Debbie Hanshaw,            Mike & Dana Ellis       Gordon & Andrea Cooke    Delong, Danny 673-3895
    19th                          Judy See                                                          Family            Delong, Rick 648-5872
                Marti Moore, Teresa Pannell, Alicia Caudill    Chris Wells & Danny Delong    Roger & Leanne Spry     DeSario, David 638-4731
    26TH                        Anita Laney                                                         Family          Edwards, Norman638-9107
                                                                FBC MINISTRIES
                                                                Trinity Christian Academy
                                                                     God’s Food Bank
                                                                       Regional Jail
                                                                 Cornerstone Counseling
                                                                  3*2*1 Men on Mission

                              FBC Library!
                                                                     Radio & WWWeb
                                                                      Disaster Relief
                                                                  Unity Chapel @ Blaine
                             Yes, our church has                                            Worship with us live, 11am Sundays on
                                                                       Hands & Feet
                             developed      a    library           Next Generation Ops                  WZAQ at 92.3FM
                             resource center. Do you
                                                                                                  We are also live & recorded at
                             have good used Books
                             that have blessed you that           F.Y.I.                         www.louisabaptistmedia.com
                                                                                             Delayed broadcast on WFGH 90.7FM each
    Living Proof             you’d be willing to give
                             us? Please bring them to
                                                                To update your area
                                                               of the church website               Sunday Afternoon @ 2:30pm
   Tele-conference           church and leave in the
                                                               contact David DeSario             note the link to sermons on-line
 Sept. 15, 2012 @FBC         entrance foyer, we will do                                          First Baptist Church Web Site is:
                             the rest.                         desario2@hotmail.com

     The Job Description for this vital position is on our web-site at www.louisabaptist.com

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