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									                       MINUTES OF RED LODGE PARISH COUNCIL
                          MEETING HELD ON 9 JULY 2012
                       AT MILLENNIUM CENTRE, RED LODGE

      Present:     Cllr A Sewell (Chairman)             Cllr A Drummond
                   Cllr R Dicker                        Cllr C Downs
                   Cllr C Bloomfield                    Cllr A Younger
                   Cllr R Frost                         Cllr L Holman
                   Cllr B Graveston

In attendance:     Clerk (J Howard)
                   11 members of the public
                   County Cllr L Chambers
                   PC John Gowing

    Apologies:     No apologies

12-7/275         Chairman’s Welcome
                 Public Apology by Cllr Sewell for her non-attendance at last month’s meeting.

                 Pursuant to section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to meetings) Act
                 1960 to consider the exclusion of the public and press for confidential items
                 had taken place before the public meeting

12-7/276     Declarations of Interest
12-7/276.1   Cllrs Dicker and Drummond declared an interest in planning as they are both
             members of FHDC Development and Control Committee. They took no part
             in the Planning Application item on the Agenda.

             Cllr Graveston declared an interest as a member of the Rugby Club.

12-7/277     Ratification of Co-option of five Members to the Parish Council
             Ratification of the voting which took place at the last meeting in confidential
             took place.

             Cllrs Bloomfield, Graveston, Frost, Holman and Younger were invited to join
             the table.

12-7/278     Guest Speakers
12-7/278.1   County Cllr Lisa Chambers
             Report is on the website and copies were available at the meeting.

             Roundabout near business park. County Council responsible for cutting
             grass so just waiting for that to happen as soon as possible.

             Broadband: going through procurement process at moment for faster

             Speed bumps on Turnpike: This is not in plan. Highways wouldn’t put speed
             bumps in until at least the road had had a chance to bed down and safety
             audits would need to be carried out. As it is such a major road with HGVs
             speed humps won’t work. Reviewed through safety audits and anything feed
             back through Police.
             Traffic Control Order – no current proposal. Because of café can’t been seen
             to restrict access. It is also a diversion for the A11.

12-7/278.2   District Cllr Roger Dicker
             No Update
12-7/278.3   District Cllr Andy Drummond
             No update
12-7/278.4   PC John Gowing
             There have been 12 reported crimes in Red Lodge since the last meeting on
             12 June 2012:
             1 theft in dwelling family member
             1 theft of fuel
             2 damages to cars
             2 fence panels damages (one was neighbourly dispute)
             2 thefts from gardens
             2 domestic incidents
             1 assault in taxi cab
             1 case of harassment

             PC Gowing carried out a speed check on Warren Road and Turnpike but
             didn’t catch anyone speeding.

12-7/279     Public Questions
             Traffic lights on Turnpike Road opposite surgery on Newmarket side are not
             Response: The Clerk has reported this.

             Bennett Road: Report that lights have been on for the last nine days?
             Response: The Clerk has reported this fault.

             Red Lodge Pub now painted yellow and should be still painted red?
             Response: The Council will make enquiries.

             Green Lane – features on several walks and concerns about rubbish:
             Response: The Council will look into this and Cllr Graveston agreed to go
             and look and take photos.

             Solar panels: What income has been generated?
             Response: The Council will check their records and respond. The Clerk has
             provided a meter reading and awaits confirmation from SSE as to what
             income has been generated.

12-7/280     To sign the Minutes of the 12 June 2012:
12-7/280.1   Minutes of 12 June 2012:
             Proposed: Cllr Drummond       Seconded: Cllr Downs
             Agreed. Signed by Cllr Dicker

12-7/281     Matters Arising from Minutes of 12 June 2012 – Members’ update since
             previous meeting: matters of report only (10 mins)
12-7/281.1   Cllr Sewell attended MC AGM. Chosen new committee. Projected £3,000
             profit over the year.

12-7/282     Matters Arising from Minutes of 12 June 2012 – Clerk’s Update: main
             points only
12-7/282.1   The Clerk confirmed that she had chased Crest again re the doors at the
             Pavilion as per the Fire Safety report.

             The Clerk is awaiting delivery of the signs for the Play Areas in Russet Drive
             and the Pavilion.

             The Clerk has submitted the application to FHDC for the s.106 reclaim for the

12-7/283     Business items requiring a decision or consideration by the Council:
              Sports Pavilion, Hundred Acre Way, Red Lodge IP28 8XR
                                      01638 551257
12-7/283.1   Sports Pavilion – To approve that one key to the Sports Container is given to
             the Rugby Club and one key to the Football Club (this may need to be
             reviewed in the future when we equipment):
             Proposed: Cllr Younger              Seconded: Cllr Bloomfield
             Vote: All agreed

12-7/283.2   Sports Pavilion:
             General Update –
             The Sports Day had gone very well. Although it has been noted that there
             was no first Aid, including no designated first aid points, public event should
             have St John’s or Red Cross in attendance.

             Profit of £1200 to bank at Pavilion
             Taking of expenses for food, beer, essentials, loads of stock left, balloons
             and prizes
             Each sports club was paid £50 each

12-7/268.3   Skate Park:
             The Chairman confirmed that Clive MacLeod had indicated that he would not
             be involved in taking this forward with a feasibility study.

             Sightings of Digger wasp in area which is a protected species. There have
             also been concerns that the proposed site is not minimum distance from

             No information from Skate Park Working Group.

             Last month we only asked Skate Park Working Group to bring info to us.

12-7/268.4   Grounds Maintenance:
             The new parish keeper commenced employment on Monday 25 June 2012.
             Unfortunately, she has resigned from the position. The previous Parish
             Keeper will be returning to the role and his anticipated date to return is
             Monday 16 July 2012.

             Proposal – To purchase the necessary grass cutting equipment once further
             investigation as to requirements has been completed:
             Proposed: Cllr Younger         Seconded: Cllr Drummond
             Majority agreed
             Cllr Dicker abstained.

             It was also agreed in principle to speak to SP Landscapes in relation to hiring
             equipment in the interim and to help us determine was equipment is required:
             All agreed.

12-7/283.5   Request from Millennium Centre for a Community Noticeboard and a new bin
             for play area:

             A resident raised that the Millennium Centre already had some noticeboards
             belonging to the Parish Council.
             The Council responded that these noticeboards, which were wooden and did
             not have legs and were donated to Tuddenham School.

             Subsequent to the meeting, to confirm the position:
             An email dated 21 April 2010, from the then Clerk Jonathan Moules to Lisa
             Chambers, which was cc to all Councillors at that time :
             “Members have agreed to place an order for wooden noticeboards and
             therefore will not require the boards that have been stored in the Parish
             Office. I understand that you will be able to use them.

             Members wish to thank you for your help and apologise for not finding the
             boards exactly to our requirements”
               Sports Pavilion, Hundred Acre Way, Red Lodge IP28 8XR
                                       01638 551257

              It was agreed that we will replace rubbish bin and buy an extra dog bin:
              Proposed: Cllr Drummond                Seconded: Cllr Bloomfield
              All agreed.

12-7/283.76   Request re ownership of land to the rear of the MC fence at the play
              The Council were asked as to who owned the area between the fence at the
              rear of the MC play area and the fences at the rear of the houses from 22 to
              28 Magnolia Drive. The Parish Council contacted the Land Registry and for a
              fee of £4.00 have purchased the title plan which shows that the house (the
              plan was for number 22) boundaries reach to the fence backing on to the MC
              play area. The Council have not inspected the Title Deeds, but assume from
              the marking on the plans that there will be a shared responsibility between
              the owners of those houses for the maintenance of the strip of land between
              their garden fences and the MC fence.

12-7/283.7    Turnpike Magazine
              A report was provided to the Council by the Turnpike Magazine.
              The Council were in favour of helping the Turnpike Magazine keep running.
              Proposal to grant the sum of £500.00 to The Turnpike Magazine:
              Proposal: Cllr Sewell            Seconded: Cllr Drummond

12-7/284      Planning Applications

              Cllrs Dicker and Drummond declared an interest in planning as they are
              both members of FHDC Development and Control Committee. They
              took no part in the Planning Application item on the Agenda.

12-7/284.1    F/2012/0302/HOU – Erection single storey side and rear extensions – 21
              Blackberry Way:
              No objections.

12-7/284.2    F/2012/0347/HOU – Extension: 38A Heatherset Way
              No objections.

12-7/284.3    F/2012/0354/FUL – 5 Houses: Land off Turnpike
              No objections

12-7/284.4    Notification of Approved Planning Permissions

12-7/284.5    To give initial consideration to any planning applications received
              Between 13 June 2012 and 9 July 2012.
              None received.

12-7/285      Correspondence
12-7/285.1    Suffolk Risk Management
12-7/285.2    Parkers Wholesale Catalogue
12-7/285.3    Suffolk Acre Annual Report
12-7/285.4    Email from Resident re cycle path dated 23 June 2012
12-7/285.5    Email from Millennium Centre re noticeboard and rubbish bin
12-7/285.6    Enquiry re boundary with Millennium Centre
12-7/285.7    Letter re NHS Pharmacy dated 2 July 2012
12-7/285.8    Letter from Cambs County Council re Kennett

12-7/286      Finance & Resource Management
12-7/286.1    The Clerk confirmed opening balances at Bank:

               Current (General)        9July 2012                          £7,165.53
               Current (Pavilion)       9 July 2012                        £78,360.73
                Sports Pavilion, Hundred Acre Way, Red Lodge IP28 8XR
                                        01638 551257
              Instant Access          9 July 2012                     £110,925.63
              TOTAL                                                   £191,051.89

12-7/286.2   Commuted Sums as at 9 July 2012
              Pavilion & Playing Fields                                 78,360.73
              Orchid Drive                                              49,519.32
              TOTAL                                                   £127,880.05

12-7/286.3   (ii) To receive and approve items of expenditure and to sign cheques

             General Current Account:
              Payee                                   Amount     Cheque     Budget
              Parish Clerk                             524.50     000896    Salary
              Parish Clerk                               8.00     000897    Sundries
              Total:                                  £532.50

             Pavilion Current Account
              Payee                                  Amount      Cheque     Budget
              Pavilion Manager                       1,344.75     000001    Salary
              BT Payment Services                      100.00     000002    Phones
              Parish Clerk (TV Licence)                145.50     000003    TV Licence
              HMRC                                   1,787.85     000004    Tax & NI
              Booker                                   641.16     000006    Pav stock
              Parish Keeper                            184.12     000007    Salary
              Turnpike Magazine                        500.00     000008    General
              Total:                                £4,703.38

             Pavilion Income: June 2012
              7/6/12              147.12

              Total:               £147.12

12-7/287     Future Agenda Items
             Appointment of Vice Chairman, Council Committees and Sub-Committees
             Grounds Maintenance/grass cutting
             Skate Park
             Turnpike Magazine

12-7/288      Date of next meeting
              The next meeting of the Council will be held on Tuesday 11 September
              2012 at 7pm at the Millennium Centre.

              (Subsequent to the meeting it was agreed to hold an EGM on Tuesday
              14 August 2012)

              The Chairman thanked those members of the public who attended.
              There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10.15pm.

12-7/289      Confidential Business
              There was no Confidential Business.


             Chairman:                               Date: 14 August 2012

             THE COUNCIL
              Sports Pavilion, Hundred Acre Way, Red Lodge IP28 8XR
                                      01638 551257

Sports Pavilion, Hundred Acre Way, Red Lodge IP28 8XR
                        01638 551257

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