Kathy has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig s Disease and her health is steadily declining by z8OBCl


									                     Saint Mark Orthodox Church                                                                   Vision Statement: St. Mark Orthodox Church – a leading English language, Pan-Orthodox Christian center of
                                                                                                                  worship, fellowship, study, and outreach in the National Capital Region – is a place to grow in faith and love.
Orthodox Church in America                            Rector                        Parish Council                Mission Statement : We exist to love and worship God, proclaiming the good news of Christ through the
  Diocese of Washington                       V. Rev. Gregory Safchuk                 President:                  teachings of the Holy Orthodox Christian faith, serving those in our parish, our Orthodox community, and God’s
           7124 River Road                      Office: 301-229-6300                                              people everywhere through worship, fellowship, education, charity, and outreach.
                                                                                      Gene Jacobsen
        Bethesda, MD 20817                     Home: 301-320-0739                   Home 703-818-1582             Values: Forgiveness, Respect, Teamwork, Holy Tradition, Spiritual Growth, and Fellowship community.
     Church Office: 301-229-6300               gsafchuk@hotmail.com                  Cell 703-980-4437
     Church kitchen: 301-229-9720
                                                                                                                  The Altar Candles are donated today by Drs. Anna and Mary Nemesh in loving memory of parents,
                                               admin@stmarkoca.org              jacobsen_gene@hotmail.com
        www.saintmarkoca.org                                                                                      Charles and Annie Nemesh, and brother, Dr. Walter Nemesh. May Their Memory Be Eternal!
                                                                                                                  The Sanctuary Candle is donated today by Nancy Stanton in celebration of Daniella Mihailov’s
9th SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST                                                         AUGUST 5, 2012                 Birthday. May God Grant Her Many Years!
               EPISTLE                                   GOSPEL                             Tone 8                                                       Coffee Hour Schedule
             1 COR. 3:9-17                             Matt. 14::22-34                                                  Date                             Hosts/Hostesses                                Donuts/Bagels
  Forefeast of the Transfiguration. Martyr Eusignius of Antioch. Ven. Job of Ushchelsk. Hieromartyr                     August
    Antherus and Fabian, Popes of Rome. Martyr Pontious at Cimella in France. Martyrs Cantidius,                           5               Balamaci             Phelps                Cacic                    Weir
      Cantidian, and Sibelius of Egypt. Righteous Nonna, mother of St. Gregory the Theologian.                            12                Riscuta            McCamant               Albert                  Hydock

Sunday            August      5        9:00a    Liturgy of Preparation                                                Choir Directors, Readers, Preparers of Readings, Altar Servers and Handmaidens
                                       9:30a    Divine Liturgy                                                       Date             Director              Reader          Preparer                     Servers
                                      11:15a    Coffee Hour                                                          August
                                                                                                                                                                                           Altar Servers –. V. Lutes, F. LeFors,
Monday            August      6       10:00a    Divine Liturgy - Feast of The Transfiguration of The Lord               5            S & D Hardy          W. Tatusko         P. Antich     T. Dillon, P. Dillon
Tuesday            August       7        10:30a     Blessed Mother Olga of Alaska Women’s Prayer Group                 12             C. Barber           K. Lungociu        D. Phelps     Handmaidens –. A. Cacic, A. Cacic,
                                                                                                                                                                                           A Hardy, C. McHugh
Saturday           August       11        5:00p     Private Confessions
                                          5:30p     Great Vespers
                                                                                                                  PRAYER REQUEST – Please pray for our parishioners John Badila, Marian Barber, Tillie
                                          6:15p     FOCA Meeting                                                  Lapato, Karen Nichols, Gabriela Riscuta, Alexandra Sedor, Cathy Tatusko, and Peter
Sunday             August       12        9:00a     Liturgy of Preparation                                        Truitt.
                                          9:30a     Divine Liturgy                                                Please keep Karina Fortuny’s family friend, Ilinka, who passed into eternal life on
                                                                                                                  Thursday, and her family in your prayers. May Her Memory Be Eternal!
                                         11:15a     Coffee Hour
                                                                                                                  Please keep Michael Lungociu’s sister, Rodica Cipu, in your prayers as she undergoes
Wednesday          August       15       10:00a     Divine Liturgy - Feast of The Dormition of the Theotokos      medical tests.
We love our babies and children. They are the future of Orthodoxy, and we want them in Church as much as          Please pray for Tina Burpee’s relative, the infant Ethan Joseph O'Brien, who is recovering
possible. If they need a break, you are welcome to take them to the Church Library or the classrooms, which are   from heart surgery. .
outside the nave and have sound speakers to allow you to hear the service. You may also take them downstairs      Please pray for Linda Weir as she recovers from eye surgery.
to the fellowship hall where there are toys and books for them.                                                   Please pray for Kyla Prentice’s friend, Shelby, who is being treated for cancer.
                                                                                                                  Please pray for Paula Zabela’s cousin, Kathy, and her family. Kathy has been diagnosed
A Note Regarding Communion - Since we understand Communion to mean that we have all things in common,             with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and her health is steadily declining.
sharing an identical Faith, only those who are members of the Orthodox Church and who have prepared
themselves through prayer, fasting and recent confession may participate in Holy Communion. Following             Please pray for Karen Nichols’ brother, Geoffrey Bonosevich, who is in the hospital with
reception of Holy Communion, we should stay in the church until the conclusion of the Liturgy. Our fellowship     an infection and is awaiting a heart transplant.
begins after we venerate the Cross and receive the Blessed Bread (of which all may partake). If you have          Remember Marine Corps Lance Corporal Cody James Elliott in your prayers. .
questions concerning the above, please feel free to speak with Fr. Gregory.                                       Please remember Julie Flick’s stepdaughter, Jeanie Folton, in your prayers.
                                                                                                            Happy August Birthdays!
CONGRATULATIONS – May God Grant Many Years to the newly Baptized and Chrismated
Tristan Paul Umbel and Samantha Anna Umbel, who were received into the Orthodox
Church on July 14, 2012 and Nikolay Korokhov, who was received into the faith on
Saturday, July 28, 2012.
BANNS OF MARRIAGE – Christopher German and Claire Powell will be married at St.
Mark on Saturday, August 18, 2012.
BANNS OF MARRIAGE – Jerry Rij and Dorothy Harrington will be married at St. Mark on
Saturday, August 25, 2012.
PARISH SEATING COMMITTEE – Pledged members of St. Mark Parish will receive a
survey, regarding the pews and seating arrangements for the Church nave, in the mail very
soon. A box has been placed in the hallway outside of the Church for the completed
surveys. Don’t forget to return your completed form to the committee. The next meeting of
the Seating Committee will be August 19th.
ST TIKHON MONASTERY ITEMS FOR SALE – Carol Mary Ashley will be visiting St. Mark on the
weekend of August 19 , and she is bringing the following items that are made by the monks at St.
Tikhon’s Monastery: lavender and goat milk soap, bracelets made from beads, and honey. She also
has coffee, which was made by a priest in Washington State. If anyone wants to purchase these items
for the benefit of the monastery, please let her know and she will bring them for you. The items will be
available at coffee hour on Sunday, August 19 . Carol Mary’s email is cjashley2@gmail.com.
HELP SAVE A LIFE and receive a donation for St. Mark in the process!
Protect your health by finding out your risk of having a stroke by participating in the Life Line
Screening that will be at St. Mark Orthodox Church on Tuesday, August 21, 2012.
Register today for the Stroke, Vascular & Heart Rhythm package by calling the special Helping Hands
registration number, which is 1-800-324-9458. By signing up for this health event, not only will
you be able to receive $10 off any package of $139 or more, but St. Mark Orthodox Church will
also receive a $10 donation for every member who signs up and attends this Life Line
Screening event. The Stroke, Vascular & Heart Rhythm Package includes four screenings: carotid
artery, abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease and atrial fibrillation. To schedule your
appointment and to receive this special offer, please sign up on the sheet provided by St. Mark
Orthodox Church. If you are interested, please speak with Karen Phinney.
SHADY GROVE PREGNANCY CENTER – The banquet fundraiser for the Center will be held on
Sunday, October 14, 2012 at 12:30 pm. Please let Fr. Gregory know if you are interested in attending.
St. Mark hosts a table every year for this worthy cause, and Father is on the board of directors for this
organization. He needs to submit his guest list by August 10, 2012
                                        WHAT IS A SAINT?
                                   A saint is a forgiven sinner.
                 A saint is one who makes it easier for others to believe in God.
  A saint is a letter God writes with the Holy Spirit not on paper but on the hearts of people.
“You yourselves are our letter of recommendation, written on your hearts, to be known and
read by all men, and you show that you are a letter from Christ delivered by us, written not
with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human
hearts.” 2 Cor. 3:2-3 (from Daily Vitamins for Spiritual Growth by A. M. Coniaris, 1994)

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