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Lotus Notes Groups with Parent Emails by z8OBCl


									Lotus Notes Groups with Parent E-mail Addresses
  1. From Lotus Notes click on ‘Contacts’

  2. Click on ‘Groups’ and then click on ‘New” > ‘Group’

  3. Give the group a name (This is what you will type in the To: box) and description (optional)
4. Open one One Note from the S:\Staff\One_Note folder >Media&Technology Tab>2011-2012 E-mail Lists.
   Highlight and copy your section of parent e-mails.

5. Paste that list into a blank word document > then highlight over it and copy it again: ( You cannot copy and paste
   straight from Excel – only text can be inserted into Lotus Notes group members so you have to put it in Word
   first and then copy the text.

6. Now you can paste the list into your Lotus Notes Group Members’ box: Delete any blank lines that might show

                                                                  7. Save and Close – Do
                                                                  NOT miss this important

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