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Reports to:      Senior Manager/Engineering Manager               Department:     Design
Division:        Tachi-S Engineering                              Salary Grade:   N/A

Job Summary:
This person will implement design from conception to production utilizing solid modeling and other CAD
tools and will take engineering responsibility.

Essential Functions:
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1.      Create study layout using CAD based on Japanese OEM design layout. (Honda, Nissan)
2.      Create a more concrete plan drawing based on basic design.
3.      Create drawings on specification drawing, proposal drawing, parts drawing, assembly drawing,
        assembly step drawing, and color chart drawing. Decide structure against specification by
4.      Check contents of specification drawings and give instruction to subordinate.
5.      Give instruction and advice to subordinate and create higher level of design and drawing.
6.      Attend design review meetings, FMEA, production system check meeting and other valuation
        meeting with state opinion.
7.      Give instruction to subordinate and make appropriate decision on design review.
8.      Create developing report with supervisor’s instruction.
9.      Implement design based engineering under the direction of the group leader & Sr. project
10.     Finalize the design for mass production based on engineering analysis, testing, cost analysis and
        manufacturing ability.
11.     Generate the drawing for prototyping and mass production.
12.     Maintain design release information, including constantly updating drawings, making design
        notices, maintaining computer database under the direction of the project engineer.
13.     Self-improving along with design process.
14.     Designing and following new products from conception to production utilizing solid modeling and
        other CAD tools.
15.     Product development from seat mechanisms to complete seats.
16.     Assist in making quotation package designs as directed by supervisor.
17.     Ability to locate, negotiate, and track sub-contractors as required by the products developed and
        resources required, as well as schedule requirements.
18.     Ability to make presentation and communicate them to management.
19.     Required to analyze designs and/or products from both a specification standpoint as well as a
        cost position.
20.     Ability to calculate and understand mechanical stress/strain components.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
1.    Lotus Notes, Microsoft Excel, Word, Internet
2.    Advanced CAD knowledge 2D, 3D solids and Surfacing
3.    Detail-oriented, self starter, direct hands-on experience
4.    Ability to work well with little supervision

Minimum Requirements of Education, Training, Experience:
1.    Minimum B.S. Mechanical Engineering.
2.    Three to Five years CAD experience (IDEAS, Catia, Pro-E)
3.    Five years minimum seating experience or seat related components preferred, or
4.    Four years non-seat related mechanical experience

                                                                                           Revision 2 (4/06)

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