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              Application Form                                    *Post Applied for:

If you choose to send a hard copy of the form, please sign the
declaration at the end.       If you are completing this in
handwriting, please use black ink. (Please note that some of
the information given will be entered into WAGGGS personnel       *Please specify where you have seen the
database, but will not be disclosed outside WAGGGS without
your consent).      Please email your completed form to

Further information about WAGGGS work can be found on our
website on the Internet:

                                       *Personal Information
(Please complete in capital letters)
   Surname:                                                 First Names
                                                             in Full:


  Address for Correspondence:

  Telephone                               Facsimile:                             Mobile:

  Telephone                               E-Mail                                 E-Mail
  (work):                                 (work):                                (home):

  May we contact you at work? – we will do so discreetly                Yes         No

  General Information - Languages Spoken/Written:

  Present Nationality:                                           Nationality at birth:

      I already have the legal right to work in the country in which this post is based
      I will require a work permit
  If appointed, when would you be able to start?              Are there any dates or times when you would NOT be
                                                              available for interviews?

                               *Employment History
Current Notice Required:                          Current Salary:

   Dates of       Employer’s name, address    Job Title and Summary of Main         Reasons for
  Employment      and nature of business.                 Duties                      Leaving
                  (Please also indicate
                  location of post if based
                  outside UK).










                                                           Continue on an extra sheet if necessary
                             *Qualifications and Training
Please give details of your education, qualifications and training relevant to the application.
         Dates             Place of Education/Training        Qualification/Course         Grade/Result
From        To                                                    Completed

                                                                 Continue on an extra sheet if necessary
              *Achievements, Personal Qualities and Skills
Please complete this section carefully after reading any supplementary information regarding the post,
particularly the job description and list of job competencies to indicate how far you meet the
requirements for the post. List experience, achievements, knowledge, personal qualities and skills,
which you feel are relevant to your application. You may include paid and unpaid work, work within
the home and leisure interests. . The decision to invite you for interview will be based on the
information you provide on this form and how closely you meet the specified competencies.

                                                              Continue on an extra sheet if necessary
Give details of two people who have knowledge of you in a working environment, paid or unpaid. (One
referee must be your most current/recent manager). If you are a recent student, give appropriate
school or college referees.

  1                                                       2
      NAME:                                                   NAME:

      ADDRESS:                                                ADDRESS:

      POSTCODE:                                               POSTCODE:

      TELEPHONE:                                              TELEPHONE:

      Email:                                                  Email:

                                               Relationship to

      Can references be taken up now with:

      Your first referee: Yes        No                         Your second referee: Yes          No

*Please give details of any convictions. A conviction will not necessarily exclude you from employment with
WAGGGS but will be taken into consideration when assessing your suitability for this particular position.

WAGGGS is an organization for girls and young women based on specific principles. The applicant must be
prepared to accept all principles of WAGGGS and its values.
I agree that any offer of employment with WAGGGS is subject to satisfactory references and medical assessment
if required.
In accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act, it is agreed that WAGGGS may process my personal data for
the purposes of my application for employment with WAGGGS. WAGGGS may also continue to process my
personal data for a period of time if my application is unsuccessful. This information can be stored in both
manual or computer form, including the data in Section 2 of the Data Protection Act 1998.
I confirm that the information on this form and any attachments is correct and complete. I understand that any
information later discovered to be incorrect may result in the termination of any agreements made.

Signature: …………………………………………………                                           Date: ……………………….

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