Courses Production Facilities Co ordinator Application Form by z8OBCl


Application Form for post of Courses & Production Facilities Co-ordinator

Please complete all sections. Please do not attach CV’s, the application will not be
accepted if additional pages are added. Please return the application by email either
as a word document or pdf file or as a posted hard copy.

1        Personal details (BLOCK CAPITALS)

Full name



Tel day                          Tel evening

Mobile                           Email

2        Present or most recent employment

Employer’s name       Dates           Job Title            Reason for leaving
and address           from      to

Summary of Duties

Salary                                Notice required

3     Previous employment

Please start with the most recent job – include chronological details of no more than your
last 6 employers.

Employer’s name and        Dates         Job Title                  Reason for leaving
address                    from  to

4      Professional qualifications, other relevant experience


College/university                        Dates           Qualifications gained
                                                          (including subjects and grades)

Professional qualifications

Professional body                         Qualification                      Date obtained

Relevant training and non-work related experience

Please give details of any other qualifications, training or experience or activity, which
you consider to be relevant to your application.

5      Supporting statement

Please indicate what it is about this post that particularly appeals to you in professional
development terms and give a precise account of the skills, experience and achievements
that make you suitable for this job. Please refer in particular to the criteria in the person
specification of the job description. This section must not go over 2 pages - text must
be contained within the boxes on pages 5 & 6. The text must be no less than 10pt.

6        References

Please give the names and addresses of two referees (who are not related to you), one
of which must be your current or most recent employer.

1. Name                                          2. Name

Occupation                                       Occupation

Address                                          Address

Postcode                                         Postcode

Tel no                                           Tel no

E mail                                           E mail

If you are short-listed, may we contact these referees in advance of interview?

1.                                                2.

7        Availability and interview arrangements

Please confirm that you will be able to attend an interview in Cardiff and/or Penarth on
Tuesday 12 June 2012

Please sign and date this form

I declare that the information I have given in this application is, to the best of my
knowledge and belief, a true and accurate reflection of my qualifications, employment
history and working experience

Signature ___________________________ Date _______________________

Please return your completed Application Form by noon on Thursday 31st May
2012 either by email to or by post in an envelope marked
‘CPFC’ to Julia Way, Ffotogallery, c/o Chapter, Market Road, Cardiff CF5 1QE.
Please post the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form in a separate sealed
envelope. Do not include this questionnaire as part of the emailed application.


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