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									                                               Army Sports
                                             Lottery Results
                                            8 September 2012

Congratulations! You have won a prize in the Army Sports Lottery that was drawn on 8 September 2012.
Sgt Tony Davis RAPTC pressed the buttons on this occasion: Mrs Mary-Jane Little and Mrs Laura Bevins invigilated
throughout. You can now purchase up to 5 tickets, see your Admin Office or visit our website:
                  The next Super Draw takes place on 1 December 2012. (£50,000 Prize Draw)
                          You can now join electronically through the website….try it.

 1st Prize (£10,000)
 TG FILDES                                   DENTAL CENTRE, WOOLWICH                                               15-27-33-35

 2nd Prize (£5,000)
 AJ KENNINGTON                               102 BN REME (V), NEWTON AYCLIFFE                                      12-34-35-39

 3rd Prize (£4,000)
 KP WINTER                                   HQ ARRC, RAF INNSWORTH                                                08-09-16-25

 4th Prize (£2,000)
 G MCGACHY                                   22 SIG REGT, MOD STAFFORD                                             21-23-30-36

 5th Prize (£1,000)
 AP JONES                                    17 PORT & MARITIME REGT RLC, MARCHWOOD                                12-21-29-36

 15 Consolation Prizes (£200 each)

 DJ APPLEBY                                  2 LANCS, PRESTON                                                      08-17-32-38
 CM HARRIS                                   39 ENGR REGT, KINLOSS                                                 15-23-35-38
 AS LOVE                                     1 SG, CATTERICK                                                       01-10-16-37
 A DEVINE                                    11 TRG BN REME, ARBORFIELD                                            11-18-24-34
 SJ BURRELL                                  JHQ LISBON, BFPO 6                                                    11-16-18-31
 AR MARPLES                                  HQ RSA, SALISBURY                                                     06-16-21-34
 GD PARRY                                    38 SECT SIB (UK) RMP, BFPO 801                                        03-06-07-11
 NMD WHITEHOUSE                              OPTAG (K), SHORNCLIFFE                                                11-22-25-39
 CP DAWES                                    GIBRALTAR PC TP RLC, BFPO 52                                          02-13-26-39
 AG MIDWINTER                                29 CDO REGT RA WKSP REME, PLYMOUTH                                    05-15-25-39
 DM BULL                                     38 ENGR REGT, BPFO 808                                                10-16-27-32
 MT SNEDDON                                  1 MED REGT, BFPO 30                                                   04-13-14-32
 K GREEN                                     ARMY FOUNDATION COLLEGE, HARROGATE                                    09-35-36-40
 GR OPPONG                                   29 REGT RLC, SOUTH CERNEY                                             05-11-14-25
 PA ARMITAGE                                 ARRC SP BN, RAF INNSWORTH                                             06-14-20-31

 If your personal details have changed, it is imperative that you inform the Lottery Office, see contact details

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