ACCELERATED PRECALCULUS, TRIGONOMETRY,
                                              AND STATISTICS
                                             COURSE SYLLABUS
                                       ARABIA MOUNTAIN HIGH SCHOOL

     Teacher(s): Mrs. DiAundra Grimes             Phone Number: 678-875-3670
     Room Number: Rm. C106
     Period(s): 2nd, 3rd,5th, 6th, 7th
                                                  Tutorial Days: Monday-Friday, except
     Semester: Fall 2012 – Spring 2013
     Textbook: Georgia Accelerated Math
                                                  Tutorial Hours: 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m
     III (Custom Ed.)
     Textbook Price: Current Market
                                                  Tutorial Location: Rm. C106

Department Philosophy: We believe that by creating an environment conducive to learning, building
positive rapport with students, and employing differentiated instructional strategies, we can promote
student success. Furthermore we believe that each student can be successful in learning to: value
mathematics, become a mathematical problem solver, communicate and reason mathematically.

Course Description: This is a course in precalculus and statistics, designed to prepare students to take
AB or BC Advanced Placement Calculus. It includes rational, circular trigonometric, and inverse
trigonometric functions; basic trigonometric identities and the laws of sines and cosines; sequences and
series; polar and parametric equations; vectors; the central limit theorem and confidence intervals.

Instruction and assessment will include the appropriate use of manipulatives and technology. Topics will
be represented in multiple ways, such as concrete/pictorial, verbal/written, numeric/data-based, graphical,
and symbolic. Concepts will be introduced and used, where appropriate, in the context of realistic

   Course Prerequisites: Successful completion of Integrated (Accelerated) Geometry.

   GPS Standards:
   Algebra                                                    MA3A11. Students will use complex numbers in
   MA3A1. Students will explore rational functions.           trigonometric form.
   MA3A2. Students will use the circle to define the          MA3A12. Students will explore parametric
   trigonometric functions.                                   representations of plane curves.
   MA3A3. Students will investigate and use the               MA3A13. Students will explore polar equations.
   graphs of the six trigonometric functions.                 Data Analysis
   MA3A4. Students will investigate functions.                MA3D1. Using simulation, students will develop
   MA3A5. Students will establish the identities              the idea of the central limit theorem.
   below and use them to simplify trigonometric               MA3D2. Using student-generated data from
   expressions and verify equivalence statements.             random samples of at least 30 members, students
   MA3A6. Students will solve trigonometric                   will determine the margin of error and
   equations both graphically and algebraically.              confidence interval for a specified level of
   MA3A7. Students will verify and apply                      confidence.
   (1/2)absin(c) to find the area of a triangle.              MA3D3. Students will use confidence intervals
   MA3A8. Students will investigate and use inverse           and margins of error to make inferences from
   sine, inverse cosine, and inverse tangent                  data about a population. Technology is used to
   functions.                                                 evaluate confidence intervals, but students will
   MA3A9. Students will use sequences and series              be aware of the ideas involved.
   MA3A10. Students will understand and use

     MM4A4. Students will investigate functions.
     MA3P1. Students will solve problems (using appropriate technology).
     MA3P2. Students will reason and evaluate mathematical arguments.
     MA3P3. Students will communicate mathematically.
     MA3P4. Students will make connections among mathematical ideas and to other disciplines.
     MA3P5. Students will represent mathematics in multiple ways.

Course Outline
         SEMESTER ONE                        Units                           Number of days
         Unit One                        Data Analysis                          3 weeks
         Unit Two                     Sequences and Series                      4 weeks
         Unit Three                    Rational Functions                       4 weeks
         Unit Four                Introduction to Trigonometry                  5 weeks

         SEMESTER TWO                        Units                           Number of days
                              Graphs and Inverses of Trigonometric
         Unit Five                                                              4 weeks
                              Trigonometric Identities, Equations,
         Unit Six                                                               5 weeks
                                       and Applications
         Unit Seven                  Extended Trigonometry                      5 weeks
         Unit Eight                Investigations of Functions                  2 weeks

Grading Scale
                 Area                         Included in Area                      Percentage
        Classwork/Homework         Labs                                       25%
                                   Journal writing
                                   Cooperative group assignments
                                   Teacher activities
                                       Teacher observation
        Tests                      Posttests                                  40%
                                   Chapter tests
                                   Unit Tests
                                   Research paper
                                   Major Projects (6-weeks or longer)
                                   Weekly Tests
        Performance                Performance-based assignments              20%
                                   Benchmark Post assessments
                                   Presentations (Oral, Dramatic, Written)
                                   Unit Projects
                                   Technology-based activities
                                   EIC Project
        Final Exam                                                            15%
        Total:                                                                100%
Required Materials:

Students are responsible for bringing the following to class DAILY: textbook, composition bounded notebook,
#2 pencils (assignments will not be accepted unless written in pencil), graphing paper, and a TI-Nspire
Graphing Handheld.

*You will need a pencil everyday. You will be required to redo any work done in ink that needs to be
turned in or checked for a grade. Otherwise, it will not be accepted. Ink may only be used for personal

*All students are required to have a GRAPHING CALCULATOR (TI-Nspire is suggested),

Classroom Rules:
In addition to the school rules, the following rules will also apply in the classroom:
       1. Be Prompt: On time and ready to begin.
       2. Be Polite: Be respectful at all times to self and others.
       3. Be Prepared: Come with book, notebook, pencil and calculator EVERYDAY.
       4. Be Protective: Be respectful of materials and property.
       5. Be Productive: Use time wisely and accomplish all that you can.

Classroom Expectations: You are expected to:
      1. Abide by the classroom and school rules.
      2. Be in class, seated, and prepared for class to begin before the tardy bell rings.
      3. Pay attention, take notes, and participate in class discussions, demonstrations, and activities.
      4. Demonstrate the steps to achieve a solution and indicate that solution clearly (i.e. SHOW ALL
      5. Be here daily and on time. When you miss a day, you miss a lot.
      6. Give me an honest effort everyday.
      7. Be responsible for getting your own makeup work. It must be done promptly!


Homework is an extension of the classroom learning process. It is one method to help students establish
self-discipline and study skills. Homework also is a way to keep parents informed and involved with
schoolwork. Homework will be posted on the class web page prior to the assignment. Students who fail
to complete homework assignments are assigned to Saturday School for the grading period in which the
assignment is due. Assignments completed in Saturday School are graded for full credit. Should a
student fail to attend Saturday School, the assignment will receive a grade of zero. Continued failure to
complete the assignment will warrant a referral to an administrator.
                                      Projects/Labs/Special Projects
Students who fail to submit their assignment(s) on the date delineated by the individual instructor will
receive a point deduction as follows:
Late Day 1 - 11 points; 89 is the total possible points a student may earn
Late Day 2 - 20 points; 80 is the total possible points a student may earn
Late Day 3 - 25 points; 75 is the total possible points a student may earn


Students will have 3 opportunities to submit late homework assignments. Students who fail to submit
their homework assignment(s) on the date delineated by the individual instructor will receive a point
deduction as follows:
*Late Day 1 - 11 points; 89 is the total possible points a student may earn
*Late Day 2 - 20 points; 80 is the total possible points a student may earn
*Late Day 3 - 25 points; 75 is the total possible points a student may earn
*Teacher will determine the date the student must submit the assignment

Reassessment Policy
The goal of any summative assessment is to assess the level of mastery on a set of performance standards.
Often, students perform on some assessments better than others. Therefore, reassessment should be
used as a learning opportunity, and students should take more responsibility for learning. Students will
be allowed to retake one test/ unit test during the week preceding the 4.5, 9, 13.5, and 18-week grading
periods respectively. Students will not be allowed to retake a test after the scheduled retakes have been
administered. Retake opportunities will be provided after school on a day scheduled by each department
and/ or subject team. The test retake score will be averaged with the original test score and will serve as
the final score for that particular test. This is a local school policy that applies to tests only.

Make-up Work
Students who have excused absences are afforded an opportunity to complete missed work after their
return to school. Students have three days for each day of absence to complete schoolwork missed due to
an excused absence. Failure to complete the missed work by the designated deadline will warrant an
assignment to Saturday School.

Amnesty Days
Students who complete work on Amnesty Days are not eligible for reassessments or Saturday School.

*The teacher reserves the right to alter this syllabus at any time in order to maximize student
achievement and success. Students will be notified if the syllabus is revised.
         Accelerated Precalculus, Trignometry, and Statistics Course Syllabus
                            Arabia Mountain High School

                                   Fall 2012 – Spring 2013
                                   Mrs. DiAundra Grimes

Your child received the course syllabus on the day they entered my classroom. He/she was
instructed to read and sign the course syllabus and to have a parent sign it also. This signature
sheet will count as the first homework assignment. It is due when he/she returns to class.

I _________________________________________________________ understand and will follow this
                  (Print Student Name)
Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 Math III Syllabus.

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Student Signature                                         Date

I understand and support my child’s Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 Math III Syllabus.

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