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									      A fully funded
    Preschool Program
for Four-Year-Old children

                       Early Childhood
                       Pamela Fuhrman, Director
     About BECP
   The District’s current preschool program is entering its
    24th year and offers part time sessions of two or three
    days to age eligible three and four year old preschoolers.
   The program currently has the capacity to place up to
    ninety four-year-old students in three classrooms. Each
    classroom is an inclusive classroom providing educational
    support for both typically developing preschoolers and
    those with a variety of special needs.
   BECP is approved by the Massachusetts Department of
    Education - Division of Early Learning Services
    About BECP
   The Bellingham Early Childhood Program has received
    accreditation from the National Association for the
    Education of Young Children, after achieving the
    standards set by this nationally recognized
   The current program is supported through a variety of
    state funded grants and tuition charged for each
    typically developing preschooler.
   The current tuition rate is $1,500 for a part time 2 or 3
    day session.
   Offer a fully funded five day program for four-year-olds

   Two Half-day sessions each 2½ hours in length

   Follow the state guidelines of 15 students per classroom
      Ten typically developing preschoolers
      Five four-year-olds with special needs

   Town wide lottery to fill the 20 slots – Ten in each session

   Remaining classrooms would continue to be tuition funded

   Adopt program over a Three Year period
    Three Year plan
Year One:
   Begin with a single fully funded classroom

   Use town wide lottery to fill a total of 20 slots

   Parents will be responsible for transportation

   District will provide funding for one preschool teacher
    and one full-time ILA
Three Year plan

Year Two:
   Add a second fully funded classroom

   Use town wide lottery to fill a total of 40 slots

   District will provide funding for two preschool teachers
    and two full-time ILAs
Three Year plan

Year Three:
   Add a third fully funded classroom

   Use town-wide lottery to fill a total of 60 slots

   District will provide funding for three preschool teachers
    and three full-time ILAs
    Funding and costs
   Year One – $66,538     ( one PreK & one ILA)

   Year Two - $133,076 (two PreK tecahers & two ILAs)

   Year Three - $199,614 (three PreK teachers & three ILAs)

    Clerical & Custodial support - $29.000 by Year 3

   Supplies - $2,500 by Year 3
    Why a Fully Funded Preschool program?

    Evidence shows that the first five years of a child’s life is
     the key to their long-term development.

    Children who are a part of a rich learning environment
     early on do better in school and in life

    Provide Equity for all preschoolers, not only those who can
     afford a quality preschool program

Schweinhart, L. J., Montie, J., Xiang, Z., Barnett, W. S., Belfield, C. R., & Nores, M. (2005). Lifetime effects: The
HighScope Perry Preschool study through age 40. (Monographs of the HighScope Educational Research Foundation,
14). Ypsilanti, MI: HighScope Press.
“The High Scope Perry Preschool Project” by Greg Parks, (OJJDP) Justice Bulletin, 2000.
Why a Fully Funded Preschool program?

Research indicates that students who attend a quality
preschool program:

    Have increased achievement on performance tests
    Are more likely to be employed
    Are more likely to graduate from high school
    Earn more than non-attending students
    Are less likely to have been arrested by age 40
    Are less likely to be dependent on welfare programs
A fully funded Preschool Program
    for Four-Year-Old children

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