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					                                           Infectious Disease Group Report

There are thousands of infectious diseases that affect humans, some of which can have profound effects on a person's quality
of life. Infectious diseases can be viral, bacterial, fungal, or protozoan and are spread by unsanitary conditions (ex.
contaminated drinking water), vectors that range from mosquitoes to other humans. In this project, you will explore an
infectious disease and present a powerpoint presentation to the class about the disease you researched. There will be
deadlines involved to keep you accountable.

Step 1: Organize group.
Each student will need to take responsibility for a part of the presentation. Individual students will be judged on their part of
the presentation, and by the other students in the group for the level of cooperation/contribution the student provides. Groups
will be chosen randomly.

Step 2: Choose an infectious disease
Groups will choose an infection disease from a list of diseases provided. The group will be given an order to choose the
disease(this will be decided by pulling numbers out of the SORTING HAT ).

Step 3: Research your disease
Friday we will be going to the library for a presentation on how to research. They will also discuss the sources available to you
from the media center, how to site sources and how to use index cards to collect your data. Monday and Tuesday will also be
used for research. While researching you will be responsible for:
   1. Finding a minimum of three sources, these three sources should include
           o at least one internet source from GALE (online journal, online book etc.)
           o at least one non-internet source (Journal, Encyclopedia, book, etc.)
   2. using notecards to collect your research (all information will be written on notecards)
   3. writing down the information for your sources so you can site them later
   4. plagiarism is cheating!!
   5. Staying on task and researching, points will be lost for students off task.
   6. Create an outline of your presentation

Step 4: Prepare your presentation

You will compile your information and present it as a POWERPOINT presentation. Powerpoint can be accessed from the media center.

Organize the information into slides using the following outline:
        1. Title Slide (Name of disease and group members)
        2. Introduction slide
               Give a general overview of what you will be talking about in your presentation and who is responsible for each part.

        3. Identification
              a. Name of disease and synonyms
              b. Type of organism that causes disease (Virus, Bacteria, etc.)
              c. Classification of organism (Domain through species name)
              d. How is the disease transmitted or how does it enter the body. (How is it spread? Is it contagious? Are there vectors
              e. Area of the body or specific cell types that are infected

        4. Symptoms and Diagnosis
              a. Incubation time (how long does it take for a person to feel ill?)
              b. DETAILED Symptoms once person is infected (ex: fever, nausea, rash, diahhrea)
              c. Specific organs affected
              d. What type of tests are performed to diagnose the illness. (Blood tests, imaging, what doctors are involved in the
        5. Effects of the Disease
               a. Duration of illness (how long is a person ill?)
               b. Are there any complications that can occur? Long term or short term.
               c. Long lasting effects of disease
               d. Quality of life (what is everyday life like for a person with this disease? What is the life expectancy?)

        6. Treatments
              a. How do doctors treat the disease when the person is infected?
              b. What medications can be given?
              c. Are there any preventative methods to avoid getting the disease.
              d. Is there a cure for the disease, if not how can you control the disease or symptoms.

        7. Geological Location and Statistics
              a. Countries, regions, habitats, climates where you are most likely to encounter this organism
              b. What groups of people in a population are more susceptible (ex: the elderly)
              c. Population statistics. Include statics on where it occurs the most, populations it occurs most, fatality rates, cure rates

Each group member will organize their portion of the presentation on the group PowerPoint. The purpose of the presentation is to inform
the class about the disease.

   -   The first slide should be a title slide (this is not one of your three slides per person)
   -   Information should be in bullet form (no paragraphs, just include main points)
   -   Print should be no smaller than 28 pts. Your presentation will need to be on a flash-drive as well as having a printed copy for
       grading purposes.
   -   A minimum of three slides per person ( Each subheading should be a new slide)
   -   One visual per person; can be either a picture in the ppt, or a prop*
   -   No sound effects
   -   Presentation should be 10 – 15 mins in length (approx. 3 min per person)
   -   You will use handwritten note-cards to present your information

* Visuals must add to the presentation. Ex: picture of a person with a disease, microorganism that causes a disease, an animal carrying
the disease, or a prop such as a mosquito net. No visuals depicting nudity are allowed, and visuals must be approved before use.

Step 5: Presentation
At this point, you will present your findings to the class.
    -   Each member will present a portion of the presentation to the class, and will be graded individually using the grading rubric
    -   At the end of the presentation, you will allow the audience to ask questions.
    -   Your teacher will ask you at least one question to elaborate on regarding your topic.
    -   MUST Wear professional clothes to present (Must follow dress code)
    -   Use hand-written note cards
    -   Face audience (not ppt) and speak clearly

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