Ag-Tourism Roundtable � Tuesday, March 25, 2003 by iUrt26i


									                       Agriculture Tourism
                Roundtable Discussion Work Session
               Tuesday, March 25, 2003 – Governor’s Conference

Facilitator: Cyndy Andrus

Travel Montana
Montana Bunkhouse Working Ranch Vacations
Boulder Hot Springs
Budget Rent-A-Car
Huntley Project
Whitefish CVB
Fun Adventure Tours
Economic Development Corporation of Park County

 What makes up Agricultural Tourism?
        Economic development
        Educational component to working ranches – nature vs. nurture

 What is a definition for Agricultural Tourism?

 Need to get Department of Agriculture and Economic Development
  working together to get producers to tourism businesses

 Farmers Markets, Chef’s Spread – Fresh Product available in Montana –
  fulfillment materials

 AERO Catalogue (Alternative Energy Resources Organization)

 Partner with Department of Agriculture and Travel Montana to give
  training on how producers can produce what is needed (set up workshops
  similar to the concept of the Farm and Ranch workshops)

 Catch phrases:
      Put a Face on Agriculture
      Localization to Counter Globalization – (Australian workshops)
      Agriculture + Tourism = Supply + Demand

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