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miscellaneous service form by iUrt26i


									                                                  Embassy of India,
                                           18A, Rua Marquest Das Minas
                                   Caixa Postal 6040, Maculusso,Luanda, Angola
                               Tel: 00244 222 392281, 371089/ Fax 00 244 222 371094

                              To be filled up for all services except new passport and visa viz.
                           Change of address/deletion/addition & other misc. services on passport
                                  Registration of marriage/issue of marriage certificate
                                Registration of birth / death, issue of birth/death certificate
                                  Attestations of documents, Power of Attorney, PCC,etc
                                      Registration of Indians for Angolan immigration
                                (Complete in block capitals & specify the service required)

Full name
Full name of father
Place & country of birth of
Date of birth
Nationality of applicant
Present address in Angola/
phone number
Email address:
Profession /Employers details

Permanent address
in India

Passport details                     Number
                                     Date of issue                  / Place of issue
Specify nature of service required
Signature of applicant

                                Declaration to be signed by Indian citizens only

I solemnly affirm that:
     I owe allegiance to the sovereignty and integrity of India
     Information given in my application is correct and nothing has been concealed and I am aware that it is an
       offence under the Passport Act 1967 to knowingly furnish false information or suppress material
     I have not lost, surrendered or been deprived of my Indian citizenship
     I have not voluntarily acquired citizenship

Date:                                                                                    Signature of applicant

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