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									        Perivale Primary School and Children’s Centre Job Description
                          School Business Manager

                  Senior School Business                    Ealing GLPC
Job title:                                                                             Scale 14
                  Manager                                   Grade:
School:                                                     Post No:
                  Line management supervision of administration and site staff
                  Conduct the performance management of above staff
Hours:            35 hours

Main purposes of the job

   To provide senior leadership, strategic direction, operational and line management, for the
    support functions of the school including, finance, site management, administrative services
    and the children’s centre

   To manage key whole school projects as identified by the Headteacher, ensuring delivery to
    deadline and within budget

   To provide up to date and timely advice and support to the Headteacher and Governors on
    whole school issues, finances, HR and site management

   To contribute actively to the work and development of the Senior Leadership Team

   To oversee the financial and administrative functions of extended schools provision and the
    management of business opportunities at the school site

   To be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young people
    within the school


          1. To ensure the school makes the best possible use of resources through effective
             strategic planning

          2. To contribute as a Member of the Senior Leader Team in the development and
             implementation of the strategic school improvement plan and future resource

          3. To plan and manage a variety of whole school innovation projects, ensuring targets
             are met

Strategic Finance Management

          4. To support the Headteacher through effective financial management across the
             school including monitoring expenditure, the procurement of value for money, the
             production of regular reports for the Management Committee of the Governing Body
             and the development of strategic budget plans

          5. To lead on planning and preparing the annual budget in liaison with necessary staff,
             as appropriate and present the budget to the Governors for approval
                                                                                        January 2011
     Perivale Primary School and Children’s Centre Job Description
                       School Business Manager
       6. To take responsibility for the reconciliation of LA financial records to those at the
          school and for other necessary financial statements and returns

       7. To manage earmarked funding streams and ensure that such funds are properly
          accounted for

       8. To advise the Headteacher and Governing Body on the financial implications of the
          school’s staffing and pay structures

       9. To lead on the day-to-day operation of all school financial systems and processes

       10. To negotiate, develop and review service level agreements and contracts in order to
           ensure best value for money

       11. To take responsibility for and investigating the availability of “biddable” funds and
           work with the Headteacher in the completion and submission of such bids

       12. To ensure compliance with FMIS (Financial Management Information Systems) and
           other financial regulations and standing orders

       13. To manage the school’s cash flow and maximise the schools interest within financial,
           legal and regulatory constraints

       14. To oversee the school’s insurance policies in all forms including arrangements for
           their review

       15. To oversee that the necessary licences and permissions are obtained ensuring their
           relevance and timeliness

       16. To work with other members of the Senior Leadership Team, to prepare a rolling
           business plan for the future development of the school

Site Leadership

       17. To lead on site management for the school

       18. To deal with the strategic management of the maintenance, refurbishment and
           development of the school premises and grounds

       19. To oversee the priorities of work around the site in accordance with the school’s
           asset management plan and School Improvement Plan in consultation with the

       20. To consult with the Headteacher to establish and maintain a rolling programme of
           refurbishment works within budgetary constraints

       21. To be responsible for ensuring that risk assessments are prepared and monitored

       22. To take overall responsibility for the co-ordination and management of work and
           communication with architects, contractors and council officers with regard to the
           maintenance, refurbishment and development of the site

       23. To develop knowledge and understanding of the main health and safety issues
           specific to the school and how they relate to pupils, staff, visitors, contractors and
           lettings to outside organisations

       24. To formulate, monitor and implement the school’s Health and Safety Policy to
           comply with the requirements of Health and Safety at Work Act and other legislation

                                                                                         January 2011
      Perivale Primary School and Children’s Centre Job Description
                        School Business Manager
        25. To support the work of the school’s H and S coordinator and Fire Officer

        26. To develop and maintain a comprehensive disaster and recovery plan for the school
            in liaison with the Head teacher and relevant officers of the LA

        27. To To ensure emergency procedures are current and timely and that records of fire
            practice as and other activities are maintained

        28. To implement risk management and loss prevention strategies in the school to
            reduce insurance costs, and in the management of any third party contracts

        29. To be a key holder for the school site, if required

        30. To have overall responsible for the safe working environment within the school

Human Resources

        31. To line manage premises and administration staff including all aspects of their
            performance management

        32. To advise the Headteacher and Governing Body on payroll and personnel issues

        33. To give advice to the Headteacher on HR issues including assessment of salaries,
            expenses, sickness and maternity procedures, redundancy and other key HR
            processes including disciplinary and capability procedures

        34. To lead on the issuing and maintenance of all staff contracts; monthly payroll
            submission; coordination of teacher and support staff recruitment; CRB and medical
            checks; annual salary verification letters and maintenance of the personnel database
            (SIMS) and confidential files and to ensure that all staff/personnel records including
            the SSR are up to date and confidentially maintained

        35. To participate in the recruitment, selection and appointment of staff as agreed with
            the Headteacher

Income Generation

        36. To maximise income from lettings and extended school services

        37. To source funds for school projects and submit bids as appropriate to grant making

General responsibilities and support services

        38. To ensure that correct preparation and risk assessments are made for school trips

        39. To implement and follow all school and LA policies and procedures, including giving
            due regard to the schools equal opportunity policy

        40. To participate fully in the School’s Self-Review, Performance Management/Staff
            Review and School Improvement Plan procedures and activities

        41. To manage all aspects of the school administration services

        42. To be responsible for the production of all school records, publications and marketing

                                                                                        January 2011
     Perivale Primary School and Children’s Centre Job Description
                       School Business Manager
       43. To carry out any duties of a similar nature and responsibility level as the
           Headteacher shall reasonably direct from time to time

Signatures – line manager and job holder
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                                                                                         January 2011

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