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					Minutes of the Forty-First Board of Directors’ Meeting of the Sheffield Health and
Social Care NHS Foundation Trust Held on Wednesday 29th February 2012 in the
Rivelin Boardroom at the Fulwood House Conference and Training Centre, Old
Fulwood Road, Sheffield S10 3TG
                                                                                           Item 3
Present:                                                                              BoD Meeting of
                                                                                       29 Feb 2012
1. Prof. Alan Walker           Chair
2. Kevan Taylor                Chief Executive
3. Mick Rodgers                Deputy Chief Executive/Executive Director of Finance
4. Clive Clarke                Executive Director of Operational Delivery and Social Care
5. Liz Lightbown               Executive Director of Nursing and Integrated Governance
6. Cllr Mick Rooney            Non-Executive Director/SID
7. Martin Rosling              Non-Executive Director/A&AC Chair
8. Mervyn Thomas               Non-Executive Director/QAC Chair
9. Anthony Clayton             Non-Executive Director/FIC Chair

In Attendance:
10. Chipo Kazoka             Foundation Trust Company Secretary
11. Dean Wilson              Director of Human Resources (in part attendance)
12. Pam Stirling             Director of Strategic Development
13. Sue Gass                 Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive
14. Helen Gosling            Member of Staff (in part attendance)
15. James Illingworth        Member of the Public
16. Lorraine Gibbons         Service User (in part attendance)
17. Mia Bajin                Member of Staff/Staff Governor (in part attendance)
18. Brian Ball               Support Worker (in part attendance)
19. Liz Johnson              Member of Staff (in part attendance)


Prof. Tim Kendall             Executive Medical Director
Rosie McHugh                  Director of Organisational Development

SID: Senior Independent Director
FIC: Finance and Investment Committee
A&AC: Audit and Assurance Committee
QAC: Quality Assurance Committee

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                                              Item                                  Action Lead
1/2/12   Welcome and Apologies
         The Chair called the meeting to order and welcomed all those
         present. Apologies for non-attendance were also noted. The Chair
         stated that Sue Rogers and Dean Wilson would be joining the
         meeting at a later stage.

         Noting that this was the last Board meeting that Pam Stirling, the
         Director of Strategic Development, was attending before her
         retirement, the Chair took the opportunity to pay special tribute to
         the invaluable contribution that she has made to the work of the
         Board, the Executive Management Group and the Trust. He also
         paid special thanks to Rosie McHugh, Julie Leeson and Sharon
         Sims for organizing a wonderfully successful send-off event for

         Pam Stirling responded by expressing her gratitude for the
         overwhelming warmth and kindness shown to her by colleagues
         who organized and attended her send-off event. She shared, with
         the Board, her reflections on her career and the sense of fulfilment
         that she has derived from it over the years of her time in service.

2/2/12   Declarations of Interest
         There were no declarations of interest made and no changes
         were reported in relation to the existing ones.

3/2/12   Minutes of the Open Session of the Board of Directors’
         Meeting held on 25th January 2012
         Minutes of the Board of Directors’ meeting held on 25th January
         2012 were accepted as a correct record, subject to the following
             Minute 13/1/12 (Second paragraph and 2nd bullet point):
                This minute should be amended to read as follows: “A
                paper must be brought to a future Board meeting which
                hopes to refute the erroneous impression that the adverse
                press report created”
4/2/12   Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Open Session of the
         Board of Directors’ Meeting held on 25th January 2012
         The following matters arising from the minutes of the Board of
         Directors’ Meeting held on 25th January 2012 were noted:
             Minute 14/1/12 (First bullet point):
                The visit by representatives from Monitor (the independent
                regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts) has been postponed
                to future date which is yet to be agreed
5/2/12   Employment Strategy
         The Director of Strategic Development briefly pointed out that the
         paper she was speaking to had been to the Quality Improvement

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Group prior to being brought to the Board. She gave a brief
overview on the content of the paper before handing over to Julie
Leeson who addressed the Board, in more detail, on the content
of the paper. From her presentation, the Board noted that:
     The Trust has been making efforts, but without much
       success, to engage with the two large organisations that
       have been awarded nationwide contracts by the
       government to address unemployment issues. The Trust
       will continue to seek to engage the two organisations
       which, like the Trust, are also represented in Task Group
       that is examining employment issues on a city-wide level
     Almost all people with a mental health disability who are
       receiving state benefits are being made to go through work
       capability assessments which may put them at risk of
       losing these benefits. Concerns over the loss of their
       benefits are exerting pressures on them that may
       exacerbate their conditions
     The government’s Work Program has, in some instances,
       been offering wholly inappropriate solutions to a number of
       people who are facing unemployment
     The concerns referred to in the two bullet points above
       need to be taken up by the Trust as they affect people who
       use its services
     The challenges referred to above should not be allowed to
       obscure the many successes that the Trust has achieved in
       advancing the employment agenda, especially in its work
       with the Strategic Health Authority and Sheffield City
       Council. The nature of this work was pointed out in detail to
       the Board
     Efforts are underway to improve the data set that will help
       to convey a better picture of the nature of the employment
       activities that service users are engaged in
     The Board’s continued support of the employment agenda
       remains essential
The Board entered into a discussion covering the following:
     greater emphasis should be given to the messages on anti-
       stigma and the need for the Trust to maximise the
       opportunities that its partnership with Sheffield City Council
       offers in the advancement of the anti-stigma cause
     The Trust should formally write to Councillor Mick Rooney,
       Councillor Jackie Drayton and Councillor Mary Lea drawing
       their attention to the support that the Trust seeks from            Kevan Taylor
       Sheffield City Council in addressing the needs of people
       who suffer from mental illness and are unemployed
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               The Trust should approach Sheffield United Football Club
                with a view to encouraging it to sign up to the Mindful              Kevan Taylor
                Employer initiative
6/2/12   Equality Act, 2010 and the NHS Equality Delivery System
         The Director of Human Resources gave a general introduction to
         the Board on the issues to be covered in the presentation on this
         agenda item which was to be given by the Trust’s Head of Patient
         Experience, Equality and Inclusion. The presentation covered the
         following key issues:
                     The background to the Equality Act 2010 and the
                       NHS Equality Delivery System
                     The scope of the protected characteristics under the
                     The manner in which the Act expects the obligations
                       it creates to be carried out i.e. by providing protection
                       against discrimination and imposing proactive duties
                       on public sector bodies to take into account the
                       requirements of the Act as they carry out of their
                     The potential which the Act creates for members of
                       the public to challenge bodies that fail to take into
                       account the impact which their decisions may have
                       on the rights of people who come under the protected
                     The obligation on public sector bodies to publish their
                       equality objectives and information demonstrating the
                       extent of their compliance with the Act
                     The role of the Equality and Human Rights
                       Commission and the Care Quality Commission in
                       monitoring compliance with the Act
                     A paper will be brought to the March 2012 Board
                       meeting outlining the Trust’s Equality Objectives
                       which will be set within the context of its strategic         Dean Wilson
                       plans. The Trust will need to publish its Equality
                       Objectives on its website by April 2012
         Board members entered into a discussion which covered the
              Public bodies will need to demonstrate that they have taken
                into account the impact of their decisions on equality and
                this will be pertinent to the Board as it leads the
                organisation in embarking on significant service
              The Act creates the potential for Foundation Trusts to
                mount legal challenges (by way of judicial review) to
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                service commissioners who make decisions that adversely
                impact on patients’, service users’ and their carers’ rights to
              The Trust’s Equality Objectives should include something              Dean Wilson
                on dignity
         At the close of the Board’s discussion on the presentation, the
         Chair thanked Liz Johnson who then left the meeting room.

7/2/12   Infection Prevention and Control
         The Board received the paper on this agenda item and noted that:
               its contents were discussed at the last Quality Assurance
                 Committee (QAC) meeting
               there was, in Quarter 3, 1 incident of MRSA Bacteremia
                 (which has been attributed to NHS Sheffield) and 1
                 incident of C-difficile. Serious Untoward Incident
                 investigations are underway in relation to these two
                 incidents with a view to establishing their root cause. The
                 outcomes of the investigations will be brought either to the        Liz Lightbown
                 March or April 2012 meeting of the Board
               There was also an outbreak of Norovirus on Pinecroft
                 Ward. There has been a spike in outbreaks of Norovirus
                 within the South Yorkshire region and this was noted by
                 the QAC
         The Chair requested the Executive Director of Nursing and
         Integrated Governance to convey the Board’s thanks to Rosie                 Liz Lightbown
         Dixon, the Infection Prevention and Control Senior Nurse, for the
         informative report.
8/2/12   Safeguarding Children and Adults
         The Board received the paper on this agenda item and noted that:
              its contents were discussed at the last QAC meeting
              bespoke training has been developed for staff on inpatient
                wards. It is aimed at enabling them to provide safeguarding
                to service users against sexual abuse and inappropriate
              safeguarding training for doctors, which had been initially
                planned to take place in Quarter 3, has be re-scheduled to
                take place in Quarter 4
              the older adult mental health services have began to use
                the Vulnerable Adults Risk Management Model (VARMM).
                It is a tool used to support very vulnerable adults who have
                the capacity to make decisions about their health but refuse
                to accept clinical intervention. Its use will be rolled out to
                other adult mental health services and to the Learning
                Disabilities Service
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                safeguarding procedures in South Yorkshire have
                 undergone changes
               Local Safeguarding Boards now have legislative powers to
                 scrutinise the work of NHS boards on safeguarding
          Board members entered into a discussion covering the following
               The Board noted, with concern, that there is reluctance on
                 the part of doctors to take part in safeguarding training. The
                 Executive Medical Director is aware of this source of              Prof. Tim
                 concern. A report on how it is being addressed should be            Kendall
                 brought back to the in March 2012 Board meeting
9/2/12    Quality Accounts
          The Board received the paper on this agenda item noting that:
               Board members’ comments on the draft quality accounts
                 were sought
               The Board was asked to select 4 or 5 quality objectives
                 from those that were listed
          Board members entered into a discussion on the content of the
          draft quality accounts and covered the following:
                There should be a more explicit reference, in the quality        Liz Lightbown
                  objectives, to the promotion of dignity and respect
                The quality objective on improving first contact with            Liz Lightbown
                  services can be merged with the one on the 24 hour
                The quality objectives on dementia, the prevention of trips
                                                                                  Liz Lightbown
                  and falls, the reduction of violence and aggression and the
                  promotion of physical health of service users should be
                  taken up
                The quality accounts should give a clearer explanation on        Liz Lightbown
                  how the quality objectives it will contain were chosen
                The Quality Improvement Group must be given a more
                  explicit remit to support the realisation of Trust’s quality     Tim Kendall
                Governors have been engaged in setting the quality
                  objectives. Their involvement in this regard will continue. It
                  was noted that some governors did not feel sufficiently
                  confident to contribute to the development of the quality
                Further comments by individual Board members should be
                  sent directly to Tina Ball, the Trust’s Director of Quality
                A revised draft will be brought back to the April 2012 Board
                  meeting                                                         Liz Lightbown
10/2/12    Quality Assurance Committee (‘QAC’)
          The Board received the minutes of the December 2011 QAC
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          meeting and noted their contents.
11/2/12   Service Performance Report
          The Board received:
          i) the Service Performance Dashboard Report: and noted the
          following from the remarks made on it by the Deputy Chief
                As had been anticipated at the January 2012 Board
                  meeting, the Trust has attained a Green Governance Risk
                  Rating with Monitor for the last Quarter
                Efforts will be made to improve the presentation of                 Mick Rodgers
                  information in the Performance Dashboard Report and
                  these will be subject to the scrutiny of the Quality
                  Assurance Committee
          Board members entered into a discussion covering the following:
                                                                                     Mick Rodgers
                There must be an improvement in the Trust’s carrying out
                  of 7 day follow-ups as its Trust’s performance on this
                  indicator has regressed
                The rise in bed occupancy may have been attributable to
                  the Christmas period but performance on this indicator
                  always varies. The level at which the Trust is currently
                  performing has potential adverse implications for the safety           Mick
                  of service users and the quality of care that is delivered to      Rodgers/Clive
                  them. The concerns it raises will be picked up in contract            Clarke
                  negotiations with service commissioners. They form the
                  underpinning rationale for the proposals that the Trust is
                  making on the Acute Care Reconfiguration

          ii) the Finance Report: noting that:
                The Board was assured that the Trust will meet its year-
                  end financial targets
                The Trust’s Financial Risk Rating with Monitor will not be
                  below Level 3
                The extent of the Trust’s liability on the South Yorkshire
                  Pensions Scheme remains unknown
12/2/12   Board Risk Profile
          The Board received the paper on this agenda item and noted that:
                individual Board members’ views on what they consider to
                                                                                     Liz Lightbown
                  be the top 3 risks that the organisation faces are being
                  collated and will be brought to the March 2012 Board
                The corporate risk register which has been undergoing
                  revision will be sent to the March 2012 meeting of the Audit
                                                                                     Liz Lightbown
                  and Assurance Committee after it has been considered by
                  the Executive Directors’ Group
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13/2/12   Register of Sealings
          The Board received an extract from the register of sealings
          showing a list of transactional documents to which the Trust’s
          common seal had been affixed. A copy was signed by the Trust
14/2/12   Governor and Membership Matters
          The Chair updated the Board on the following:
              Some staff governors are being put under undue pressure
                 from their respective directorates not to attend governor
                 meetings. The Chair stated that the organisation needs to
                 ensure that directorates allow members of staff to take time
                 to carry out their staff governor duties as failure to make
                 provision in this regard will have an adverse impact on their
                 willingness to take up governor roles. The Chief Executive          Kevan Taylor
                 undertook too look into the matter
              The last Council of Governor’s meeting could not discuss
                 an item that required an enhanced quorum. The Chair
                 expressed his concerns on the likelihood of this happening
              Non-Executive Directors were reminded that they will be
                 having an informal meeting with Governors before the
                 commencement of the formal Council meeting that is due
                 to take place tomorrow afternoon
              Staff governors plan to produce an e-newsletter which will
                 be a good source of information for Board members
15/2/12   Chief Executive’s Update
          The Board received the following Executive updates:
               The Department of Health has invited different parts of the
                  Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)
                  services to bid for the opportunity to participate in the
                  extension of the use of IAPT services in meeting the needs
                  of people with long term conditions. The Trust, working
                  jointly with the University of Sheffield, submitted a bid to
                  participate in this opportunity and was successful in
                  securing the award of funding to support staff training. This
                  is being integrated with the city-wide work on long-term
                  conditions. It is aimed at supporting people with long term
                  conditions who also experience mental health problems
               The local press recently reported that the Trust was
                  planning to close dementia resource centres. This report
                  caused undue anxieties among service users and their
                  carers. The Trust has no such to plans. Sheffield City
                  Council papers which made reference to the Trust’s plans
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                  to restructure the provision of these services conveyed the
                  wrong impression which the press relied on in their
                Two members of the Trust’s nursing staff have
                  successfully secured funding to carry out two separate
                  pieces of research work (the details of which were given to
                  Board members)
                The mental health awareness event that was recently held
                  at the Sheffield United Football Club Stadium at Bramall
                  Lane was a success
                There will be a launch of a national ‘Dignity Code’ in
                  addition to the one pertaining to older people to which the
                  Trust Chair is a co-signatory. The Trust should look at how
                                                                                     Liz Lightbown
                  it can align its work to the contents of these Dignity Codes
                There was a successful launch of a Black and Minority
                  Ethnic (BME) staff network within the Trust
                The Executive Director of Operational Delivery and Social
                  Care will bring a paper on Mental Health Act Managers for
                                                                                     Clive Clarke
                  discussion at the March 2012 Board meeting
          Note: Mia Bajin, Lorraine Gibbons and Brian Ball joined the
          meeting in the course of discussion on this agenda item.
16/2/12   Chief Executive’s Announcement of Confidential Business
          In the interest of probity, the Chief Executive provided an
          explanation of the matters to be discussed in the confidential
          session of the meeting and the reasons why these matters were
          to be discussed in that part of the meeting.
17/2/12   Service Users’ Experience of Care
          Mia Bajin, the Trust’s Patient and Public Involvement Manager
          introduced Lorraine Gibbons who had come to share, with the
          Board, the nature of her experience as a user of the Trust’s
          community mental health services. After being introduced to the
          Board members, she shared with them the nature of her mental
          illness and the positive experience that she has had in receiving
          support from the Trust. She paid special tribute to her Care Co-
          ordinator for the kind and compassionate support that he provides
          to her. She also pointed out the positive attributes of the Trust’s
          Service User Appreciation Scheme and the S.U.N.R.I.S.E Group
          in which she has been actively involved since its inception. Board
          members had the opportunity to ask Lorraine several questions
          which she responded to. At the end of her presentation, the Chair
          thanked Lorraine and Mia for coming to the Board meeting after
          which they left the meeting room along with Brian Ball.
18/2/12   Chair’s Motion to Exclude Members of the Public and the
          Press from the Remainder of the Meeting
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          There being no further business to transact in the presence of the
          public and the press, the Chair proposed the following motion:

          “That in accordance with Standing Order 3.1 of the Board of
          Directors’ Standing Orders, members of the public and the press
          be excluded from the remainder of the meeting for reasons of
          confidentiality and business sensitivity of the matters to be

          The motion was adopted as a resolution of the Board.

          The Board then adjourned for a brief comfort break and the
          member of the public and member of staff present then left the
          meeting room at this point.
          Date and time of next Board of Directors Meeting
          Wednesday, 28th March 2012 at 9.00 a.m. in the Rivelin Board
          Room, Fulwood House Conference Centre, Sheffield S10 3TG.

Signed:                              28th March 2012

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