Timme Travel Grant Program by R3YiEM


									                                       FACULTY CENTER FOR TEACHING & LEARNING

Timme Travel Grant Application Completed applications must be received by danielsl@ferris.edu by 5
PM (EST), Monday, October 1, 2012. During this open application period, interested faculty should complete and
submit this form to your Department Chair or Head or School Director for her or his approval. E-mail approval is
required. Once approved, the Chair, Head, or School Director, in turn, must forward the application to the Dean of the
College or other appropriate supervisor. Again, approval by e-mail is required. If approved, the Dean or other
supervisor must forward the application electronically with her or his approval to danielsl@ferris.edu. (Please avoid
using acronyms in your application. Thank you!)

Your name and today's date

Contact information
              Phone number or extension

                             E-mail address

College and Department

      College or Unit (e.g., Retention and
  Student Success, Office of International


Conference information
          Sponsoring organization (e.g.,
    Multimedia Educational Resource for
          Learning and Online Teaching)

Conference name (e.g., "Blazing the Trail
  to Meet New Challenges in the Digital

                 Conference web address

                       Conference date(s)

         Conference location (city & state)
 If this is international travel, please seek
   travel approval from the President and
           the Provost for Academic Affairs.
Amount requested
Please check one box. If you plan to give a presentation (see details below) and have not yet received notification that
your proposal was accepted, you may request $850. If, in the end, your proposal is not accepted, you will be eligible to
receive a $700 travel grant.

                                  $700 This is a subject area (or academic discipline) conference or a conference
                                            whose focus is (almost) exclusively on teaching and learning in the college

                                  $850 I will give a presentation* at this conference. Details follow.

                     Type of presentation            Paper, poster, or workshop; solo presentation
                                                     Paper, poster, panel, or workshop; co-presenting with:
                                                     Other (please describe):

                                             * Introducing a presenter or presenters excluded.

Title of the presentation

Abstract of the presentation

Have you given this particular presentation or one similar to it previously at a conference outside of Ferris State?

      If yes, please provide specific information below about when, where, and to whom you gave this or a similar
      presentation. Please also explain how this presentation differs from a similar one you may have given previously.

Have you received confirmation that you      Yes [Please provide relevant documentation or web address (URL).]
will in fact give the presentation?          No. Anticipated date of notification is:

So that others may benefit from your participation in this conference, we ask that you write a brief follow-up summary
about the conference [you may use the Conference Summary Template for this purpose] and submit it to FCTL. FCTL, in
turn, will post your summary on its website where we will list the names of recipients of Timme Travel Grant awards,
the titles and abstracts of their presentations, and information about the conferences they attended. FCTL will also use
the summary in its annual report which will also be published on the web.

Faculty are invited to lead brown-bag discussions or workshops on conference topics, content, etc. If you are interested
in doing this, please visit FCTL's Discussions on Teaching and Learning web page at:

Supporting narrative
Describe how your participation in this conference will have direct effect on your teaching or your students' learning?
Be specific.

Describe specific questions you hope this conference will help answer or ideas that you hope to develop further as a
result of this conference. Also, with reference to the conference description, program schedule, or other relevant
information, explain why you believe this conference will enable you to answer the question(s) or develop the idea(s).

Describe the specific University goals and initiatives that your participation in this conference will address, and how.

Describe the specific college, department, or program goals, initiatives, or priorities that your participation in this
conference will address, and how.

    -Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning and the Timme Travel Grant Review Committee
    August 2012


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