Student Performance Goal (Based upon Current SSR Data)

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					                                                               Novice School Counselor
                                                 Individual Professional Development Plan (NC IPDP)
                                                                     2012 – 2013

School Name and No.

School Counselor: (Print or Type)                                              School Counselor Signature:

Administrator: (Print or Type)                                                 Administrator Signature:
                                                                               Date NC IPDP Initiated:
Year 1 ___ Year 2 ___ Year 3 ___         Require PEC  yes  no

Mentor: (Print or Type)                                          Mentor Signature:
                                                       FOCUS OF THIS PLAN:
                                         Academic            Career            Personal/Social
Measurable Student Performance Goal (Based on Current Data):               Data Element(s)
                                                                 (e.g., attendance, behavior, FCAT,                  Current          Goal          Final
                                                                              GPA, etc.)

My professional learning will provide support and assist with my demonstration of competence in the following Florida Educator Accomplished
  1) Instructional Design and Lesson Planning          2) The Learning Environment                3) Instructional Delivery and Facilitation
  4) Assessment                                        5) Continuous Professional Improvement     6) Professional Responsibility and Ethical Conduct
                                                                                                                     Anticipated   Actual Date of   Mentor’s
MINT School Counselor Program Requirements:                                                                            Date of      Completion      Initials
      Complete Florida Code of Ethics of the Education Profession class.
     Complete CHAMPS Class and required follow-up.
1. Professional learning needed to meet student performance goals:
2. To meet students’ needs I will implement these planning/instructional strategies:

                                                Observation Cycle Requirements                                                               Anticipated   Actual Date   Mentor’s
                                                                                                                                               Date of         of        Initials
          Portfolio Documentation: Administrator- CAST Rubric, Lesson Plan, pre/post observation conference instruments                      Completion    Completion
                                  Mentor- CET data, Lesson Plan, pre-observation instrument and Learning Log
Administrator: Initial screening within 45 days of hire (CAST Observation Cycle)
Initial Hire Date:
Mentor/Support Team: (Refer to checklist for required number of observations.) CET observation cycle will include pre/post
conference using Accomplished Practices Learning Log to debrief. Reference FEAPs observed.

Novice Teacher: (Refer to checklist for required number of focus observations.) Conduct observations of effective teachers
(identified in collaboration with support team). *Use specified observation focus instrument for each observation and debrief with

Administrator: MINT Exit Observation (CAST Final Observation Cycle)
               (Applies only to Counselor w/Temporary Certificate and PEC requirement)
(Artifacts and evidence demonstrating implementation of professional development learning objectives and planning instructional strategies will include but not be limited to:
lesson plans, student data, support team observation cycles, pre/post observation conference instruments).

3. Results: How did the strategies impact student performance?                            4. Based upon the results, what would you change or maintain for next year?

5. Changes in educator’s practices: Describe how you changed your professional practice as a result of what you learned?

Counselor Signature:                                                               Principal Signature:
Mid-Year Review Date 2:                                                            End of the Year Review Date 3:

The MINT School Counselor participant has successfully completed the program requirements and will exit MINT.                                Yes          No 
Contingent upon contract renewal, the MINT School Counselor participant will continue MINT program requirements.                             Yes          No 

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