Held at The Council Office, St Margaret’s Hall, St Margaret’s Street, Bradford on Avon,
                                     on Tuesday 27 January 2004


       Cllr Michael Bowen
       Cllr Alison Craddock
       Cllr Jocelyn Feilding
       Cllr Minna Gillham
       Cllr Vicky Landell Mills (Chairman)
       Cllr P Leach
       Cllr F Lewis
       Cllr P O’Callaghan
       Cllr J Repton
       Cllr M Sandford

       Mrs D Holmes (Town Clerk)


       Cllr M Hewson
       Cllr P Sutton

198.   Tony Phillips OBE, The Leader of West Wiltshire District Council addressed the Town Council
       about the Financial Challenges of WWDC and their approach to the budget for 2004/05.

       He advised that the average council tax bill for last year was made up as follows:

       Wiltshire County Council          £855
       West Wiltshire District Council   £117
       Police                            £110
       Parish/Town Councils              £ 19

       About 80% of the council tax is therefore levied by Wiltshire County Council.

       He reported that WWDC had faced financial challenges as follows:
            £1.3 million is only just agreed to be paid by West Wilts Housing Society as set up costs
            The Auditor was unhappy that the Revenue Balance was too low and has been topped up
              by £700,000 from capital funds.
            £741,000 Revenue Grant Settlement has been withheld due to a government-imposed
            Capital Resources are dwindling and now down to £9 million.
            Government has withdrawn Social Housing Grant
            The budget for 2004/05 will show an increase of 4% to 5%

       Cllr Phillips explained the proposals for the budget for 2004/05 in brief and advised that £640,000
       would be spent on developing services.

       He summarised that £1.5 million had been lost to the District and asked for support in complaining
       about this.

       In answer to a question about provision of fund for social housing in Bradford on Avon, Cllr Phillips
       replied that it was up to WW Housing Society to allocate funds as they saw fit from the capital
       housing budget.

       The chairman thanked Cllr Phillips for attending the meeting and for his informative report.

                   Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 27.01.04
199.    Minutes
       It was agreed that the minutes of the meeting held on 16 December 2003 were accepted as a
       true record.

200.   Matters Arising
              i)       Minute 181i) Mount Pleasant Centre Trustees
                       The clerk advised that she had received a letter from Mike Savage, the Chairman
                       of the Mount Pleasant Centre Council, dated 24th January, enclosing a
                       prospectus for Trustee Indemnity Insurance and asking for details of the trustee to
                       replace Peter Taylor.
                       To copy the prospectus to the three representatives, Cllr Feilding, Cllr Craddock
                       and Cllr Sutton and report back to the next meeting.

               ii)         Minute 181ii) Website
                           It was noted that a meeting has been arranged with Magnus Huckvale and
                           Malcolm Hewson on 23 February to coordinate closing the old web site and
                           initiating the new one.

               iii)        Minute 181 iv) Land on Tory
                           The clerk advised that she had received a letter from West Wiltshire Housing
                           Society advising that they had arranged a meeting with our prospective lessees to
                           establish if they were happy about the proposed arrangements before they would
                           agree the sale of land.

                           The clerk also advised that a letter had been received from the prospective
                           lessees stating the Public Liability Insurance would be £500 and that they would
                           require a grant to cover that amount.

                           To make further enquiries about insurance arrangements if West Wiltshire
                           Housing Society wished to proceed and report back to the Working Group.

               iv)         Minute 187. Fairfield Piggeries
                           It was noted that no further information regarding the log sheets from Kate Bishop
                           had been received.
                           To write to Kate Bishop to request the log sheets.

               v)          Minute 194. 2) Railway Station Notice Board
                           The clerk reported that a quote had been obtained for repair of this notice board
                           and that WCC had agreed to arrange for the repair in the next financial year but
                           suggested that we first try applying for a grant from The Heart of Wessex Rail
                           Partnership under their grants scheme and if no success to go back to them.

               vi)         Minute 194. 6) Recycling Facilities for Businesses in West Wiltshire
                           The clerk reported that a reply to our letter asking why businesses could not use
                           domestic recycling facilities had been received from Cliff Carter stating that
                           possibilities of recycling business waste were being investigated as a longer-term

                           That a reply be sent to Cliff Carter welcoming and encouraging this and send a
                           copy to the Chamber of Commerce.

201.   Declarations of Interest.
       There were no declarations of interest.

202.   Members of the Public

       Members of the Public were present but none wished to speak.

                      Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 27.01.04
203.   Chairman's Announcements

       The Chairman announced that:
       i)     On Christmas day she visited the Bradford on Avon hospital and met some patients who
              had been moved from Westbury stroke unit due to the temporary closure. There was a
              cheerful atmosphere in the hospital.
       ii)    On 14 January she attended a meeting with the League of Friends and the Primary Care
       iii)   On 15 January she attended a meeting of the Llewellen Palmer Trust and learnt that the
              ’flying fox’ in Sladesbrook Park was to be repaired in February.
       iv)    On 17 January she visited Abbeyfield
       v)     She had attended various meetings with regard to the Kingston Mills site.

       The chairman also reported that the new head teacher, James Colquhoun, had been appointed at
       St Laurence School and she would like to invite him to a future council meeting. She added that
       previously the council had been represented on the board of school governors but this was not
       now the case and she suggested that a letter be sent to all schools in the town advising them that
       the Town Council would be pleased to be involved in any activities if appropriate. All members
       were in agreement with this.

       That letters be sent to all schools and the new headmaster at St Laurence be invited to a future
       council meeting.

204.   Minutes of Committees
       The minutes of decisions taken under delegated powers in respect of the under mentioned
       committees and Working Groups were noted:
              Planning Committee                         2 December 2003
              Planning Committee                         22 December 2003
              Planning Committee                         6 January 2004
              Highways & Transport Committee             13 January 2004
              Personnel Committee                        21 January 2004

       The Chairman advised that minutes of the personnel committee had been circulated prior to the
       meeting and she asked for ratification of various items.

       To agree the following recommendations (minute numbers refer to private personnel committee
       minutes dated 21 January.:
       a) minute 4. The Terms of reference for the Personnel Committee as detailed.

       b) minute 5 To give the clerk delegated powers to appoint existing staff for additional hours
          whenever necessary to cover for holidays and within parameters to be set, appoint existing
          staff for additional hours when work loads demanded the need.

       c) minute 5 to advertise for casual labour assistance for the Hall Manager as and when required.

       d) minute 6 to agree to the clerks attendance and expenses for the University of Gloucester
          ‘Local Policy’ Residential school held during a weekend in February.

       e) minute 7     to agree to the use of the Society of Local Council Clerks’ standard form for the
          clerk’s appraisal.

       It was further RESOLVED
       To agree a new date for the Riverside Enhancement Group as Wednesday 18 February at

                  Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 27.01.04
205.   Kingston Mills
       As members of the public had attended to hear the item on Kingston Mills, this was brought
       forward on the agenda.

       The Chairman summarised that the town had suffered three planning applications and the Town
       Council had arranged three public meetings and the prospect of another abortive application was
       daunting and to be avoided if possible.
       The Development Trust had approached the Town Council at a meeting on 21 January with a
       proposal for an ‘Enquiry by Design’ which was a joined up approach involving all stakeholders
       under direction of the Prince’s Trust with the aim of achieving a cohesive and sustainable plan.

       Since the informal meeting with the Town Council, Gerald Milward Oliver, the Chairman of the
       Development Trust, had approached West Wiltshire District Council, The Preservation Trust, The
       Chamber of Commerce, The South West Regional Development Agency and Andrew Murrison
       MP and had meetings planned with Wiltshire County Council and the Traffic Forum. Taylor
       Woodrow had been sent a copy of the proposals and Keith Lamey from Taylor Woodrow had
       briefly responded raising questions of the cost and timing, commenting that it seemed premature.

       Cllr Feilding had received a letter confirming that council members would not be prejudicing
       themselves by taking part and the normal planning process would still take place.

       Some discussion took place and it was noted that the meeting of some councillors with the new
       architect, Edward Nash, was very encouraging.

       After some discussion a resolution in agreement was proposed by Cllr Feilding and amended by
       Cllr Leach and with all in favour it was

       That the Town Council agrees to support the Development Trust in its proposal to continue to
       investigate the concept of ‘Enquiry by Design’ with the other stakeholders in the Kingston Mill site
       with a view to achieving a satisfactory plan for the site.

206.   Bradford on Avon Hospital
       The notes of the meeting of Stakeholders with the Primary Care Trust held on 14 January 2004
       had been circulated with the agenda and were noted. The Chairman advised that the PCT’s
       project plan was agreed by the Board and some time would now be needed for staff to be
       recruited before further progress could be made.

       RESOLVED to hold £1500 towards consultation from the unspent Highways Pedestrian Safety
       budget until the end of this financial year in case it is required to match fund any contribution from
       the League of Friends.

207.   St Margaret’s Hall
       a) Leaking Water Main
       The clerk advised that she made a decision in consultation with the Chairman under delegated
       powers to carry out emergency plumbing as a result of a leaking water main resulting in invoice
       from J.L.Fraylings for £1575+VAT. It was noted that as the maintenance budget was now
       overspent this invoice would need to be funded from the St Margaret’s Hall contingency reserves.

       It was RESOLVED
       To ratify the decision and agree to funding the invoice of £1575 +VAT from St Margaret’s Hall
       contingency reserves

       b) Staff Training
       RESOLVED To approve a £25 fee for Mrs Cox to attend a training day to obtain a food hygiene
       certificate as Health and Safety Representative.

                  Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 27.01.04
208.   The Bull Pit
       The clerk advised that practical completion had taken place four weeks after the agreed
       completion date of 20 November and our architects had advised that two weeks liquidated
       damages in the total sum of £1000 could be deducted under the contract with the option of
       deducting a further two weeks if it proved necessary. In addition she recommended that any
       unused damages could be returned to the contractor if it transpired that they were not needed.

       To agree to deduct £1000 as liquidated damages for delay and pay out of those damages any
       claims arising as a result of the delay and hold the remainder until such time that the Town
       Council was sure that no further claims would arise and at that time hand over any remainder to
       the contractor.

209.   Community Planning
       The notes of the meeting held with Community Planning Officers from the District and County
       Councils on 12 January 2004 had been circulated and the suggestion of the County Council
       Officers to invite the Development Trust to pick up the thread on Community Planning and
       abandon the original proposal to initiate a visioning day, were considered.

       that as the Development Trust would be able to access funding which was not available to local
       councils to send a letter to the Trust asking if they would like to act as the umbrella organisation to
       a strategic community planning group when formed.

210.   Delegation of Powers to Committees
       The clerk had drafted and circulated a paper with a format for delegated powers to committees
       proposed with effect from May 2004 as discussed at the conference in October and agreed at the
       council meeting on 28 October.
       To refer the proposals to the individual committees for approval and bring them back to the Town
       Council in March.

       Use of Delegated Powers in connection with a planning application for Priory Steps, Newtown
       Cllr Feilding advised that a letter had been received from the applicant offering to make various
       amendments to the plan, which answered most of the objections of the Planning Committee when
       the recommendation was made for refusal. As the applicant had already made a material start on
       an old planning permission, he could proceed and build the original plan, but Cllr Feilding
       suggested that consideration be given to sending a letter to WWDC Planning Department
       suggesting that the amendments as listed in the letter be made conditions to any planning
       permission given. The clerk advised that powers delegated by the planning committee to a group
       of councillors were not legal unless a sub committee was formed and met with the usual three
       days notice but that powers could be delegated to the clerk under s101 of the Local Government
       Act 1972.
       That powers be delegated to the clerk in consultation with the Cllr Feilding to consider the details
       and if appropriate send such a letter.

211.   Conference
       It was noted that Braeside Conference Centre was not available on 2 October and it was
       To change the date to Saturday 25 September 2004.

212.   Newsletter
       It was noted that this year, two Town Council newsletters have been planned for delivery in early
       May and early November. The copy for the first one will need to go to print in late March as Royal
       Mail require them two weeks before delivery.
       To note that an article from each committee and working group chairman is required by the clerk
       ideally by email by 13 February.

                  Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 27.01.04
213.   Interim Internal Audit
       The Internal Audit Report from Diana Lindsey was circulated showing no issues and was
       accompanied by a letter complimenting the council on its new offices.

       To note the clean internal audit and congratulate the clerk.

214.   Correspondence for Consideration
1)      West Wiltshire Primary Care Trust                   Temporary Changes in Specialist Stroke Care
        Due to difficulties in recruitment of a             RESOLVED to reply to the Trust expressing
        replacement Clinical Assistant, for the time        the concern of the council and ask what
        being the specialist stroke unit will not accept    arrangements have been made for specialist
        stroke patients, they will be admitted to their     rehabilitation and the appointment of
        local community hospitals.                          appropriate staff at Westbury.

2)      Godfrey Marks, Preservation Trust                   Lady Well Spring & Hermit’s Cave
        Copy of email to Roy Canham, The County             RESOLVED to note.
        Archeologist asking for an archeological
        assessment to enable the Trust and Town
        Council to decide on the potential for pursuing
        this project following a site visit on 12

3)      Wiltshire County Council John Edwards               Parish & Town Council Exercises Oct 2003
        Emergency Planning Officer
        Feedback statistics on the exercises.               RESOLVED         To note the feedback and
        * also to consider a briefing session from Tony     arrange a meeting with Tony Green ideally on
        Green with a mini exercise ideally on a Monday      16 Feb at 6.00 pm to run through the
        evening (volunteers required)                       emergency planning exercise. Cllrs Bowen,
                                                            Feilding, Landell Mills and Gillham to attend.

4)      Wiltshire Association of Local Councils             County Circular
        (Copy attached)                                     RESOLVED to note

215.   Correspondence to Note

       The correspondence as listed with the agenda was noted.

216.   Reports
       a) Cllr Bowen reported that he had attended a Tourist Information Centre meeting and had
          received statistics that the centre had attracted 38,000 visitors in one year 4,000 of whom,
          had been from overseas. He also reported that there had been 7,338 visitors to the museum.
          It was agreed that a letter should be sent congratulating the TIC for their success in both

       b) Cllr Sandford reported that a letter had been sent to the council about an accident caused by
          speeding on Moulton Drive, which he thought warranted some attention. The clerk advised
          that this would be on the next Highways & Transport Committee agenda.

       c) Cllr Sandford further reported that he had attended a meeting with the clerk, Cllr Gillham and
          two representatives from the Sports Association and had agreed some recommended
          changes to the management agreement which would be considered at the next Recreation

       d) Cllr Gillham reported that the canal side toilets had been vandalised again and that a poly
          tunnel had been erected on the opposite side of the canal for which a temporary planning
          application should be made.

       e) Cllr Gillham further reported that the Thursday Lunch Club had been asked to vacate the
          Youth Centre for 11 Thursdays during school holidays. It was agreed that the Mayor should
          send a letter to the portfolio holder complaining about the way the elderly people had been
          treated at short notice.

                   Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 27.01.04
       f)   The Chairman reported that Rowena Quantrill had written to advise the Town Council that
            there would be a fair trade event at the church hall on February 28 from 10.00 am to

217.   Accounts for Payment
       It was RESOLVED
       that the Town Council accounts having been checked by Cllr Lewis with invoices and direct
       payments amounting to £27,967.29+ VAT be approved (attached to these minutes).

       The meeting closed at 09.20 pm.

                  Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 27.01.04

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