Authors Corner Inventory Record by IborATu


									Authors’ Corner
Inventory Record

Authors: Please complete one form for each title you would like to sell through
the NAAEE bookstore:

Name: ________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________________________
Email: ________________________________________________________
Publisher: _____________________________________________________
Publisher contact person: _________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________

Payment: Acorn Naturalists will mail a check for full retail price of books sold
within two weeks of show closing. Please indicate where to send this check:
 Person named above             Publisher
 Please check here if you would like to donate 10% of your sales to NAAEE.

Number of books delivered at check-in: ______
Check In Signature:          Person Delivering Books ______
                             Person Receiving Books ______
Retail price for the show ______

Number of books taken at checkout: ______
Check Out Signature:       Person Delivering Books ______
                           Person Receiving Books ______

Total number of books sold: ______

   Please join NAAEE in thanking Acorn Naturalists for serving as the official conference
 bookstore. In support of participating authors and NAAEE, Acorn Naturalists is generously
       covering costs for credit card charges and is taking no commission on sales.
                      Authors receive 100% of sales during the show.

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