Mrs Roden and Mr Usborne to attend the Community Benefit Conference organized by the

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                         Minutes of Meeting of the
                  Strathdearn Community Council held in
                      The Strathdearn Hall, Tomatin,
                     On Tuesday 21st February 2012.

PRESENT:    Mrs. V Roden (Chair), Mr. J Cameron-Mackintosh,
            Mr. E Usborne, Mrs. M Saunders, Mrs. A Glynne-
IN          Mrs. D Ross (Minutes Secretary), Mr. D Hendry, Cllr.

Item      Details                                                                             Action
1.        Apologies
          Mr. S A Gerlings, Mr. D Bryden.
2.        Declarations of Interest from Community Councillors
          Mr Usborne and Mrs Glynne-Percy declared an interest in Item 10 (Paths
          Mr Usborne declared an interest in Item 12 (Windfarms).
3.        Minutes of the Meeting of 17th January 2012
          Accepted as a correct record. Proposed by Mr Usborne, seconded by Mr
4.        Matters Arising
          Snow Clearing
          Mr Cameron-Mackintosh reported that he had spoken to John Taylor of TEC
          Services and it would not be possible for us to get the tractor through the         JCM
          Highland Council VAT-free. He had also spoken to a supplier who had supplied a
          Council in the North of England, VAT-free. Mr Cameron-Mackintosh to make
          further enquiries and report back to the Community Council.

          Community Benefit
          Mrs Roden and Mr Usborne to attend the Community Benefit Conference
          organized by the Highland Council on 24th February. Further workshops to be
          held on 30th March.

          A catch up meeting for sub-groups to take place on Wednesday 22nd February at
          7pm in the hall. All welcome.
5.        Bus Concerns
          No further complaints had been reported to the CC therefore it had been agreed
          that the attendance of Mr Goodall of Stagecoach and Mr Young of the Highland
          Council was not necessary at this time.
6.        Law and Order
          No issues raised.
7.        Road Safety
          Mr Cameron-Mackintosh reported that he had spoken about the subsidence at
          Kyllachy, Corrievorrie, the Farr to Garbole Road and at Coignafearn to Mr Taylor
          of TEC Services who ad confirmed that Highland Council could not do much about
          this at present due to lack of resources. They were only taking action on matters
          which were actively dangerous. Mr Cameron-Mackintosh agreed to ask Mr Taylor        JCM
          to look again at these areas, and also at subsidence and potholes reported on the
          Soilsean Road between the Manse and Soilsean, and near the Hardwicks’ house.

8.    Queen’s Jubilee Playing Fields
      Councillor Crawford had spoken to Charles Stephen. The CC could try to
      preserve Distillery Wood for recreational purposes. Mr Bryden had been sent an
      e-mail suggesting it would be worth putting an application in under the Queen’s
      Jubilee Playing Fields and it had been suggested that this application be put in    DB
9.    Financial Report
      Mrs Saunders advised that the balance in the account at the end of January was
      £2,034.69, with outstanding bills of £331.14, and £20.00 to pay in.
10.   Community Development Worker’s Report
      Paths Project
      Mr Hendry had given the Planning Department a copy of Conserve’s report. A
      meeting was to take place between Planning, Roads, Stewart Easthaugh and the
      Paths Committee once written permission from the Tomatin Estates’ solicitor was
      received. A member of the public asked why none of the project was being
      started just because we are waiting on the final section being authorised.
      Another member of the public seconded the comments made. The CC agreed
      that planning permission could be applied for, for the whole path, which could      SAG
      then be completed in stages, with either end being done as Stage 1, once the        DH
      written permission from the Estate was received.

      Petrol Station
      Mr Hendry said he and Dr Richard Cooling have been working on this, and that
      he had been speaking to Sleat community about costs. Mrs Roden asked if he
      could get a ballpark figure of how much we could buy petrol for, and a discussion   DH
      took place regarding this, and how much people were prepared to pay for it. Mr
      Hendry and Dr Cooling to do some further work on costings.
11.   Applications to the Strathdearn Community Charitable Trust
      1. Community Website
      Mrs Roden said that the first application was from the Strathdearn Community
      Council for the community website, which had been discussed at length the
      previous month. Mr Usborne proposed that we support this, and Mrs Saunders          DR
      seconded. Mrs Ross to forward to the Trust.

      2. Tomatin Sheepdog Society
      Mrs Roden read out the second application which was from the Tomatin
      Sheepdog Society. £1,000 was applied for, and this was to be used to hire
      toilets. Mr Cameron-Mackintosh proposed that we approve this, and Mrs Glynne-
      Percy seconded. Cllr Crawford then suggested that the secretary of the
      Sheepdog Society could email Charles Stephen, as they might be able to get a
      grant from the Ward Discretionary Budget. It was agreed that if they didn’t get
      the grant, the application be forwarded to the Trust.

      3. Strathdearn Youth Group
      The final application was from the Strathdearn Youth Group, for £6,000, and Mrs
      Roden read this out, then asked for views and opinions from the public. Mr
      Usborne said he that he had had feedback that the Youth Group receive a lot of
      money from the Trust. A member of the public said that Mr Hardwick was doing
      a good job. Mr Usborne said he thought we should defer this until the next          DR
      meeting, and Mrs Glynne-Percy seconded this. There was no countermotion and
      it was agreed that Mrs Ross would email Reverend Campbell to advise the

      Mr Hardwick then joined the meeting, and Mrs Roden advised him that the
      decision had been made to defer the Youth Group application, but as he had
      come in, he could probably answer the questions. Mrs Roden said that they were
      asking for £6,000, and advised that there had been feedback that the Youth
      Group were receiving a lot of money, but a member of the public had spoken up
      for the Youth Group. Mr Usborne said that as there is £2,500 sitting it the
      account, would they not only need £3,500 to bring them up to the £6,000 that
      they require for the forthcoming activities, and Mr Hardwick agreed that this
      seemed logical. Mr Usborne then proposed that £3,500 be applied for, and Mr
      Cameron-Mackintosh seconded this. Mrs Ross to email Reverend Campbell to
      update him, and to forward the amended application to the Trust.                     DR

      Mrs Barley said she wanted to find out what the feeling was, about a shed being
      put up for hall storage, probably costing between £2,000-£3,000, and whether
      the Trust could pay for this. Mrs Roden asked what members of the public
      thought. One person said it could be sold on if a new hall went up. Mrs Roden
      asked what the Community Councillors thought. Mrs Glynne-Percy said she was
      in favour of it, and Mrs Saunders said she wondered if it was worthwhile seeing
      as the new hall plans were going ahead now. Metal containers were spoken
      about, and Mr Cameron-Mackintosh agreed to find out the cost of these.               JCM
12.   Planning Matters

13.   Windfarms
      Mr Bryden had advised that the CC’s objection to the Daviot Wind Farm had been
      submitted on 9th February and had been posted on the e planning website.
      There had been no further announcement about Glenkirk, Tom nan Clach or Moy.
      A 70 metre mast had been approved by the Highland Council at Pollochaig,
      where it was proposed to build 9 turbines. A member of the public asked
      whether the CC should be accepting community benefit on the community’s
      behalf. Mrs Roden replied that regardless of the Community Council’s
      representations on behalf of the community, some of these windfarms would be
      approved, and it was perfectly in order to accept community benefit in these
14.   Strathdearn Community Company
      Mrs Roden gave an update on this, and said that if anyone is interested in getting
      involved, they should get in touch with Mr Bryden. Some members of the public
      said they hadn’t heard anything from Mr Bryden regarding this.
15.   Community Photocopier
      There had been a problem with noxious fumes during the printing of the last
      Newsletter. Mrs Barley had kindly arranged a full service but the machine was
      becoming old and in need of replacement. Mrs Barley updated the CC on the
      situation. A change to leasing would be likely to cost £300 less per year
      (presently costing £698 per year but a move to leasing would cost £662 per year
      including all servicing and maintenance costs). The present contract runs out on
      31st October. An additional £400 per year, which the company had not advised
      the CC about, would become payable from March. Following discussion it was
      agreed, proposed by Mr Cameron-Mackintosh, seconded by Mr Usborne, that the
      CC move to leasing later this year and that Mrs Barley be given powers to            D Barley
      organise the lease when necessary.
      Mr Usborne asked whether Speedprint could print the newsletter in colour. After
      a short discussion, it was agreed that Mr Usborne would speak to Dave Rennie to
      find out what the costs would be to get this done.
16.   Correspondence
      A notice from Highland Council regarding training on 27th March starting at 4pm
      at the Town House. Mr Usborne and Mrs Roden to attend. Mrs Saunders
      possibly to attend also.

      A notice from Highland Council regarding Planning For Integration, on 27 th
      February in Aviemore, and on 8th March at 7pm at Highland Council Headquarters
      was noted.

      A poster advertising the Gang Show, which is on 14th April at 7.30pm.

      A letter from Education Scotland, which Mrs Roden is going to pass on to Mr
17.   Any Other Comptetent Business
      Queen’s Diamond Jubilee:
      Mrs Glynne-Percy advised that she had attended a meeting this morning at Farr
      regarding the Jubilee, and that there is another meeting scheduled for 22 nd
      March at 4pm in our hall. Mrs Barley then said that the Hall Committee are at
      the thinking stage of a Jubilee Tea around the 2nd/3rd/4th.

Old Hall:
Mrs Barley indicated the Hall Committee were still waiting to hear back from the
architects about the drawings. It was also noted that the Sports Facility lights
had been left on late one night, and that more care should be taken to only use
the tokens only when someone is in the Facility, so as not to disturb              DR
neighbouring homes unnecessarily.

Light in the Bus Shelter going south on the A9:
The light in the bus shelter going south on the A9 is not working. Mrs Ross to
email Transerv regarding this.

Provision of Adult Day-Care Services
Mrs Roden reported that Highland Council staff were coming to meet with anyone
interested in volunteering to help with Day-Care services at an introductory
meeting in the Hall following the Community Coffee Morning on 22 nd March at

Changes in Bin Collections:
Mrs Roden advised that Steve McDermott from the Highland Council would be
coming to the next meeting to discuss the changes.
                        Meeting closed 9.20pm

    Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 20th March 2012 at

                 7.30pm in the Strathdearn Hall


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