M706 organizational readiness checklist by IborATu


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                          M706 – Organizational Readiness Checklist
      The upgrade to XX.ZZ is now less than a month away. The following checklist has been
      compiled to help direct internal conversations about your organization’s readiness and
      preparedness status for the upgrade.

      Task                                  Description                                   Status
Training           Have office training materials and processes been updated for
                   VXX.ZZ? Have staff completed MyLINC training?
System Test        Have system test results been reviewed? Have questions or
                   issues been discussed with ITS?
Access             Does each staff person know their Kerberos password? Has it
                   been validated as accessible/useable? If aged, should it be
Workstation        Has every workstation been upgraded to current operating
Readiness          systems and browser versions (see Upgrade Central for
                   support policy and standards)? Have users completed
                   desktop readiness testing?
PS                 Have users updated mission-critical queries? Are users
Query/Business     comfortable with VXX.ZZ PS Query Manager?
User Test/Model    Have staff participated in user testing or Model Office? Are
Office             staff comfortable with the Gateway, log-in, navigation and
                   functional changes?
Upgrade            Are staff familiar with key activity dates and schedule changes
Calendar           (see Upgrade Central)? Does staff understand the shutdown
Data Access        Do staff have the appropriate access to information within the
During Outage      ODS and Data Warehouse? Are there any reports, rosters
                   needed to print in advance?
Customer           Have plans been developed to capture, hold and organize
Service            information that cannot be data entered? How will staff
                   describe and discuss the outage with customers? Have
                   alternative service options been developed?
PRT                Have production readiness testing (PRT) participants been
Participation      identified and communicated to ITS (by module)?
Communication      Have contact lists been developed and provided to ITS staff?
and Contact List   Are staff prepared for quick, emergency contact (i.e., armed
                   with pager, cell phone at all times)? Can management teams
                   be quickly contacted and gathered to discuss critical issues?
Contingency        Is the office prepared if the upgrade is delayed as late as
Planning           DD/MM/YY? What if issues with key functionality are
                   discovered after upgrade is completed?
Stabilization      Should ITS conduct daily conference calls immediately after
                   upgrade? Who should participate?

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