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London Board Manager’s Progress Report 31.10.07


1.   The London Child Protection Procedures
The 3rd edition of the Procedures was published on the London Board website
(ww.londoncb.gov.uk) on 14th September, and the printed copies & CDs were delivered to each
LSCB as agreed, in the following week.
The electronic version can be downloaded as a single document or in individual sections, each
with their own contents page. The Supplementary Safeguarding Children Procedures are cross-
referenced in the main document and published alongside it on the London Board website.
A generic powerpoint presentation is also available on the website for training purposes.
Feedback on both the Procedures and the training materials has been overwhelmingly good.

2.    Review of London Serious Case Reviews
A training powerpoint presentation has been made available on request to all London LSCBs, to
support dissemination of the learning from the Review of London Board’s Serious Case Review
which was distributed to members of ALDCS and the LSCB Chairs group, in the form of a
printed copy and a CD.
Please also see agenda item 6.

3.   London Safeguarding Children Professionals Networks
Mental Health Network – chair: Jan Pearson, Associate Director for Safeguarding Children, East
London and The City Mental Health NHS Trust. Contact: Jan.pearson@elcmht.nhs.uk. Next
meeting: 9th January 2008

Health Network – chair: Sally Jones, Director of Children and Young People’s Services,
Greenwich Teaching PCT. Contact: Sally.jones@GreenwichPCT.nhs.uk. Next meeting: early
February 2008

Schools Network – chair: Mary Khun, Lead for the London SEN Regional Partnership,
Government Office for London. Contact: Mary.kuhn@gol.gsi.gov.uk. Next meeting: 29
November 2007

LSCB Development Officers Network – chair: Christine Christie, London Board Manager.
Contact: Christine.christie@lonconcuncils.gov.uk. Next meeting: 1st November 2007.

4.   Community Partnership Project
Arrangements have been made to launch the Community Partnership Project Report at the
London Board’s ‘Safeguarding London’s Children’ Conference on 13th December. Jeannette

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Paper 3

Pugh, Head of Safeguarding at DCSF, and Jean Bosco Kanemesha, Lead Pastor for the
Congolese Church in London, will launch the report.
Please also see agenda items 9 and 10.

9.    Child Death Response Teams and Child Death Review Panels
The London Board’s Health Network and CSIP co-hosted a half-day seminar on child death
response teams in September. Feedback about the seminar is that it was very useful for
information sharing and networking. It was attended by the health and social care safeguarding
professionals with responsibility for setting up local child death response teams. Several
PCTs/LAs presented on their progress to date, including where pilot response teams are
already operating.
Requests to the London Board from the seminar were for a series of themed workshops on
topics such as data collection, protocols with coroners and notifications.
On 30th October CEMACH (Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health) published an
interim report on their work to inform the development of a minimum data set for use by LSCBs
when they take up their child death review functions in April 2008. Southwark LSCB represented
the London Board on the ‘experts’ panel’ at the seminar.
The final CEMACH report on the child death review is expected in April 2008.

10.   Child Sexual Abuse and Stop it Now!
The department of Health has approached London to be one of 3 national pilots for the
development of guidelines on 'Commissioning Services for Individuals Affected by Sexual
Violence and Abuse', and the development of services under the 'Improving Access to
Psychological Therapies' (IAPT) programme at the same time. The children's element of both fit
with the work of the London Board's sexual abuse sub-group (this was the focus of the London
Board’s treatment services survey).
Please also see agenda item 8.
Helen Veitch ahs been appointed as the Stop it Now! London Regional Manager. Helen’s
contact details are: Helen.veitch@stopitnow.org.uk

11. Child Protection & Domestic Violence Pilots
Two London boroughs are beginning to pilot the new London Safeguarding Children Abused
through Domestic Violence supplementary procedure: Barnet and Barking & Dagenham. Other
boroughs who have expressed an interest include Hammersmith and Fulham and Sutton.
Barnardos have appointed a London Domestic violence Co-ordinator/trainer, Claudette
Malcolm, to progress this work.
The pilot evaluations will completed by end March 2008 and the London Board anticipates
hosting a seminar day on 6th May 2008 for LSCBs to review the results from the pilots and
consider ways forward.
Contacts for expressions      of   interest   are:   Claudette.malcom@barnardos.org.uk    and

12.   Safeguarding Children Abused at through FGM Conference/Pilots

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Paper 3

The London Board’s Safeguarding Children Abused through FGM conference in June 2007 was
extraordinarily successful. The programme included speakers who have first hand experience of
trying to respond to FGM in their schools, in community health services, in policing, in their
communities (a community leader and also a group of young people) and a Somali Youth Group
who use drama & arts to get the message across to their peers. Free places offered to
community groups.
Following from the London Board’s successful Safeguarding Children Abused through FGM
conference earlier this year, the London Board, with support from London NHS and the
Department of Health, is sponsoring the introduction of routine screening for FGM in London’s
maternity services.
The Steering Group for this FGM initiative is meeting on 21st November 2007, 2 – 4pm at
London Councils.

13. London Board website
The London Board’s redeveloped website was launched with the publication of the London
Child Protection Procedures, 3rd edition. The redevelopment was funded by GOL and the work
undertaken, to cost & schedule, by IT consultants Active Parity. See appendix 1

14. Safeguarding London’s Children Conference
For this year’s conference the London Board has booked the QEII Conference centre for
Thursday 13th December 2007. The conference programme and booking form are available on
the London Board’s website (www.londonscb.gov.uk)

                     Christine Christie, London Board Manager, Oct 2007

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Paper 3

Appendix One – www.londonscb.gov.uk

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