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Overview of NEI Progam by 64JB6CO



1965 Ophthalmic Research: U.S.A., A National Survey Report, Research to Prevent Blindness

1970 National Vision Program Planning Report

1973 NEI Staff Retreat

1975 Vision Research Program Planning. Report of the National Advisory Eye Council
     Vision Research Program Planning Committee
            Volume 1: Introduction, Program Summary, and Recommendations
            Volume II: Research Program Analysis

1976 Interim Report of the National Advisory Eye Council, Support for Vision Research

1978 Vision Research: A National Plan, 1978-1982

1982 An Exhibit Presented at the 1982 ARVO Meeting

1983 The 1983 Report of the National Advisory Eye Council
     Volume One, Vision Research, A National Plan, 1983-1987
     Volume Two
           Part One, Report of the Retinal and Choroidal Diseases Panel
           Part Two, Report of the Corneal Diseases Panel
           Part Three, Report of the Cataract Panel
           Part Four, Report of the Glaucoma Panel
           Part Five, Report of the Strabismus, Amblyopia, and Visual Processing Panel
           Part Six, Report of the Panel on Visual Impairment and Its Rehabilitation
     Volume Three, Support for Vision Research

1987 The National Advisory Eye Council, Vision Research, A National Plan, 1987 Evaluation
     and Update

In lieu of a 5-yr plan for FY1988-1992, the NEI used the materials usually generated for its plans
as background for the required report, Biennial Report of the National Institutes of Health, 1989
        March 1989, Congress established NEHEP
                OSPL held a planning conference, published a report and a strategic plan
        Two meetings of the Vision Research Program Planning Subcommittee
        August, 1989 first-of-its-kind Policy Planning forum

1994 Vision Research, A National Plan 1994-1998

1999 Vision Research A National Plan: 1999-2003

2004 National Plan for Eye and Vision Research
Last Reviewed: August 2012

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