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                         The Resource Alliance

•   We are a UK registered charity,
    established in 1981, with offices in India,
    Uganda, the Czech Republic and Brazil.

•   Our mission is to:

     Build the fundraising capacity of the
     non profit sector worldwide

• We provide resources, training and networking opportunities to inspire,
  develop and connect fundraisers and to promote professional and ethical
                                 Our major events

•   We run major annual international training
    events, including:
     – the International Fundraising
       Congress (IFC), renowned as the
       leading conference for senior
       fundraisers in the global North.
     – the International Workshop on
       Resource Mobilisation (IWRM)
       bringing together fundraisers in the
       global South.
     – the IFC Online, the world’s first global
       fundraising e-conference, bringing 3
       days of workshops to 12 time-zones.
                     Our worldwide programmes

•   Regional workshops with partner
    organisations in Asia, Africa, Latin America,
    Eastern Europe.

•   Accredited courses in fundraising run in
    partnership with academic institutions in 4
    languages and 15 cities around the world.

•   National NGO Awards, celebrating and
    rewarding excellence and best practice in
    NGO management in India and Malaysia.

•   Customised training and coaching programmes to build the financial
    sustainability of local NGOs in most parts of the world.
Where we work

   Resource Alliance offices / staff
   Where we are currently working
                      Our services

•   While our emphasis is on developing
    financial sustainability, we adopt a
    holistic approach and look at all steps
    required for an organisation to create
    the conditions for success in resource

•   Our services include:
     – Fundraising audits
     – Feasibility studies
     – Prospect research
     – Fundraising strategy
     – Training in Fundraising
     – Mentoring and coaching
                Past & present successes

We have worked in over 25 countries throughout Asia, Africa and Latin
America & have expert trainers in most parts of the world.

Past projects include:

 – Donor mapping & engagement strategy (for Oxfam India)

 – Researching financial sustainability of community centres (for Microsoft)

 – Fundraising training and developing an NGO network (for EU / Ministry of Health,

 – Training of trainers in social entrepreneurship (for UNDP Moldova)

Capacity building programmes for DfID, WSPA, Sightsavers International,
Comic Relief, Christian Blind Mission and others.

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